Author Topic: On RT - Reggie Middleton Discusses Smart Contacts/CriptoEquity the wave of the future  (Read 566 times)

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I've been wondering for a while now, what is this smart contract "coin" project that Reggie Middleton is working on, anybody have any ideas?

I also find a couple of his other videos about apple RDF very funny, I can't remember which thread was talking about Apple marketing but Reggies request for an rdf-marketeer was something they need as well. First time I also saw the actual numbers for google pay and android vs iphone, I did not realize the difference was that huge already. Google seems to be out of reach and way more worrysome as a competitor to decentralized crypto than Iphones payment system.

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Never saw anything about how how the stuff R.M. talks about all day is supposed to work conceptually. If anybody can show me the contrary that would be great!

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I find it interesting how the coins have different values.  His ultracoin is valued at 600k but listening to him it sounds like it would be higher given all it can do ?  That and he is actually getting on news channels.
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