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Re: Here's a great place to mention Bitshares..............
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2015, 01:15:11 AM »
@KenCode: appreciate your initiative but pls don't spam articles on coindesk etc.!

if you'll take look on this article... these kind of *aggressive* commenting isn't looking good for BitShares IMO...

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Tuck Fheman

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Re: Here's a great place to mention Bitshares..............
« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2015, 03:05:29 PM »

the "tuck fheman" account is labeled a "shill" if we even mention bitshares on reddit and we've received pm's on our blog, anonymously of course, telling is us to, "stop posting about that scam bitshares".

that being said, we get the same messages about bitcoin on imgur and reddit as well.   ::)

when feathercoin first started, it had the same bad rep everywhere because the userbase was very vocal everywhere about their love for the coin. 

and it happens for every coin out today.

however, it does get a bit unpalatable to see an obvious "swarm" of people start posting on a discussion about "xyzcoin to da m00n", as the worst possible example.

even just a bunch of post positively commenting about a specific coin looks like a manufactured effort and it comes across as cheesy, in our humble opinion.

not that we aren't guilty of doing it, a lot, but we don't mind being labeled cheesy. haters gonna hate, ya know.

but, we do try to avoid commenting about "xyzcoin" if a few others have commented previously about the coin and don't even bother trying to discuss bitshares near most nxt hodlers.

we had our own week long "disqustaster" with the hardcore nxt crew last year and it wasn't worth the effort after all was said and done.  :-\

just our collective 2 bitgold.
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Re: Here's a great place to mention Bitshares..............
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2015, 07:21:41 PM »
From now on Tuck, i'm just gonna drop the word Bitshares here and there, maybe once a week or so, no opinion attached, I'll just use it as a comparison to the topic at hand. Never more than once in a thread either.
My focus is on the business community. Getting the power of Bitshares to businesses is a primary focus (i'm trying to figure out a way to migrate to Bitshares entirely in my point of sale systems company). Another company has brought me on as their COO and they specialize in international remittance and asset management services. As I learn more, I'd like to start converting businesses to DAC's and become a Delegate of some sort. Maybe even a Delegate of each DAC that I manage ya think? I dunno, I'm still learnin :)