Author Topic: Article about RedBull, the king of content brands.  (Read 767 times)

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Article about RedBull, the king of content brands.
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:30:34 pm »
Since we're sharing a non-tangible concept with the world, what is it "around and about" BitShares that we can tell the world? Is it decentralization? Freedom? Transparency? Pulling the rug of power out from under Big Business, Big Banks and Big Brother?

This article is worth a read. No, we're not selling energy drinks or extreme sports, but we ARE promoting something bigger than just open source software. There may be lessons to take from Redbull as we start sharing our concepts with the world.  Thought you all would enjoy reading it....


A High-Concept Drink (In Other Words, the Drink Is Not the Point)
"Red Bull is a publishing empire that also happens to sell a beverage. Lately, every conference PowerPoint on the future of advertising or PR seems to mention Red Bull as a — if not the — shining example of a brand-turned-publisher, what every future-leaning agency encourages its clients to emulate."
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Do not use this post as information for making any important decisions. The only agreements I ever make are informal and non-binding. Take the same precautions as when dealing with a compromised account, scammer, sockpuppet, etc.

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Hhhmmm...  "The marketing strategy that has worked best for us is not to publish our strategies," says a Red Bull representative.

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Gotta love Red Bull. I was an FPS gamer in my previous life, and in a New York $500k tournament they had this amazing VIP lounge for the players where you'd get free food, drinks, chips, and there were comfortable seats with screens everywhere. I still can't quite figure out what they got out of it. But apparently they understood that treating people to a really good time can leave a goodwill impression lasting a lifetime. Heck, even before that I had nothing but respect for how they came up with cool ideas and executed them brilliantly to leave all parties happy to be alive. :D

Check out the new NXT video as well. There's definitively an ideological and community buzz going that we need to get in on. I also read this article about problem solving today, which had some interesting thoughts on how to approach any problem, marketing, development, ideas, etc.

Both of these are of course related to the direction I want to push Invictus towards ;)

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Let's keep in mind that the sector(s) we have to convince (resp. the people that are use the services of these sectors) have a conservative appeal. Why? Because you dont entrust your money with a company whos main focus is fun and danger :)

But I am sure there are parallels from which one can learn!

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When we talk about "content marketing," we mean the creation of storytelling material that attracts readers, viewers and listeners to a brand.

indeed but pls more serious :)
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