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If anybody has not heard Fuzzy's interview with The Golden Jackass...

Fuzzy is an interviewing god, and we all should be grateful.

What will you be running for Fuz? Worker?  Delegate? Witness?  Let me know...

I was completely floored by your interview.  It clarified my perception of both the present and future.

Because of your incredible talent and genuine interest in Jim, he relaxed like never before and treated you like his son (absolutely incredible)(I could do one of my famous mega posts to drive home your greatness, however, I'm sure your ego needs no stroking, and you would rather get down to business:

So please allow me to offer you 2 critiques because I truly believe that you are on the cusp of greatness (leveraged by the fact that JW himself is about to become a household name).

Critique number 1.  Never interrupt the man (46:46).  I don't care what the clock says, and I'm sure you were nervous, but you must realize that this critique has a more profound intention than pure manners that I will explain in:

Critique number 2.  Revel in your uniqueness:

You have created something here that is utterly unique Fuzz, allow me to explain.

I listen to every JW interview (seriously).  I have never heard him loosen up as much as I did when you spoke with him.  Why?  I'll tell you exactly why. Because every other interviewer has an agenda that they are pushing much harder than you are trying to push yours.  In fact, you are not (and definitely should not) "push" BitShares (not only is he sick of that angle which will lose his respect and attention, but you will get the best opportunities to teach Jim this way because he will wax until he is blue in the face, and then he will look around to see if the interviewer has followed him, and every time (I mean every single damn time) they do not!  They never follow him down the conspiracy (or lewd comedy) rabbit hole (and this is where Jim is most creative offering generational inspirational audio soundbites and quotes that will inspire us if and only if you are patient, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested (which you are)))

You can edit later, but if you are posting on mumble, I want all the soundbites.  I want the long play version, and if you do this Fuzz, then you will never have to worry about losing my vote.  In fact, how can I get the highest quality audio from these clips (do you record him in lossless format (because you should))(your audio quality is fine, but you can always improve there)(which is where you can spend some of your worker $$$ in the future).  I know people with mad audio engineering/production skills that can really bring the goosebumps with your interview material (especially if you continue to follow, no coax, Jim down his rabbit holes).

When he starts getting excited, encourage him.  When he gets lewd, loud and obnoxious, give him verbal high fives because this comes from his pent up frustration of not being heard (like by his father) and typically, most interviewers tend to guide him away from his most spirited and inspirational diatribes.

You are giving him a true outlet for his creative expression that nobody else is currently offering him.  All the other interviewers of him are afraid of touching on controversial subjects but would rather get a generic JW soundbite on the latest banker news re-run than inspire a generation (which is what you are tasked with, and judging by the successful extraction of 2 hours of energetic JW genetic gold, you are on the cusp of being the first ever interviewer fully capable of showcasing the true Jim Willie) (the Jim Willie that Jim Willie is most proud of))

Let me paint you the picture. 

You want to teach Jim about cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, bitcoin, and BitShares).

Jim wants his message to be heard (and have a good time doing it (think Max Keiser)).

You are courting him, so let him speak his mind without interruption, and as the artist creates, you encourage him (yin and yang)

If you both can do this, then you are going to be famous (don't let it go to your head)

Think Chemistry.  Have you ever performed improv sketches?  There really is only one rule (that your left brain can chew on while your right brain is enjoying the fun (funny) ride): always agree (unless of course it is a factual error that needs clarification)(then take it to a more extreme and funny and progressively logical next ideological stage or outcome)

Interviewing for comedic effect will inspire the globe Fuzz.  Laughter does not need translation.
(there are a couple other interviews of these two like this that are even more funny (recommended homework to hone your craft!))

Keep it relaxed and funny and entertaining (your unique and superior niche to all the other interviewers), and let everybody else be the interviewers who keep jerking Jim's chain to shut him up or cut him off just when he is getting on an artistic creative groove and you will no doubt be Jim's favorite interviewer.


through (dark) humor, laughter, and above all effective teaching

You are Luke Skywalker on his way to blow up the Death Star, now close your eyes and visualize what Jim is saying so that you can be in the moment with him completely.  You guys should be a well oiled team like Bill and Ted, Harold and Kumar, Abbot and Costello.

Because only after you and Jim have romped down the rabbit hole will he be excited, patient, and grateful (to you) enough (because what he was able to effectively communicate for the first time in this unique way) that he will be receptive to your comments (think correlations not pivots so that you both remain in the rabbit hole throughout your entire conversation because he hates it when the other interviewers keep dragging him back out (he gets physically tired) fact if he finds himself out of the rabbit hole, tell the inside joke (that he just made up back in the rabbit hole)(this works for comedic effect and jolts him back into the creative process) that drags him back into the rabbit hole).  You two are dancing, so do it with style and the world will watch.  Why has nobody ever listened to Jim Willie but they adore Max Keiser?

Simple, because Jim has not found his Stacy Herbert (cerebral equal).  And Fuz, from what I heard, you are kind, patient, likeable, and smart enough to not only hold your own in a Jim Willie conversation, but to inspire him to get up and perform like he has a captive global audience and there's no tomorrow!

Who has ever dragged Jim Willie into the rabbit hole?

Nobody but Fuzzy!!!

Anyway, I keep missing my point.

My point is (the scientific mechanism for you (your left brain which has the list of questions handy) to create this generational bridge of soundbytes) that you must keep Jim's excitement level high (through style and flow of conversation based on humor and genuine interest) because when he has completed a point and finds himself standing in his rabbit hole (probably slightly embarrassed out of habit and fully expecting to be yanked out by the interviewer as usual), he is going to be completely blown away to find you standing right there beside him, not only emotionally un-phased, but ready with a joke, or comment, or insight, or crypto correlation teaching nugget, or even an unexpected push to keep going)(later on you can verbally kick him in the nuts ala Jackass Johnny Knoxville)(when you get closer) (develop camaraderie).  In other words, when you find yourselves in one of Jim's rabbit holes, you are going to be right there like a helpful father to say (ala after school special):

Now Jim, I am proud of you for getting to the bottom of these most obvious conspiracies, and it's funny that 99% of the planet won't listen to you or does not get it, but you know what? crypto is the same way.  99% of the world has no clue how helpful this info could be for them.

There is your eternal bond with him.  There is when Jim see's that the interviewer is just as misunderstood and ignored as the interviewee.  This in the exact moment that Jim begins to treat you as equals, friends, mutual respect or whatever..The point is:



That is when you can teach him about BitShares.

Jim has the potential to be the first celebrity to comprehend BitShares before he completely understands bitcoin

and only then he will be integral in teaching the world about BitShares.

So in essence fuzz, what you are doing mathematically is creating a (super)marketer for us, and a lifelong friend for you.  You are going to do more for the community by educating Jim (getting the light bulb to turn on in his head) about current state of crypto than by putting out any mumble (small audience) interview.  So remember this when you are prioritizing in your head.  Keep your eyes on the prize. Your number 1 goal is to have a blast with Jim Willie.  Have such a great time on tape that everyone wishes that they were you (I sure did when I heard this interview).  I would love to party with Jim Willie the same way that the youth wants to party with Ron Paul.  It's just that you are about to show the youth of the world just how hilariously hip that the Jackass is.

So let the interview free flow, and let him rant, and go long, because your main priorities are this:

1. Teach Jim BitShares/crypto which will require long patient interviews
2. Inspire Jim creatively
3. Laugh
4. Ask questions

Good luck, don't be nervous, have a beer or two (or whatever you do to relax) prior to the interview because above all, you are building a lifelong relationship with a true friend when you are enjoying the opportunity to party with the great Golden Jackass!

+5% Hodor!

Hodor indeed my friend....Hodor in deed...
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Re: If Robin Williams and Johnny Carson had a kid, it would be FUZZY!
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 +5% Hodor!
Hodor hodor hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor.

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Re: If Robin Williams and Johnny Carson had a kid, it would be FUZZY!
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2015, 01:45:30 AM »
You really knock my socks off!  And I simply love fuzzy....