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You have my vote!
Thank you! Once we have the support of @xeroc, we will be ready to roll. Does anyone have a way to contact him? He's been absent from the forums for nearly a month.

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I have voted to approve this worker proposal.  I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and time.

These videos are worth 1000 fold their cost to have done.

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We need your support! Cast your vote to produce Chronos Crypto Videos!

First, let me introduce myself. I've been around Bitshares since late 2014, back when workers and witnesses were combined as "delegates", and we ran v0.9 as a desktop client. Then in the summer of 2015, I contracted directly for Cryptonomex for a couple months, doing UI work for the light wallet. I've always been fascinated by the tech behind Bitshares.

For several years, I have run a Youtube channel under the brand Chronos Crypto, which consists primarily of news, lectures, walkthroughs, and product reviews. Check it out at

The channel just completed it first worker term, which produced the following videos:
  • Intro to Bitshares, where we take a brief overview of some of the key features that make Bitshares stand out from other blockchain technologies.
  • Buying Bitshares the Easy Way, where we quickly demonstrate one of the easiest way to buy Bitshares: using a bridge inside the online wallet.
  • Bitshares Inflation Rate, where we take an in-depth look at the inflation rate, or change in the supply, of the core Bitshares token.

Below are a few ideas for future videos:

# Tech Lectures (Example video: Xtreme Thinblocks)
   - DPOS for Dummies (witness roles; the advantage over PoW)
   - Hired by the Blockchain (worker roles)
   - Power to the People (committee roles)
   - Decentralized Consensus (proxy voting)
   - What is a SmartCoin? (shorts and margin calls)
   - Peg All the Things (price feeds and forced settlement)
   - Refer a Friend (referral/registrar system)
   - Custom Account Permissions (Threshold accounts, weight-based accounts, and multi-sig accounts)
# Walkthroughs (Example video: Getting Started with Electrum)
   - Creating an account on OpenLedger
   - Trading on the DEX
   - Securing your wallet with cold storage
   - Creating and managing your own assets
   - Setting up a witness node
   - Buying a lifetime account for marketing referrals
# News & Announcements (Example video: Bitcoin Classic)
   - New features (stealth transactions, subsidizing market liquidity, trollbox in the DEX, etc.)
   - Announcements (new worker or witness proposal to consider)
   - Trending discussions

I propose to renew this worker role to produce valuable Bitshares videos under the Chronos Crypto brand. The YouTube channel has over 600 subscribers, and is well-known in the bitcoin community, so this content will be dual-purpose: to bring new users to the platform, and to help make Bitshares more comprehensible for all of us.

If elected, I will produce a minimum of 3 Bitshares-related videos per month, and publish them on the YouTube channel. In exchange, the worker role will be 500,000 BTS per month, which is the same rate as the prior worker term.

Here's a quick walkthrough video on how to show your support. Vote now.

(Note: I accidentally created a duplicate worker proposal for zero pay. Just be glad I burned $16 of BTS to create the duplicate, as you vote for the correct one.  :) )

Thank you!
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