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Offline kenCode

Job Title:
Translate this text to Deutsch. Compensation: 500BTS!
Job status: DONE BY @McSurfy
Job Description:
If you FLUENTLY speak Deutsch (add a couple commonly-known Bairisch words too), then please translate the text below, and post it here.
Please make sure your spelling is perfect, keep your translated wording as short as possible, your grammar is proper, and any punctuation you use is minimal and perfect. This text will be used in another short explainer video so please keep your sentences short:
Code: [Select]

Cash, Card or Crypto?

You've heard of Bitcoin and maybe even a few other cryptocurrencies, but you're wondering how crypto could even help your business, right?
Merchants who say "Cash, Card or Crypto" ..say hello to new customers!
Does this sound familiar?
1. Credit card fraud and their fees are extremely high.
2. Debit cards are slow, fees are high and customers forget their PIN.
3. Cash can be a time consuming, employee-theft, pain in the a$$.
Using your existing Point Of Sale (POS) equipment or with our Tablet solutions, you now have a much faster, safer and cheaper alternative!
Crypto transactions...
 ^ are secured by blockchain technology
 ^ are fraud-proof and used globally
 ^ cost less than 3 cents
 ^ take only 1 second to verify
There's ZERO risk of chargebacks or ID theft, and BitShares handles over 100,000 transactions per second.. that's more than Visa and Mastercard COMBINED.

Governments are now accepting crypto for tax payments, so why wait?
Get the jump on your competitors. Your Crypto Coach at BitShares Munich is with you every step of the way.
Merchants who say "Cash, Card or Crypto" ..say HELLO to new customers!
[email protected]

If *you* can't do it, but can recruit a friend to do it, please coordinate it. I need your help! :o
Job Type: One-Time
Job Compensation: 500 BTS
Job Category: Translation
Job Terms: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation are imperative.
Once your translation is verified, then the funds will be released to your TITAN from bts:delegate.kencode.
To Apply: Just PM me and let me know you're working on it so I can mention that on this post.
Thank you for your help! :)

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Hi Ken, I'll take care of this. E.

Offline McSurfy

No bavarian, because it doesn't fit here IMO.
Hope, you like it like that.
Greetings McSurfy
Bar, Karte oder Krypto?
Sie haben schon von Bitcoin und vielleicht sogar von ein paar anderen Kryptowährungen gehört, aber sie fragen sich wie Kryptogeld Ihrem Unternehmen helfen könnte, richtig?
Händler, die „Bar, Karte oder Krypto“ sagen, ..begrüßen neue Kunden!
Klingt das vertraut?
1.Kreditkartenbetrug und die extrem hohen Kreditkartengebühren
2.EC-Karten sind langsam, Gebühren sind hoch und Kunden vergessen ihre PIN.
3.Der Umgang mit Bargeld kann zeitraubend sein, Diebstahl durch Angestellte, nervenaufreibend 
Benutzen Sie Ihr bestehendes Kassensystem oder unsere Tablet-Lösung und Sie haben eine viel schnellere, sicherere und günstigere Alternative!
^sind  durch die Blockchain-Technologie abgesichert
^sind betrugssicher und weltweit im Einsatz
^kosten weniger als 3 Cent
^benötigen nur 1 Sekunde zur Verifizierung
Es besteht NULL Risiko einer Rücklastschrift oder eines Identitätsdiebstahls und BitShares verarbeitet über 100.000 Transaktionen pro Sekunde. . das ist mehr als VISA und Mastercard ZUSAMMEN.
Regierungen akzeptieren inzwischen Kryptowährungen für Steuerzahlungen, also warum warten?
Seien Sie Ihrer Konkurrenz voraus. Ihr Krypto-Coach von BitShares Munich begleitet Sie Schritt für Schritt auf diesem Weg.
Händler, die „Bar, Karte oder Krypto“ sagen, ..BEGRÜßEN neue Kunden!
[email protected]

Offline McSurfy

Sorry, I have no idea what a TITAN address is. I have a BTS account, does this help?
1. begrüßen neue Kunden! = welcome new customers
2. sagen "Hallo" zu neuen Kunden! = say Hello to new customers

I thought the first one sounds better in german, the second translation is possible but at least unusual.


Offline kenCode

aah, ok, I'll use the first one then.
yeah, send me your BTS account please..
I have to leave for a bitcoin meetup right now (and hand out my BitShares business cards hehe) but will be back in 3 or 4 hours to pay you then.
Thanx so much for the quick help McSurfy! :)