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What's in Your Miner?  How many machines and what type are you throwing at this?
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1. I7-4770k+16GB
2. I7-Q820+4GB laptop
3. I5+8GB MacAir
4. Old dual core+2GB desktop
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AMD A8-4500M APU, 6.00 GB RAM

No blocks yet, "hashespermin" : 4.11899314, am I discouraged? No, I found "(Announce) Project Quixote" when the thread started and I started believing this laptop would be a great mining machine, a laptop, not a multi thousand dollar machine, but a laptop. (I will be looking at other options to bring in some coin though)

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i7- 3930k            3.2Gh/z            16G Gskill RAM  12.5 H/m
i5- 3210M           2.5 Gh/z           6G RAM                7.5 H/m
i7 Macbookpro    2.2 Gh/z           8G RAM                7.5 H/m
older 2 core        2.2Gh/z            3G RAM                2.5 H/m
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PC 1) i7-2600k O/C @ 4.6GHz | 16GB Ram | 2x 3-Thread Wallet
PC 2) i5-2500k O/C @ 4GHz | 8GB Ram | 1x 3-Thread Wallet
PC 3) i5-2500k O/C @ 4GHz | 8GB Ram | 1x 3-Thread Wallet

All running Win7 x64.
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i7/16gb, about 5 hashes per second running two.  Found one orphan block and one real block so far
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AMD FX 8350 OC 4.3Ghz  8GB Ram  Win7 x64
1 x 3-Thread Wallet @ 7.5hpm
2 x 2-Thread Wallet @ 5hpm each

Total 17.5hpm

Found 4 Blocks so far  :)

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  • Intel Core2 Duo T5800  @ 2.00GHz, 4 Gb RAM, Linux x86_64, 3-Thread -> 3.7 HPM
  • Intel Atom 330 @ 1.60GHz, 3Gb RAM, Linux x86_64, 2-Thread -> 1.38 HPM

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i5 @ 2.4 GHZ & 6GB RAM -> 6.1 HPM

I've found one block so far, but plan on joining a mining pool as soon as it starts up
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1 AMD A10 at 8.2 hash and ofc. my trusted Asus EEEpc 1001pxd at ....(trumpets) 0.85 hash. The AMD Found 5! stales and then finally a block :). Miners already throwing 13k PTS on the market wonder how they do it :(