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Title: To Witnesses (Old and new)
Post by: Gravity Protocol on July 19, 2018, 12:16:51 pm
As announced last week, the updated nodes have been introduced. We fixed all of the sync and emission issues, and our testnet is stable and ready for work.

To all the existing witnesses who are out of sync! Please update your node up to the latest version and resync. If you prefer to use a previous configuration, you should first add this checkpoint: checkpoint = [3079462, 002efd26658683618e4a6ca886b6383b8119fc9f].
Once the synchronization is complete, please, send us a message so we can vote for you.

To those who want to become a witness! You are very welcome to do so!

Please, start running the node:
Become a witness:
And lastly, report to the Telegram channel.

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