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Title: Abit is a scammer
Post by: Thul3 on July 31, 2020, 01:30:25 am
I mentioned in the past multiple times that abit has fucked up ethics.He basicly has none and cheating or scamming someone is no problem for him as long as it fits his personal point of view.

Many foreigners left before.Some people are working on fork and are very advanced and today with abits trojan horse adding his own voting system with no consent or discussion with current holders will make that more foreigners will leave.
Bitshares is already CMC 100.
2 foreign businesses who have their own communities have already commented to look for another chain because all that BS on bitshares makes it risky to keep focusing and working on bitshares.

A serious question to people is why do you think crypto will have a major run soon ?
The answer is the devalution of USD losing sole role as world reserve currency.

So who is going to mainly flood current crypto coins (not sto)?
Its basicly countries who have USD or any kind of currency which is corelated with USD like EUR,AUD,NZD etc.
You can say basicly foreigners!!!!!Foreigners will jump into crypto to flee from big inflaton of their local currency.

What do you think how bitshares will run in the bull market when majority foreigners left bitshares and it is being considered a scam on foreigners informational websites ?
The bull will be small because majority of funds will come not from china but western countries which currencies will devalue.


Another one leaving bitshares blockchain to create its own now because of the inability of longterm planing
Title: Re: Abit is a scammer
Post by: R on August 01, 2020, 07:52:01 pm
We've already seen BTS fail to increase in market value whilst BTC/ETH/BCH etc all have increased 25%+ the last few days. The complete desolation of BTS reputation has been realized & CN has no money to invest in BTS evidenced by their repeated bailout demands.
Title: Re: Abit is a scammer
Post by: Thul3 on August 03, 2020, 09:58:01 am
Anyone know why the known scammer yip is communitcating with Abit and sending him BTS ?