Author Topic: 0.4.26 delegates, do good deeds, community beg you to upgrade to the  (Read 673 times)

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0.4.26 and 0.4.27 delegates,please upgrade to the,beg u and thank u very much for 1 billion years.
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掌握了比特股 , 就掌握了货币发行权!

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delegate.bitsuperlab   v0.4.26
delegate.baozi   v0.4.26
delegate.xeroc   v0.4.26
delegate.coolspeed   v0.4.26
delegate-alt   v0.4.26
now.dacwin   v0.4.26
future.dacwin   v0.4.26
delegate-baozi   v0.4.26
dele-puppy   v0.4.26   v0.4.26
coolspeed   v0.4.26   v0.4.26
delegate.taolje   0.4.26
fox   v0.4.26
delegate-watchman   v0.4.26
delegate.btsnow   v0.4.26   v0.4.26
dac.coolspeed   v0.4.26

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it's not just 0.4.26, we also need 0.4.27 to upgrade to Fast/Safe/High-Liquidity Crypto Coin Converter


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Offline cgafeng

up, we need the stable network.

Offline davidpbrown

I didn't want to shame the majority.. atm 60 of 101 need to upgrade or be voted out..

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Offline davidpbrown



Yes.. with power comes responsibility.

Offline Riverhead

I'm working on an update to alt's to send out a warning email if the delegate being monitored is on a fork with a participation of less than 85%. While that delegate may not be in trouble (yet) it means trouble is brewing and they need to check things out.

I'll post the code here shortly if anyone wants to patch it in to their version.

Something to get you started:

Code: [Select]
def query_participation() :
    global participation

    headers = {'content-type': 'application/json'}

    auth = (config["bts_rpc"]["username"], config["bts_rpc"]["password"])
    url = config["bts_rpc"]["url"]

    info = {
        "method": "info",
        "params": [],
        "jsonrpc": "2.0",
        "id": 1

       info_res =, data=json.dumps(info), headers=headers, auth=auth)
       info_json = json.loads(vars(info_res)["_content"])
       participation = info_json["result"]["blockchain_average_delegate_participation"]
       print "Can't connect to rpc server"
       return None

    if participation < 85 :
       print "Smells like fork."
    else :
       print ("Sitting pretty at %s%%." % participation)
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it's not just 0.4.26, we also need 0.4.27 to upgrade to

I noticed your delegate was on the list.  Did you forget to publish version?
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真想骂人了 受托人应该是带头作用的,升级钱包都不愿意,做个鸟受托人啊。快点实施自动下岗制度吧,24小时之内不能升级新版钱包的,自动下去,等升级好了,票还在的话 ,再上来。

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i'm the one who forget to punlish version.

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