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Title: Need Help With Cold Storage
Post by: M_Ali on September 12, 2017, 10:43:10 pm

I cannot find any information on this anywhere, I purchased a cold storage BTS wallet with a public address and private kay, I know how to import the private key, but I do not since it will then be cold. My problem is there is a Public BTS address on the paper wallet like the long string of cryptography and when I buy BTS on Bittrex it wants me to send it to a registered account with a name. So I created an account under "alieth123" and sent some BTS to my registered account, my question is how do I send it to the public address on the cold storage, or is there a way to associate my public address with the account I just registered. Thank you.

Here is the link to the cold storage,

the seller stated that the BTS Public Address on the front is the "Owner Key" I have  a vague understanding of what that means. I just want to send BTS to this cold storage address but the exchange wants a registered account.
Title: Re: Need Help With Cold Storage
Post by: fluxer555 on September 17, 2017, 01:49:37 pm
Never, ever use something like this.

Since the private key was generated by a 3rd party, it must be considered compromised. NEVER use a private key that wasn't generated on your own computer! THIS IS NOT A COLD WALLET

It's a good thing he didn't post the registered account name, because this has led you to post here, and see this warning.

If you really want a cold storage solution, please follow these instructions:

I would do a test run first, following instructions, depositing funds into the cold wallet address, adding the key to a hot wallet, and finally transferring the funds to a different account to confirm that you still have access. Once you are confident, you can do it for real.

Sorry this is so complicated, but it's the best option we have right now.
Title: Re: Need Help With Cold Storage
Post by: inarizushi on September 18, 2017, 09:44:57 am
Wow... That cryptopaperwallets ebay guy is a genius con : he is selling you a free safe he knows/can know the code of.