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I am unable to register an account because I don't have any btsx. When I tried to withdraw my purchased btsx from bter I sent to my account: BTSX7vYoege2NA55sZkWLUJ4xAUmH1v5NnPW2rdSCH7CHn6Kk6gZHB but then I saw the warning... The receive account must be registered on the blockchain. Now it is stuck in processing. Can someone please send me enough to register my account before bter processes the withdrawal??? What did I do wrong... This client doesn't seem very user friendly:(

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1) welcome to the community
2) this forum has a search function and there are PLENTY of threads like this one already ..
3) plenty of people subscribed to the other threads and get informed when you post there
4) plenty of people already got some gifts to register

Pls do so too .. help keep the forum clean
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You can contact Bter support and cancel the withdrawl and start over.

And the send address you enter with Bter will be the name your register  with the BTSX wallet, not the BTSX address
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Sorry, I'm panicking since I highly doubt bter is going to be responsive at this time.

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don't expect your withdrawal to arrive anytime soon.  i have a pending withdrawal too.  :(