Author Topic: What happens if the Moonstone wallet does not meet its funding goal?  (Read 458 times)

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The Moonstone wallet crowdsourcing campaign is only 18% funded with 16 days left (  It does not seem that it is being promoted at all, so I suspect that most people don't even know about it.  I have a few questions:
  • Why wasn't Moonstone crowdsourced in parallel with the Peertracks crowdsource?   I think that it would have raised a lot more money if it had been able to benefit from the notoriety of the Peertracks project.
  • Why is the Moonstone crowdsource not being actively promoted (as far as I can tell) on social media (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc)?
  • If Moonstone does not meet its funding goal, how will this impact the delivery of Peertracks?

Thanks in advance for any answers.

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This is a very good question. Peertracks will also be funding moon wallet but to what extent I am not sure. If moon wallet does not meet it's goal will peer track cover the rest?

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the funding goal is just for licensing, shouldn't affect peertracks to my understanding.
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