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why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« on: February 28, 2015, 02:04:57 AM »
Propaganda work there for all to see
China's most famous bts  information website
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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2015, 02:44:41 AM »
Propaganda work there for all to see
China's most famous bts  information website

Thanks for the link.  Chrome translates it nicely.  I found this article interesting...

Prince Gong runaway: the bit system launched Buffett stock shares to raise public

wuyanren February 25, 2015 Vision 801 0

Editor's note: The following is earlier in the sound chain of blocks of program runaway Prince Gong interviews silent contributors are the presenters. Sound block chains is a bit shares YY voice program established community service group, every Saturday night launch, YY channels 47,282,323, welcome friends to communicate.

"Let the outside of the circle of people, with outsiders capital investment projects outside of the circle." This is probably the big digital currency circle coffee recently put up a sentence. In this industry suffer from the gold channel blockage, a dwindling pool of money the moment, these words sound like a total fantasy. The use of block trading chain technology stocks? This in the end is what kind of a mystery project? Today, let us into the sound block chains (YY channel 47,282,323), check it out.

Moderator: Prince Hello, I'm glad you can spare the time to accept our interview. You heard that the company recently set up digital assets, can simply talk about your project?

Runaway Prince Gong: Hello everyone. Our congregation raise project called DACx, Chinese names as people were angels, website: DACx is a public offer to raise BDR consulting company for financing needs of businesses, projects or individuals to provide all kinds of chips and all related services BDR. As a new form of public chips, DACx is the first digital platform to help finance those assets faster and better financing for a new attempt. DACx BDR issuer is not in itself is not a trader, but to provide a complete solution to raise public BDR.

Our first project could be launched to raise public stocks, we will share the platform at the bit to raise public Buffett stock. This is a relatively groundbreaking project that we have a partner to find us, we are willing to do this thing, and hope that through a bit of technology stocks to try can do. Buffett Everyone might have heard, but we may have no Buffett bought the stock because the price is relatively high, a surge in the dollar about 22W, amounting to about 140W. For most people, buying a surge may be a little pressure. We try to use all the way to make everyone buy chips together Buffett stocks, the first congregation to raise an Buffett stocks.

Moderator: Will you how to initiate the public to raise it?

Runaway Prince Gong: We first will be issued shares of an asset in the bit system, a Buffett stock assets BTA (Editor's Note: BitAsset, namely bit platform shares issued digital assets, the Chinese translation "bit assets"), the use of block shares Buffett technology split. Everyone can get by purchasing this part of Buffett's stake in BTA, 100 yuan can invest a dollar you can invest. Then we can easily be traded on stock built-bit market. If the project is successful, the future we will continue to introduce more of the stocks, including Tesla, Apple, Google, Alibaba and the like. Because first of all, for small investors, the stock is more expensive, and less likely to be bought. If the bit shares through this platform can be a good solution to this problem. Of course, we will do the rest after all the chips project, similar to the traditional assets, such as raising the public domain. Shares bit platform because there is a good feature that is very easy to quit, unlike traditional public raised platform, the traditional public should at least raise the platform up to six months, or even 2 years 3 years to completely withdraw, and then quit to get is not necessarily money, it is possible to get the cup, movie tickets and the like. The bit platform shares can be traded at any time, and can raise the global public, is a good tool for the public to raise. This is mainly the case in favor of our project.

Moderator: This item line on a bit shares the platform, and if the project is very good, there may be a virtual currency exchanges also the assets at the line, this time may cause a lot of problems. Also, you are mainly traded shares anchored by bit assets BitCNY, if you suddenly have a lot of subscription, will not cause BitCNY reserves would not be enough?

Runaway Prince Gong: ok, thank you very much. If the line on the asset exchange, might run into a big problem, how I believe you bought a share, you sell or an it? Bitcoin has existed in such problems, such as the problem of counterfeiting. Therefore block chain technology can be a good solution to this problem, it is very fair, there is no way to cheat, buy back a share, sell all or a share, break it into an extreme, he is 10,000 copies, I can not secretly put him into the 20,000, because everyone can see that the supply is. Shares bit systems have this nice feature. Moreover, the exchange is operating a virtual currency this, it is hard to imagine becoming a US stock exchanges will own, even if he would do, but also face a lot of legal issues. Another, BitCNY shortage will, I personally feel that in the short term or not, based on my personal experience, this is a gradual process, few people will buy this kind of market shares on the first day, the next day to sell . Especially as Buffett's stock, certainly is a relatively slow process. Of course, I looked at the bit shares within the disk supply BitCNY's not too much, probably around 80W, an Buffett is far more than the stock, with the stock trading volume increased, the demand will be increasingly BitCNY , may lead to an increase in share price a bit. Of course, just the beginning of a surge, I hope behind can trade more, such as 1,000 shares, also at the line more stocks, such as Tesla, including perhaps because Apple shares rose apple watch, will be introduced gradually, it may will lead BitCNY demand will be very strong. Thus the bit a little influence share price. This is my guess, specifically what happens, I can not break theory. But according to three times the value of the BTS mortgage principle, I do not worry BitCNY be enough, because there is a market share bits of autoregulation.

Moderator: You are not a grunt and a bit of acceptance will be a platform co-operate?

Runaway Christine Prince: Yes, we will certainly cooperate and grunt, because our side, all the customers are outside of the circle of investors, most people probably will not use bits shares wallet, do not even know a bit shares, they recharge and withdrawals are in RMB, then we must acceptances providers have very close cooperation. Therefore, the transaction should be completed and accepted provider.

Moderator: Can you talk about this stocks exit mechanism?

Runaway Prince Gong: Well, I talk about the withdrawal mechanism. If your hands hold 0.01 Buffett stock BTA, you can share a bit of direct trading platform, and then exit. If you get the equivalent of an Buffett stock BTA assets, you can with the BTA and DACx contact DACx will transfer a share of the equity of this to you, or help you put the public on the NYSE shares sold, the money to call you back.

Moderator: how to prevent the person initiating the public to raise issues on foot?

Runaway Prince Gong: This problem is not going to exist, because the public was initiated to raise US stocks, he initiated numerous chips, the first of his money is in DACx platform, then what stocks to buy according to his request, we will monitoring his account, his account password will be given to me DACx, and to accomplish this by DACx stocks to buy, and this is part of the stock ownership of DACx. So say the promoters did not run away, because the stocks are under the supervision of DACx platform, does not cause any loss to investors.

Moderator: Are you saying that if dignitaries in the congregation raised platform launched, there must be quite a mortgage in your platform?

Runaway Christine Prince: Yes, to be launched to raise the public, there must be something in the mortgage DACx, and we will work closely with the promoters of the project completion tight, there is a risk, we will immediately raised. For stocks, we will issue the corresponding proof, within the scope of possible legal, try to present more proof that stock ownership is entirely DACx platform. Of course, the current system can not do like the stock built-in market share this bit is completely transparent, so that some are endorsed by DACx platform, so we want to do is give you a better trust DACx platform.

Moderator: I would like to ask you all to raise is done, if people want to initiate the public to raise mortgage where you sell the stock in how to do, or that he wanted to quit the congregation to raise, how do you deal with? Because the stock has been the equivalent of an endorsement by credit DACx built-in bit-share market, shares issued can split assets bta. If they want to sell, or exit, then the asset-bit stock market how to deal with?

Runaway Prince Gong: sponsor is absolutely impossible secretly sold. Like I said before, the stock ownership is regulated in DACx platform, as an endorsement of the whole BTA assets, the situation does not exist so secretly sold. Under ordinary circumstances the stock is unlikely to sell, the situation is only going to sell is that if someone can buy in the market shares of stock equal to a BTA assets, and this time he can apply to this wave of selling DACx out, of course, these acts are all open, you can see the entire market.

Moderator: That all the chips were initiated to get what interests?

Runaway Prince Gong: raise people can get all the fees, for example, I might want to charge a portion of the transaction fee.

Moderator: That the issue of assets there a warranty? For example, you should immediately release the Buffett stock assets, is not there a warranty?

Runaway Prince Gong: In the absence of an equivalent Buffett bought the stock BTA assets, and then apply this to an NYSE sold, this would have been an asset exists, can be traded.

Moderator: Will the people involved in the congregation raised, such as buying stocks Buffett BTA, and can get any good?

Runaway Prince Gong: Their advantage is, expect the stock will increase in value, for example, you buy a stock Buffett, of course, can expect Buffett stock appreciation thing. Buffett's stock rose to $ 7 from $ 220,000, the expected appreciation is obvious. If you bought at the current price of the stock Buffett, after prices, participants will be able to sell to get this difference, of course, investing in stocks is risky. We do not guarantee the participants will be able to profit, so investors should bear this risk.

Moderator: I have a question, such as it was launched to raise public Buffett stocks surge, I spent ten thousand yuan to buy one of the 140 points of the shares of Buffett's stock, I participated in the congregation to raise, is not appropriate I will get 140 points Buffett, one of the assets of the shares in the bit-share system bta inside?

Runaway Christine Prince: Yes, our system will display the corresponding shares of Buffett's stock shares in a bit of the number of copies of the system is split Buffett stock BTA, for example, we put him into 100 extreme. You will first website in our system you have to get 140 points, one of which Buffett stock assets BTA, That will show you around 7100 Buffett stock assets BTA. The assets you can always sell for lodging in our system website. If you know how to operate a bit shares wallet, you can put one of Buffett's stock assets BTA 140 points to cash back to your wallet a bit stock, it's all been a bit shares the block inquiry, thank you.

Moderator: If Buffett dividend stocks, you will pay a dividend for the assets BTA it?

Runaway Prince Gong: First, the Buffett stock dividends are not a long time. Of course, if there are other stock dividends, there are two ways we can solve. Will look at the specific circumstances. First, how many dollars stock dividends, according to the actual situation of our dollar, according to the holders of the BTA's hold percentage, hit the corresponding BitUSD account for each participant. Another approach is that we use the money to buy dividend stocks corresponding assets, then this part of the stock destroyed, and will cause the value of the stock of assets rise, this is a way of dividend, of course, the second way for ordinary people who might be a little hard to understand. In fact, the effect is the same, of course, these two methods can be implemented in a bit easy-share system. Therefore, we will according to the actual situation, choose the appropriate way of dividend.

Moderator: If there are two promoters are to be launched to raise public Buffett stocks, how would you deal with such a situation how would issue two Buffett stock assets BTA shares it in a bit system?

Runaway Prince Gong: If two promoters have initiated to raise public Buffett stock, we would recommend an asset on the inside, because the stock ownership are DACx platform at the moment he and another man at the moment, In fact, is exactly the same. If you have different views, but also can issue two kinds of assets. But we'll start to build a larger Buffett stock BTA, such as to accommodate a million shares, corresponding surge starting out other first freeze live in any of these people can get a bit shares system queries, completely transparent . We have no way to cheat.

Moderator: You will encounter the policy, legal problems above it?

Runaway Prince Gong: policy risks, of course there will be, we have two lawyers at risk of doing research policy, for now, the most important risk may still US SEC. We will be out some policies, non-Americans buy, in fact, we do not think the United States will come to buy. Because the Americans themselves are very easy to buy. If Americans to buy, there may be some legal issues, other words, there is little problem in the country. Chinese people to buy stocks now, and not forbidden. Our previous main face of Chinese investors. We have a series of policies to prevent the Americans to buy. Including the real-name system and the like, to determine that they are not American. Including active shield IP from the United States and a series to prove that we are in line with SEC requirements.

Moderator: Buffett will sue you? So his son to sell the company's stock split.

Runaway Prince Gong: Buffett sued ah? I think Warren Buffett might be very loved us, because Buffett has always loved China, perhaps we buy a lot, we can send delegations to visit the company Buffett, Buffett May to company performance art conference and exchange bits of stocks Buffett platform.

Moderator: If the Americans go directly to the built-in bit-share market to buy stocks wallet it?

Prince: this and we do not have any relationship. DACx only do this step all the chips on ok, back, including trading or not, all depends on the investor's own decision, we can not intervene. Also, and we do not have any relationship.

Prince, are you very optimistic about this congregation to raise your model?

Runaway Prince Gong: I personally certainly very, very optimistic about this model, a dollar can buy stocks, and is fully transparent public. And not only this model we are optimistic about the investment we are very optimistic about the speed of light in this mode. Otherwise, we will not have to invest millions of dollars to do this project. And I also relatively long in the financial sector. Shorten the chain of financing, so that more fragmented raise funds to participate in the public, is a great direction, such as the balance of treasure very successful. Also in line with the Internet is fair, open, decentralized spirit. So for this, I am personally confident. Buffett investment such as stocks, the people around me are very interested in, but unfortunately the NYSE buy up more trouble, other markets are still not open. I think this really solve the real needs of many people, but in reality already exists, you can immediately solve needs. If there is something you can solve everyone's needs, the market will tell you, this thing is really needed.

Moderator: Prince, now have a lot of built-in virtual currency market, why do you choose the bit-share system it?

Runaway Prince Gong: DACx investigated to the center of the current digital asset platform has been available, that so far BitShares (bits shares) is the best way to meet our requirements. First BitShares can be very easy to publish BTA, and there is a tile-based chain technology to the center of the trading platform, any transaction operations are open and transparent. Good community and a long run have enhanced our confidence. So that we can resolve the system is a bit shares anchoring assets BitCNY and BitUSD, you will be hard to imagine investors will have great use of a currency exchange rate fluctuations to invest in stocks, which means he must calculate all the time two risks. Through BitCNY or BitUSD, so that investors can make money by law to invest and settlement, and acceptance are able to let investors need to download wallet can invest, otherwise the investment is very difficult to allow ordinary people to accept.

Okay, thank Prince patiently answered. DACx project is indeed refreshing, Prince, can talk about your microblogging name? Let more people know the project and get involved.

My name microblogging: runaway Christine Prince. Microblogging platform called our project: DACx all angels. Welcome to a lot of attention, our project will be fully operational in about 月初 3, dacx shares will block the use of technology to fight a bit of a fully open and transparent public raised platform. Raise public stocks just one of our projects, we then have more projects, including raising the public domain, to raise public parking spaces, individual congregation to raise, raise public enterprises, etc., use a bit shares technology, can easily put the real thing Digital Assets, public participation chips can always quit, this is very good, thank you.

Author / Translator: wuyanren

Manuscripts: Bit Shares House ( )
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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2015, 12:26:51 PM »
added it to my slate and voted .. can't do any more
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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2015, 06:32:07 PM »
"Buffet stock"? Are they talking about starting an asset pegged to BRKA?

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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2015, 06:33:42 PM »
how many people are working or writing for the website?

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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #5 on: March 01, 2015, 03:51:36 AM »
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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #6 on: March 06, 2015, 01:24:58 PM »
this site is important to the China market. Many users learn about bitshares for this site. And before come to the forum, I have learnt much from it.
It is a little like the Chinese site of BitShares, the main and most important one for now.

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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2015, 11:04:00 AM »

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Re: why don‘t you vote www.bts-hk??
« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2015, 03:34:04 AM »
"Buffet stock"? Are they talking about starting an asset pegged to BRKA?

Yes, will issue real stock backed assets for Chinese investors. The stocks include BRAK, AAPL, TSLA, GOOG etc.
Funds are collected through crowd funding, i.e. by selling user issued assets (UIA), Each share of the UIA represents a certain portion of the real stock.
UIA can be traded in on-chain or off-chain market just like any other coins.

This is a great step that makes it much easier for Chinese investors to invest on US stocks.