Author Topic: what is the difference of privacy between TITAN→public and TITAN→TITAN?  (Read 304 times)

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if exchange use public id for deposit bts
titan→public  vs titan →titan
public→public  vs  public→titan
how about the  privacy difference ?

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- if you account is registered as public, the client will send the funds not to a newly generated titan address but to your public address that is registered with the blockchain publicly (i.e. active key)
- else, whenever someone sends funds to you, he takes the active_key of your account from the blockchain and derives a child-key similar to stealth addresses ..
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So to stay private you can't register accounts?

If one wanted to remain anonymous, should they only ever be sending to public addresses 'BTS34535353454....'?

If you send to an account name does that mean that it is obvious who you are transacting with?

I thought the whole point of registered account names was to make TITAN (anonymous) transactions easier

What do you mean by 'registered as public'?
Are all registered accounts 'public'?
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What do you mean by 'registered as public'?
Are all registered accounts 'public'?

When an account is registered it is flagged as "public" or "titan". I believe the GUI registers accounts with the public flag, while the CLI uses "titan" per default.

Code: [Select]
>>> help wallet_account_register
wallet_account_register <account_name> <pay_from_account> [public_data] [delegate_pay_rate] [account_type]   Updates the data published about a given account
Updates the data published about a given account

  account_name (account_name, required): the account that will be updated
  pay_from_account (account_name, required): the account from which fees will be paid
  public_data (json_variant, optional, defaults to null): public data about the account
  delegate_pay_rate (uint8_t, optional, defaults to -1): -1 for non-delegates; otherwise the percent of delegate pay to accept per produced block
  account_type (string, optional, defaults to "titan_account"): titan_account | public_account - public accounts do not receive memos and all payments are made to the active key
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