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Dear community!

We inform you that there's 3 days left until the start of Pre-ICO.

Dear community!

Aurum is a successful chain service which services jewellery and watches. It was established in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2005. Currently there are 3 city and 17 regional locations.
Now we are launching an online auction of used jewellery and watches. We are glad to announce that there`re less than a month left until the start of sales of AURUM token.

What can we improve worldwide?

It is unsafe to buy used jewelry and watches online because their origin and quality are unknown; the characteristics declared by the seller are not guaranteed by anyone.

There is no possibility to sell jewelry and watches online for a satisfactory price because there is no way to confirm their authenticity and quality.

When buying jewellery and watches abroad, the buyer may encounter difficulties with payment, taxes and delivery

In most shopping malls in the world there are no services for the repair of jewelry and watches with high quality standards

Dear community!

There's two weeks left until the start of Pre-ICO of . We would like to tell you a little bit more about security and supervision in Aurum shops and service centres. This standards are fulfilled in all our 20 service centres.

Dear community!

Here is a chart where you can see the calculation of a representative office income over one year. With the help of franchise you can both do business and earn because the demand for repair and maintenance of jewellery and watches is high.


Dear community!

Opening of franchise network of Aurum service centres will be an important part of auction and marketplace on blockchain.

Dear community!

This jewellery is made of 750 fineness white gold. There`s a big diamond cusion (2.3 Ct) that is placed right in the centre. One can see diamonds that lie all over the ring. This item will become an elegant gift to beautiful ladies who cherish unique jewellery.

Hand made necklace — “ Goldfish”
This jewelry Is made of 585 fineness yellow gold. The eyes of the fish are encrusted with diamonds. Goldfish is a symbol of luck. We are ready to fulfill all your jewelry dreams and wishes.
 The ones who prefer decentralization can pay in bitcoins.

Dear community!

We inform you that there's 11 days 17 hours left until the start of Pre-ICO.

Dear community! You can see our analysis of jewellery and watches secondary market.

Dear community! You can see our analysis of jewellery and watches secondary market.

Handmade decoration

A jewelery is made of white gold. The weight is 15 gram. There`s a ruby in the centre (14.65 Ct). The item contains 200 colorful sapphires that are well combined with an elegant ruby. This is a great choice for a beautiful ladies. The price is 2 BTC.

Dear community!

We inform you that there's 12 days 19 hours left until the start of Pre-ICO.

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