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When I look into the source code of our wallet GUI - it seems to be very modern, clean and solid.
When I try to use it - all I feel is frustration: I feel lost and insecure while doing basic stuff like voting or shorting bit-assets.

The GUI client needs a solid overhaul from the UX perspective.
I know there are other priorities and UX cannot be fixed quickly but I think we definitely should address and discuss it before 1.0 is released.

My questions for BM:
  • Do you agree that the current UX is much below standards when compared to what mainstream banking can offer?
  • Are we going to see in 1.0 a massive improvement in terms of UX? Are you going to employ a UX specialist for that?
  • Are you willing to present UI design for 1.0 on the forum before the wallet is released to get our feedback before it is too late to change anything?
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It's that time again! Ask below...

And don't forget to join us and never forget...your voice counts. 
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