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Dear BitShares Community,

It has been a year since I've joined into the core of this great network, I've been here utilizing and studying the network for the last year while interacting with it's governing body and it's great developers, I was questioning everything I've witnessed so far, because I believe any improvement thoughts would require to question the experience itself.

I'm here because I am a believer of the ultimate vision of this great work, the vision that aims to give the opportunity for our kind to invest and develop our value on a permissionless decentralized network through the great efforts of investors and workers from all over the planet who facilitate the value protection and the dynamic transparent governing to the network, that concept would always give the opportunity to BitShares holders to decide who is governing their value and it's investment, this concept will always guarantee the opportunity to the best developers and builders to own BitShares dynamically and to influence investors for the best directions.

I believe the BitShares community agrees with me that improving the value of BitShares in front of any other value in the world is our ultimate aim; Our aim is to make sure that our existing value is secured and being invested to gain more value in return.

Today I've decided to step further and to address the proxy "bitshares-vision" to intend in helping the BitShares community to improve voting mechanism to meet the ultimate vision, the below might describe my strategy.

I believe in simplicity; I think every enhancement would come out of answering some simple questions about our experience, I am addressing some of these questions below, I would love to read any constructive thoughts about them, I am not a blamer and I'm not here to blame but to improve:

1) What makes BitShares has value in front of any other value?

Today we have 2333 different coins listed at CMC, many of these coin owners had paid for their listing here and there, many of these coins are running identical open sources or forks, they mostly share the same features, what makes every coin different is the, use cases around it then it's availability, commonly available features on blockchain are not helping to add value to any new coin, listing a coin will put it on the shelf, but why would someone buy it? very few will buy it because they've heard good news about it or saw it crossing 2% in that day, some saw it at #60 level in CMC, some would buy it because some few youtubers was talking about it, if people are looking for popular coin to buy it, its easier for them now days and less headache, I believe investing the existing value to have business use cases will have more priority than marketing and listing at this time and stage.

2) What makes BitShares unique in front of other Blockchains and why would an investor invest on BitShares?

BitShares network developers support compatible back-ends and front-ends together, while many other blockchains doesn't support front-ends, BitShares is also offering unique features such as "User Issued Assets" and "BitAssets" that would help any organization to issue assets and perform accounting without the need to have technical skills to maintain systems, BitShares is aiming to create the best decentralized assets exchange technology from a to z, I am so thankful to our core developers and appreciating their great efforts for implementing the latest HTLC feature.

3) How to invest in development without devaluing our existing value?

I believe budgeting and classifying our network expenses is the half way answer for this question, workers should propose their development workers according to proxies visions, prioritizing workers should be taking place and timing gap must get implemented between them, a capital study must take a place to define the impact of any investment on the existing value and to provide ROI (Return of Investment) justification, workers must be classified into two categories, OpEx (Operating Expenses) and CabEx (Capital expenses) and these terms must be used within the worker's name, OpEx must get paid on-time and must have more priority than CabEx so we maintain the network's reputation in front of it's developers so they will invest themselves while keeping the network stable.

4) Where to invest and how to prioritize investment?

Every period of time, the network must define a budget that will pay the CabEx workers, these workers must focus on BTS use cases which would utilize BTS as a utility, I assume they are financial institutions or IT software companies, these workers must get studied well and must have a proper defined ROI (Return of investment), any attempt limitations, rejections or legal consideration must get addressed to the community and a mission should get drafted for it, a worker must take a place for these considerations, for example "law certification" should be handled by a "lawyer" worker, maybe in some cases we need minor changes within our infra/core or UI to meet the requirements but we should not depend on assumptions or solo source information.

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