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« on: October 24, 2014, 01:20:22 pm »
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Keeping the thread Honest... here's a few ideas


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Lol, this was entertaining.  A "FUN" delegate, chief of the department of silliness.  Voting in by the marjoriy to perform acts of nonsenes, like a wandering indian holy man, or a 'heyoka', a sacred clown of the native americans, to remind the people life is not so serious, and not to get to entrenched in their thinking.  I vote for you with 100% of my soul, but 0% of my stake.

As for alternatives to "peg", how about... 'market-matched', bitUSD matches the price of USD.

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I'm all for the Fun Delegate and that would be pretty interesting to get a little Tiger Blood in here.

I like the idea of rebranding the term "PEG" for our Financial Democracy being built.


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The Falkvinge mathmatically proved that “FUN” is absolutely “required” to successfully operate swarmwise (to gain a 2 orders of magnitude cost efficiency)

And judging by the poor turnout to my Sharedrop Bash, it looks like I have no choice but to start a:


I'm seeking the whole 8% BTS inflation pay, because I will be needing every penny of it to hire Charlie Sheen to represent the BitShares community as the first:


So get those votes ready for btstv, or just circumvent the entire process by donating to the dude who has enough fun for the entire community, and watch your SWARMCOIN bitBLOW-up!

KA BOO-YAA! (this is where you hit one of those Chucky Sheen links I posted earlier).

You guys might think that this is spam, and ignore it to the bottom of these pages, but before you hit the “ignore” button, I suggest you get to the last 2 minutes of the Falkvinge TED talk link where my man Rick mathematically proves that in order for your BTS to go to d'moon, I must do Vegas hookers and blow 24/7 as the first ever "fun delegate."  The choice is yours.  Are you an emotional investor or will you utilize the power of science and math to put your kids through college?


Donations to mathematically make you rich will be accepted at: BTSX: btstv

In the meantime, I'll keep using the btstv fund to pay the kid around here who I think has the best substitute for the gut wrenching communist term "peg"

Who wants some monay!!!

booya booya booya

Just watched the Falkvinge TED talk. Very impressed!

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Not a fan of "buoyed"... Sounds like you're stranded at sea with only a buoy to save you from drowning.

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Reflective:  "Capable of or producing reflection"

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Invictus has unleashed the beast by releasing the PTS/AGS legal team from any future obligations.


If you Google the term "economics peg," you will notice now many sites and people use the word "fixed" to describe "peg."  Yes, we are "fixing" our price but we are fixing it to a "free floating variable rate."  You are introducing new (more than we already had before!) and fundamental confusion by attempting to substitute an entirely new and frankly contradictory meaning for a very common and well known economic term.

We don't have a "peg" by the traditional economics definition (price pegs usually refer to a value pegged to a centrally controlled price).  This is why we are confusing everyone.

Change the word "peg" to "free market feed" (I know it is wordy, but you guys are seriously using an economic swear word) or that of the winner of this competition.

Free peg
Nash market
Floating parity  |  witness: roadscape

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Back / backed

Disclaimer: I don't necessarily think this is right

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