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Title: Technical Support following the BitShares X Snapshot
Post by: DowntownHiFi on March 01, 2014, 07:45:26 am
We always welcome any and all who experience an issue with Invictus Innovations software, whether related or not to the February 28th, 2014 BitShares X Snapshot, to search for answers and/or post a question on our Technical Support forum: ( The technical support forum is always the fastest way to get the technical support information you need since Invictus team members frequently sort through hundreds or thousands of emails every week and can't always respond as quickly as we would like. The BitShares community rely greatly on the helpfulness of the forum users and the trust they've rightfully earned by answering questions and contributing so greatly to technical support. Our forum contributors and moderators have figured out answers to most of the questions you could ask about using our software through an unknown measure of hands-on experience installing, configuring, and using it for themselves. In our technical support forum you will directly find the answer you need or valuable input from a growing community of traders, miners, savers, and enthusiasts armed with conviction and the spirit of helpfulness. We all have a stake in growing this community and our conviction includes the desire to help you if you find yourself needing some technical assistance. We know what it's like to be new around here, and we know that getting you back on track is the easiest way keep you involved and happy while growing the new decentralized, digital economy.

Keep in mind that exchanges such as Bter and BTC38 are third parties constantly working to resolve issues and you should make them aware by contacting them if your problem relates to them and you think they are not already aware of your issue. BTER has released the following statement regarding The BitShares X Snapshot: ( I assure you the exchanges are working hard to maintain the integrity of their services so if you see a common problem reported to one of the exchanges, consider that multiple emails for the same issue will only increase their backlog of "technical issues" to respond to and it may not get you a quicker resolution. Remember we are all in this together, so let's help one another. Pay a visit to our support forum and introduce yourself. We would love to have you.

To our beloved forum users/contributors: I encourage "all hands on deck" at this time to respond to the questions of veteran users as well as newcomers who may have just recently heard of BitShares, AngelShares (AGS), and BitShares PTS (formerly called ProtoShares), and are a lacking sufficient knowledge or know-how to navigate of the events of the next few weeks. People new to our forums deserve enough credit alone for being interested in the mission and vision of BitShares and should be commended for coming out and supporting the future decentralized economy that we all want to have a part in. We need them as much as they need you to build the new decentralized economy.

Above all things, keep calm and #BitShareON...
Title: Re: Technical Support following the BitShares X Snapshot
Post by: boshen1011 on March 01, 2014, 09:07:32 am

Thank you.   +1.