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Tuck Fheman

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ahhh "journalism".

"shadowy figure", "hostile takeover" "Coup d'é·tat" all within the first 2 sentences.

"beginning with the evidence that the original BitShares white paper is no longer online." umm, that evidence seems to be a little shaky Justin, since the link works just fine and I'm reading the wp.

Is Justin butthurt ("apparently") about something or is he just trying to lower the price so he can get in?

I may have found this article slightly worthwhile ... had it been written in February, but I doubt it.  Seriously, this reads like a butthurt investor wrote it.

But, I'm in a bad mood because my yard guy won't take BitShares (yet), so that's probably it.

Offline onceuponatime

Justin's choice of negative words in the article is very far from what I would consider "objective" journalism.

The report is a hit piece, and the author's motivation appears to go well beyond trying to inform and appears to be an attempt to negatively influence public opinion.

I'm not sure, but didn't they used top call this "yellow journalism" or something like that?

Offline Permie

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Essentially, the story goes, Chinese stakeholders have accumulated enough BTSX to censor the development team. They suffered, according to the story, under a dilution of the cost of BitSharesX, and, now disgruntled, want more control over how BitShares is run. “Since Bitshares likes to call itself a company,”  one BitcoinTalk poster, in a thread called ‘Bitcoin oligarchy rears its head,’ says,
 "This development is akin to a hostile corporate takeover, except that the raiding parties have the ability to kill the price in such an illiquid market."
Smells a bit like bitcoiner FUD but how much do we really know about major bts holders?
Holding a few 100m bts and threatening to dump it all at once is a hefty bargaining tool.
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Offline triox

Very good subversive PR. Inject Bitshares 2.0 marketing under the guise of controversy. Whoever pulled it off (Max?), well done, Sir.
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Offline Pheonike

Smells like newmine/de feeding fud.

Tuck Fheman

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"yellow journalism"


another phrase used is, "crap journalism" and that's what I'd file this one under.

any respectable rag online probably wouldn't publish this speculative drivel, unless of course it was CNBC.

Tuck Fheman

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Very good subversive PR. Inject Bitshares 2.0 marketing under the guise of controversy. Whoever pulled it off (Max?), well done, Sir.

That's one way to spin it to the positive, but ... no.

Offline werneo

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Smells like newmine/de feeding fud.

Yup. The whole thing appears based on this February thread started by newmine:;all

Tuck Fheman

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clickbait headline. didn't expect any serious journalism. was not let down

I'm going to offer Justin my account name "clickbait" (yes, I own it, anyone interested?).

Offline Thom

Very good subversive PR. Inject Bitshares 2.0 marketing under the guise of controversy. Whoever pulled it off (Max?), well done, Sir.

That's one way to spin it to the positive, but ... no.

Why so quick to dismiss this as a publicity ploy? Granted, it would be out of character for the Cryptonomex crew we all know and love, but perhaps not for Max? I don't know, just a wild ass guess. It does sound quite negative. It would be good if Adam or someone would take note of the forum & stats to see what impact this has on traffic.

If the piece was intended as a positive it was a risky play. I could backfire and dissuade those potentially interested to stay away after reading this.
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Offline Akado

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serious investors with an eye for technology shouldn't be shaken by this I guess. Only people who buy based on uninformed decisions would. So i'm not that worried about that but it is really a shame that crypto magazines don't even worry about what they post, it's all about the readers, just like the bad local newspapers with the gossips. Positive side, apparently anyone can turn into a crypto journalist! So take the chance and do something positive!

Btw, i've seen it many times and it bugs me, Since when is bitcointalk a reliable source of information? LOL that's bad, even for those newspaper standards. Quoting just random dude. But once again, it seems we can get any crypto journal quoting some sock puppet account saying BitShares is the best investment ever so, I guess it's not that bad. | Bitcoin<->Altcoin exchange | Instant | Safe | Low spreads

Offline edilliam

At the bottom: "Tags: BitShares oligarchy smartchain"