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Title: [Worker] Bitshares Legal Representative proposal from Xanoxt
Post by: Xanoxt on February 03, 2020, 08:33:23 pm
Dear Bitshares Stakeholders,

I am Petr Asalkhanov (you all know me as Xanoxt), and I am one of the people that brought the Russian community to Bitshares back in 2016-2017, by being one of the Bitshares RuDEX founders, and is its official outreach guy. Since then I’ve been representing Bitshares RuDEX at conferences in Moscow, Europe & Asia.
For the last year I haven’t been as active in the chats as before, as I’ve been concentrating on the classic venture capital and private equity markets to learn how they function and what is broken that can be improved. I consider that Bitshares has a lot of untapped potential that people are not aware of, since most of the functions in question do not have a UI, and some of the features are incomplete.

I’ve taken part in conferences in Davos, Zurich, Lissabon, Amsterdam, Vilnius, Shanghai and elsewhere, and accumulated quite a range of acquaintances and business contacts/relationships, that I think are interesting and useful to Bitshares. One notable example is Bob Cornish (Robert V. Cornish, Jr) who is known for writing one of the most crypto-friendly legislative frameworks in the US for the state of Wyoming. When the committee discussed getting a legal opinion letter for bitAssets I’ve talked to him about doing it for Bitshares, and it is still on the plate, although at the time it was decided that it is not a good time to do that.

I am a bit intimidated by the professionalism of the BBF worker proposal, but I’ve been doing quite a bit for Bitshares for free for the last four years, that I think it is time when I can graduate to the next level.

My proposal:
We will have to do this in stages, as currently I am a private person and plan to get a PO box for legal correspondence. I am currently researching opening a non-profit either in some crypto-friendly jurisdiction, or in either Estonia or Latvia, which provide e-residency. I also have good connections to both business and blockchain communities both in Latvia and Estonia, so that is a good back up option.

To start I will need some help from BBF to get through the transition process in case there is support for the worker, and will require them to estimate the time and costs of such a transit.

How much does it cost:

I like how the worker was structured with BBF on a time retainer basis, but I believe I can offer a more flexible approach.
I would also like a fee paid for my time @ 1400 Euro worth of bts/bitAssets a month (16800 Euro a year), plus a fund in escrow for actions that require the payment @ 600 Euro a month (7200 Euro a year) for different cases where such a payment is required, such as getting a legal opinion letter, and where all the spending of these funds can be transparently overseen by Bitshares stakeholders, community, committee, etc.

Additionally I can offer my services as the Bitshares Spokesperson, also via similar flexible retainer & some BizDev opportunities as separate worker proposals as they arise on case by case basis.

I am ready to submit the worker proposal into the system by this weekend depending on the feedback on the forum, and if my worker is accepted can offer a more detailed offer for the Spokesperson role.

Please consider my proposal, and support it if you find it good for Bitshares.
I am also looking forward for your feedback, thank you!
Title: Re: [Worker] Bitshares Legal Representative proposal from Xanoxt
Post by: abit on February 04, 2020, 12:06:56 am
Thanks for stepping up.

IMHO the rates you asked are not high. I don't know how many efforts it requires to get the job done well enough though, especially at this moment you need to start from scratch "as currently I am a private person".
Title: Re: [Worker] Bitshares Legal Representative proposal from Xanoxt
Post by: Xanoxt on February 04, 2020, 05:10:08 am
I do have an access to incorporated entities in these jurisdictions, it is just that opening a new one specifically for the task seems prudent.

On other half I do have experience with talking to exchanges, signing NDAs, etc on behalf of a blockchain project (all it requires is the mandate from the community and a worker in the system seems to be a good way to confirm that the mandate is given), and all of that was as a private person.

The company is to limit the liability as well as to have proper tax accounting, so it is more for my own benefit, not a requirement to do this.
Title: Re: [Worker] Bitshares Legal Representative proposal from Xanoxt
Post by: xeroc on February 04, 2020, 03:07:09 pm
Glad to see more people stepping up! About time ..
Title: Re: [Worker] Bitshares Legal Representative proposal from Xanoxt
Post by: blockchained on February 05, 2020, 04:04:24 pm
Title: Re: [Worker] Bitshares Legal Representative proposal from Xanoxt
Post by: Xanoxt on February 10, 2020, 09:06:57 am
Going over the details with an existing company (we used it to organize an event in Davos this year), so there is a legal entity to sign those NDAs until a non profit is registered and the documentation is processed.

As such, I'll post the worker up as soon as we finish talking, most likely later today, or early tomorrow.

Or rather as soon as I fix my computer problems, that should take another day to get an old system running.