Author Topic: Do we reduce the transfer fee  (Read 757 times)

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Please check before you open a new thread.

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BTS2.0 is good enough so far, but a lot of people think the fee is a little high.
about fee I have some thinking
transfer fee : transfer is an equal in value  of input and output ,  it is also a basic service supply by bts network ,  so it should pay the lowest fee
exchange fee : exchange is not an equal in value of input and output ,  people exchange would lost/get profit. in other words ,the purpose of exchange is to get profit, so most of them ignore the fee, because they can get hundreds of times profit than fee ,if they buy/sell at right price .   in other , exchange is a higher service than transfer, I think,  so the fee is higher than transfer fee is reasonable
borrow/close  fee :  because it is leverage trading, people would lost/get more profit , so the fee should higher than exchange fee

so I think the fee should   transfer fee <exchange fee<borrow/close  fee

additional :
I do not oppose referral program?  but referral program does not mean increase transfer fee.  opposite exchange fee may is the most of income of  referral program
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