guess what the BitUSD premium price to buy it (amount over $1) will be after the first 7 days following BitShares 1.O launch

4 (10.3%)
3 (7.7%)
4 (10.3%)
8 (20.5%)
1 (2.6%)
4 (10.3%)
4 (10.3%)
3 (7.7%)
8 (20.5%)

Total Members Voted: 37

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Guess the % BitUSD premium for 1000BTS prize
« on: May 25, 2015, 02:46:16 AM »

We all know that it costs a premium to buy a crypto (Coinbase charges like 1% correct me if I'm wrong).  What % premium will the free market set for BitUSD?

and, we all know that BitUSD is superior to USD because you can copy it without being labeled a counterfeiter, and you can store it in your brain, send it around the world instantly, etc.  Therefore how much more will it cost people to buy it initially.  How much more than $1 will $1 BitUSD sell for because it is so much more awesome than regular USD?  Winner gets 1000 BTS.

You can enter this competition by saying what you think the BitUSD short premium is going to be after the first 7 days (price above $1 that BitUSD is going to sell for).

Winner must post here undisputedly bragging about how they hit the nail on the head.  Ties and disputes will share the prize.

In the meantime, enter the poll so we can see what everyone thinks.

and if that free money from me to you did not change your life, then crack open your wallet for this:

Where would we be now if Dan had foregone Protoshares (time, effort, money, blown opportunity costs, blown first mover advantage, name change, sharedrop paradigm teaching, explaining, re-explaining, confusing the shit out of everyone before you even start your project just because you feel guilty for stealing Satoshi's open source code that everyone steals and re-brands in 10 seconds (not 10 months!)).  Dan is the dumbest business man known to man, and I am offering 1000BTS to anybody who paints the most accurate picture of what BitShares would look like today if he had just done the old "IPO and go" like every other living IPO community on this planet.

All right kids, there you have it.  Your next assignment is to paint me a picture of exactly where we would be today if Protoshares (and AGS of course) had never existed.  Imagine the possibilities (this is where they got that motto)(from the fother mucking future)

Somebody, take this money, please don't make me post another James Brown link, please.  Please PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Actually, jshow5555 is already in the running for the 1000BTS bounty with

The only true progress that might have been made is bonds...but they are just a pipe dream...no concept, no idea how they gonna actually work

jshow is correct that the BitBond market would already be in effect, but I suspect that maybe a little bit more development would also have occurred over the same time period.  Somebody please take me back to the future.


and a 100 BTS bounty for the first person to pick out the exact time of the "son from the future" joke in Dane Cook's stand up

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1 BitUSD == 1 USD
100 BitUSD == 100 USD

Or else it's not much of a BitUSD.

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I'm going to guess an 11% premium. We haven't seen whether or not market forces will bring the price down to parity.

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