Author Topic: Graphene Could Help Guarantee the Reserve Holdings of Cryptocurrency Exchanges  (Read 3203 times)

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Hey all,

I wrote an article about Sidechains for Blockchain Bunker News. Check it out:

Sidechains can be implemented on DPOS in a way that is superior to any other consensus algorithm. We should be exploring every option to make this a reality! Right now, we have a decentralized ledger, but we are still trading centralized proxy tokens for other major blockchains (OPEN.BTC, TRADE.DODGE, METAEX.ETH, etc.). We need to come up with a robust multi-sig cold storage token solution to offer our users, so we can finally be a 100% decentralized platform in every way. If you have any suggestions, experience, expertise or even just opinions, please join the discussion at

I hope to see you guys there!
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