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Title: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: Thul3 on June 06, 2020, 11:38:42 pm
Am trying to adress here some major problems where everyone else is free to add his points of view why bitshares is in such a deep crisis.

1.Broken governance

2.Corrupt committee controlled by a small group which makes bitassets untrusted and committee funds unsafe.

3.Fake price feeds depegging bitassets for a very long time.High risk something like that will happen in future,bitassets paramaters controlled by a small untrustworthy group making people leaving bitassets.

4.Risky Gateways including closed ones Sparkdex,CB,OL,Easydex,Winex making majority of bitshares members not willing to hold non bitshares token at gateways anymore.

5.Centralization of power and abuse.Example Abit taking away core members permissions on github to put a BSIP into voting (which was fucked up which i told him,since it had not been approved anyways but the dictacting from him that core devs are not allowed to put a BSIP up to voting and there was no possibility to give core devs permission back without his personal agreement as only he had full control over github and putting his opinion over all other core devs at that time).
Same on telegram group ,installing a bot without permission of any other of the 15 Admins there to mute and ban longterm members who doesn't fit in his point of view.
ALL admins disagree with his actions but no response from him other than trying to dictate what is not allowed to talk about.He installed a bot no other Admin has access to.
People are basicly not participating anymore and leaving to other smaller chats having enough of him.
It's an active process of destroying a community.Old core dev's had also big ethical issues with Abits move on github.
Some people have clearly to much power with no bigger consequences when abusing which needs to be limited to stop abuse
as both communities the foreigner and chinese one are tired which led to inactivity of community and no participation in voting.

6.Community will not being executed with no consequences.
You can see everywhere people and even big proxies stopped voting because why should someone vote if his will is not being executed or when he knows a small group will only execute what they prefer.
Ethics in leading group is non existent.
Reading Abits neverending explanations of his acceptance of abuse on bitshares on telegram chat was a shame as a committee member of bitshares.
Committee should be hold by members with high trust AND ethics and not just by the most active ones who activly destroyed bitshares the last 2 years.

7.Community not reacting activly anymore on abuse.Everyone writes about it but noone stands up anymore as committee members who did have been kicked out and been replaced with inactive ones.
Community members are after 2 years of a never ending fight tired and see no effect on taking actions against clear abuse even when talking to someone mention it everytime.

8.Bitshares witnesses who are not activly working for bitshares or adding any other value like infra just to collect rewards using a simple VPS.
Bitshares infra have been massivly destroyed by replacing good active witnesses who provided infra with new witnesses who doesn't provide anything or even participate at bitshares.

9.Custodial voting like ZB.ZB doesn't update their votings at all.They have been used by bitcrab to enforce his point of view and they have completly no interaction with bitshares or even knowledge.Still their old voting settings are making witness and worker voting messed up.

10.Longterm stagnation.No real feature have been worked on for a very long time.Small chinese group tries to play with parameters and nothing else.
Bitshares getting irrelevant as other exchanges have outdated bitshares in many aspects.Bitshares small worker already will take 5 months with no significant improvements.(features)

11.Legal issues caused by a small group unwilling to even check the effects of their actions.
Legal worker supported by a small group which will make big part of community leave should it get voted in.

12.Community getting smaller and smaller.Big amount of longterm members getting silent and not participating anymore on both sides.

13.Basicly lack of trust caused by all the drama and manipulations by a small group killing any hope for bitshares by a big group.

14.Decission and planning made by a small group in a closed chat with a clear track record of fails who are blocking any other proposals.

15.GDEX asking for KYC.On their website demanding selfie with ID card including facial features.

Maybe some people can understand now why Rudex and some other gateways are a pain in the ass for them and why they tried to enforce a centralized bitshares using legal trying to kick them out (see volume)
Title: Re: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: Thul3 on June 07, 2020, 12:50:34 am
P.S This thread is not to attack someone but to clearly adress the major issues bitshares has to create solutions point by point to start moving forward again.

There are still positive people out there on both sides willing to move bitshares forward back into the right direction
Title: Re: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: kenCode on June 07, 2020, 01:35:04 am
I care. A LOT.
I've been here building stuff on the Bitshares platform since late 2014 and I know we can get through this, even if the bitassets never get restored, but ya know what? Bitshares has a hell of a lot more to offer businesses and grandma than just those "smart"coins. Telegram and this old forum are not the only places anymore where the community is gathering.
Here are some new ones that just popped up and are growing fast, would love it if you joined us in there..
BitShares alt telegram chat:
Encrypted chat/vox/vid (Riot)
BTS Blog (Hive):
BTS Social Media (Commun): 
Title: Re: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: BTSMoon on June 07, 2020, 09:21:07 am

Vote for Exit Scam Gateway. Corrupted Proxies? Insiders Deals?
Title: Re: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: Thul3 on June 07, 2020, 09:26:59 am

Vote for Exit Scam Gateway. Corrupted Proxies? Insiders Deals?

I vote based on activity,know how and provided infra which bitshares is already leaking on each corner.
But you are free to point me to better solutions as i don't accept inactive witnesses with a simple VPS as something better.

Will create this week a list of witnesses and their hardware and contribution.
Title: Re: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: Thul3 on June 07, 2020, 12:53:31 pm
Title: Re: Crisis which bitshares is going through
Post by: R on June 11, 2020, 01:51:47 pm
Sounds about right, I don't see a reversal of the downtrend in sight as long as the platform is corrupted by cn-vote (and their cabal). I like many are jumping ship.