Author Topic: The Ecodevelopment of Bitshares Play——What Games Can You Play?  (Read 625 times)

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Many hold enormous curiosity to what games Play would serve as a host for. The major task for Bitshares Play is to build and develop Play Platform as an exchange platform, and any one of the games on it would be provided by third party developers.

The natures of the games form up the ecosystem of Play. DAC, decentralized autonomous company, is inherently different from Bitcoin in its feature of profitability. DAC exists in the software and the network as codes, and its on-top-of-the-list advantage over traditional service is that, like robots, it operates on a no-man bases. Furthermore, recording of finance and other business sectors could be easily solved because of the trust-free decentralized public ledger made possible by the blockchain technology. In that way, a brand new, medium-less, automated network structure can provide basic Internet cloud service with higher efficiency. Of course, in the face of new technology, the challenge is always to see through temptations and pitfalls, because DAC doesn't mean it could be completely independent from cultures and societies of the real world; rather, like the Internet, cryptography and Bitcoin itself, applying them in the right way is the only way to benefit more people.

Bitshares Play is one of these decentralized exchange systems and protocols with the blockchain technology offering a transparent technological structure. The most important part for building up a profitable DAC that exists in software coding is to find a solution for the realization of decentralization. Meanwhile,  what calls for pondering for the whole community of Bitshares Play,  is that as a DAC, with the same status of any real company, should not only be focused on profits; it has to have its own vision and philosophy, it has to blend into the existing system of world wide web for a sustainable run, especially with members of community would be from all over the world. It is because of this philosophy, Play is willing to move pass lotto and gambling, towards a platform that encourages game assets and value-adding. Value-adding services can be considered services or commodities, so they should be refundable and fungible. The benefits of  consumers and users should be protected the same way game suppliers are protected.

Then of course, DAC can only explode and the orderly consensual "out of control" can truly occur when opinions reached converged consensus, and all protocols exist in the form of coded software. Just like what Kevin Kelly described in the book Out of Control, we win when we relinquish some of our total control. The ecosystem would adapt according to its own environment and evolve naturally. Perhaps then, Bitshares Play will turn into a P2P system just like Bitcoin, or it could be leveraged by various third party developers to host an assorted forms of games. The games and the game companies will be like leaves and nodes of this decentralized network tree. Their business models or how they decide to run these games will be tested by their own users and consumers, compliance of the according jurisdictions, but all these business problems will no longer be associated with the technology of the platform.

(Qijun translation)
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Re: The Ecodevelopment of Bitshares Play——What Games Can You Play?
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 +5% :)

Qijun is excellent at English writing, thank you for your translation.
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Re: The Ecodevelopment of Bitshares Play——What Games Can You Play?
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Re: The Ecodevelopment of Bitshares Play——What Games Can You Play?
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 +5% Thanks for the translation!

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Re: The Ecodevelopment of Bitshares Play——What Games Can You Play?
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 +5% Translations!!

Interesting content as well  ;)
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