Author Topic: Has anybody here talked to Bter about the Security of BTS and deriviatives?  (Read 776 times)

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I am waiting with extreme anxiety, so please help me out and share anything you have heard from Bter personnel in regards to BTS funds.  I've seen the weibo posts, but doesn't anybody in Bitshares community actually have contact with them or are we just outsiders to them?  Fucking worried and think this should be covered since everybody has been starting threads about how they have solutions to fix bter's booboo without actually consulting with Bter.

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store in own wallet is safe   cold storage

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It's Chinese new year holiday for at least 1 week .....

So things will be slower .
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Every time I've asked them for updates they have simply referred to the twitter. I think it's almost certain that they will return all other cryptocurrencies. If their altcoins had been stolen it would have been clearly announced already. Their twitter talks about returning CNY and USD (without a haircut). In the same sentence they reference returning NXT and other altcoins. It's implied that there will be no haircut on altcoins, since 1) they would have been very explicit about it if they planned to do so, 2) they would also mention returning bitcoins since the bitcoins would get a portion of what was cut off from the alts. I guess we might be looking at getting 0% bitcoin back, that's the one thing that sucks.