Author Topic: "Unable to submodule path libraries/fc" doing git submodule update  (Read 970 times)

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For those of us who build from source, using git as intended to update old directories instead of cloning afresh each time, you may be getting this error message:

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Unable to checkout '27ac054883f1ddfd2853e2439209171f3abe6853' in submodule path 'libraries/fc'

The reason is that the URL for the FC library has been updated from to

The .gitmodules should take care of fresh clones, but older clones may have to manually update the URL as follows:

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cd libraries/fc
git remote set-url origin
cd ../..
git submodule update
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or, alternatively .. checkout from skretch :)
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You may be able to do
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git submodule deinit .
I will add a note about this in the final release notes.

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Also, check out "bitshares" and not "v0.0.24-RC2"