Author Topic: New proposal: Blockchain based Apple OS, a better solution to resolve everything  (Read 589 times)

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Translated from

If it's technically feasible, all new DACs can be based on the blockchain of BTSX, then bidUSD can be used among those DACs, just like XCP and MSC are BTC blockchain based. Then cross chain transaction can be realized.

Then a DAC can issue bitasset in btsx, whereas this bta is the basic currency of that DAC, like the current NXT asset.

All DACs are independent, so their wallets are independent, development team is independent, but blockchain are shared.
New DAC will honor ags, pts 10% and can still IPO, etc...

There is only one DPOS/delegates system, because all other DAC are based on BTSX blockchain, and transaction fee is btsx.

All IDs in different DACs are indentical, mailing system supports cross chain communication

PTS is still liquid, but as bitasset in BTSX

AGS is still inliquid.

The only disadvantage is a bigger blockchain, but can be resolved by light wallet or other technique, anyway BTS is going to do that.

The above is not my opinion, but translated as requested by a few users in Chinese board.

Any discussion is appreciated. 
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I appreciate the gesture and the idea, but the current idea and implementation is much better.


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this is the best idea,we all support the idea

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good idea !

add:all dacs are assets in btsx,so we can depart stake and currency. currency used pay for service,stake used for bonus.the only differents between dacs is GUI.btsx is the currency,of course is the most important dac.other dacs which need a stable currency must rely on btsx and btsx can become a platform.the stake transactions can increase btsx value a lot,and this is only a part of the advantages.This is a more beautiful economic model.

There are many methods can promote the market value of btsx, can increase the bitusd  active degree, I will explain in another title.

please chose this beautiful economic model···

As for the research and development costs, 3i can use the untapped potential of PTS.

iam afraid bms idea will be: One problem leads to another···
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I agree!

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it's a good idea. +5%

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I like this idea...
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sounds promising  +5%
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Except I prefer one wallet to all DACs, it's like one browser to access all sites.