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Network Effect
« on: October 31, 2014, 05:13:38 am »
We are a community with many different reasons for being here, yet we kind of all want the same thing. Our community could potentially jump-start BitShares reaching its full potential. That purpose should be creating a network effect. We need to reach more people and have them get introduced to BitShares, plain and simple.

On November 5th, 2014 - the day we become united as a community - the day the benefits to the masses become more easier to convey - should be the day we as a community step-up to the challenge.

Here are some thoughts:
Just because you are not a developer or delegate does not mean you cannot help the community. Everyone can help make the network effect happen. Some of the community should be working on the technical stuff, the rest of us should use our passion and skill as writers or marketers.  Let us all think of ways we can make BitShares visible to increasingly more people. You know a lot of 'things' seem to go viral pretty fast if they attract attention.

I saw a statistic not too long ago that showed that besides Bitcoin our community was in size significantly larger than all the other crypto-communities. That struck me as a huge plus... we should be using the power in numbers advantage we have to share this exciting technology. Like ourselves, other people will be interested if they are introduced to the many existing, developing and potential applications.

Find a way to contribute. For instance we can leverage our numbers and subscribe to that old webmaster motto that 'Content is King'. The idea here is for the community to make BitShares visible in search engine results and on social media and every place else of significance. Anybody nowadays can make a website, create a free blog on Wordpress, submit an article to an article directory or do many other things to contribute. Some of us may have to be willing to step outside of our comfort zone a bit.

It would be great if searches like 'why do I need bitUSD?', 'how can I get bitCNY with a bitcoin?', 'how does a blockchain change the world', 'the future of voting' etc. turned up results of contributions from our community. Some of us have already started this effort, look to, and and others related to the BitShares blockchain as just a few of the fine examples of content contributions made by members of our community. We need to join them.

Articles, blogs, websites, and social media efforts can all have a great cumulative effect reaching our target market and increasing our user base. Think about what will happen when many different sources start to reach thousands and thousands of people each day who will be learning about the opportunities BitShares offers.

Let us all get that BitShares buzz going. Game on.

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Re: Network Effect
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Re: Network Effect
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2014, 08:30:25 pm »
We need a way to go viral from inside the application.  Incentive users to invite their friends.

Once we have delegates getting paid from dilution, I would like to see memes made from delegate pay screens. This screen should be made as sexy as possible, so it photographs well  8)
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Re: Network Effect
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bitUniversity would do quite nicely :)
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