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Title: MaxMine - MMC4GPUs [Officers and Miners]
Post by: MaxPWR on March 07, 2014, 05:52:40 pm
I just ordered another batch of parts.  Mostly 270s / 7870s - I like to do older / discount / variety to compare detailed stats - power, thermal, etc.  Will have a single card open-case test rig and benchmark. 

Any donations for my credit card bill?  I'm also accepting old gpus (69X0, 78X0 or 279s, etc), cpus, and laptops - anything I collect will be refurbed, tested, and donated to...someone?

To help me repay, on a trial basis at first:

I will order anything from in exchange for MMC and a 10% handling fee for further development.

If people are interested, PM me for personal payment details or reply with general questions.

My reserves / stocks are limited - so priority goes to officers first, then miners of

US only.

This is "person-to-person"...not a full-time we can negotiate.

I like "dueling deposits"...We basically each pay 2x as much, w/ one half reserved for us to trade / compete with until product arrives, and is fine...then we compare how we both traded during that time...

Large orders may require ID / etc verification in a tiered approach by either me or another customer / officer I trust.