Author Topic: [Poll] BAIP3 Refer to MA24 instead of MA48 in bitCNY and bitUSD price feeding  (Read 922 times)

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Have you ever considered increasing the 24-hour delay instead of messing up with offset and moving averages? At the moment we have 24h delay, Steemit for SBD is 84h (with Settlement Offset at 0%). A large proportion of all crypto smart contracts set their unstaking period to 72 hours. I think that in our case it is enough to slightly increase the period from 24h to 42h to give good results. In the bull market, 42 hours is a lot of time. I think that few people will risk buying at a price that will occur in 42 hours instead of buying here and now at the market price.

In my opinion, the risk associated with 24h is too small and therefore this functionality is abused. After that, increasing the delay is a much more elegant and honest solution.

In addition, in case you didn't know, "The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42."
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Based on BAIP3,, now 4 poll worker proposals have been created:

1.14.249   Poll-BAIP3-Refer to MA24 in bitCNY price feeding

1.14.250   Poll-BAIP3-Still Refer to MA48 in bitCNY price feeding

1.14.251   Poll-BAIP3-Refer to MA24 in bitUSD price feeding

1.14.252   Poll-BAIP3-Still Refer to MA48 in bitUSD price feeding

Please vote according to your opinion.

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