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Bitcoin at the US Senate
« on: November 13, 2013, 07:19:16 AM »

Copy from:

On the 18th November, which is a bit over a week from now, members of the Bitcoin community will be testifying in front of the US Senate in two committee hearings:

1) Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs (HSGAC) committee

2) Senate Banking committee

The hearings have been called so US representatives can learn about Bitcoin and in particular, about its impact on law enforcement and banking. The HSGAC hearing will have two panels. The first one consists of members of US LE agencies. The second is the industry panel and will have, amongst other people, Patrick Murck of the Bitcoin Foundation on it.

For those who don't know Patrick, he is pretty much "the Bitcoin lawyer" and is one of us - he has been involved behind the scenes with Bitcoin for a long time now, I talk with him frequently and I know he will do a great job. That said, Patrick was not our first choice. Actually the Senate invitation was for Jon Matonis, who was our first choice. Unfortunately Jon couldn't make it on such short notice. Gavin would have been our second choice, but he is in Australia visiting family at the moment and also was not available.

The selection of the other panelists are also, I think, good news for us - they're people with a strong understanding of the Bitcoin space, people who have got credibility and achievements under their belt. Unfortunately my understanding is that it would be a faux pas to reveal their names here for some reason, but you'll find out who they are in a week.

Preparatory work has already begun and Foundation staff are working on some written testimony that will be submitted along with the oral testimony. Patrick will be heading to DC soon in order to start rehearsing and preparing. As executive director, Jon is of course going to be instrumental in figuring out what we're going to say, although he's being helped by other members as well of course. If you want to suggest ideas and contribute, go join the Foundation and post to the forum.

In recent times I've occasionally seen people sometimes question what the purpose of the Foundation is. Well, this is one of the reasons it was created. There are many powerful institutions in our world run by people that simply don't or won't take part in forums like bitcointalk, mailing lists and so on. The way they operate is by holding meetings, conferences and hearings like this one. The Foundation not only funds development but acts as a bridge between these two very different worlds.
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Re: Bitcoin at the US Senate
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2013, 10:25:06 PM »
Looking forward the hear what the senate have to say.

Here in Norway the media coverage of Cryptocurrencies have been low, the most recent case in pop media was this guy :

He earned a decent amount over the years.

But still no word from the prime minister nor any other members of the parliament.

Send them emails or letters or call them, here in my part of the U.S. we have local meetups that helped bring awareness to Btc, I am sure that helped alot for crypto currency, also I might say you could write to reporters and tell them you have good experience with mining (earning) and could offer them a story, politicians read the news, if they read about you maybe you will be the one in the future talking to them about it, hey you could become the regions expert on DAC's, unless your anonymity is real important to you.