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I think this might be exaggerated but it has it's point. Meanwhile BTS can handle hundreds or thousands of transactions per second and also supports smart contracts. How can we take advantage of this? Apart from just saying this on social media because it will only make it seem BitShares is attacking Ethereum (dont forget they have a large userbase).

BitShares survived an extremely hard period. yet people continued to work on it, create on top of it and continued to support it. Slow and steady wins the race. I think in the end BitShares will be one of the few to survive. It only makes me a bit sad not seeing it recognized in the crypto sphere.

Plus, original creator of DPOS, used in a lot of projects and gaining traction.

Assuming we implement EVM, could any Ethereum contract/dapp be ported over to BitShares, but with the advantage of being blazing fast and cheap?

I can't make any type of transaction it seems. I just want to withdraw funds, but cant also upvote or post.

Im a little frustrated as this is going for some days. The very purpose of a blockchain is to be able to move funds to wherever I want, whenever I want but that doesn't seem to be the case with Steem, smh.

I've waited like I saw some ppl say on a few threads, still the same.

Anyone knows a way around this?


Supports the following symbols:

Don't forget to read the use terms if you decide to use it, you must explicitly say IEX is the feed source, cant add extra fees, etc

We need to focus on USD and CNY liquidity first, but we can provide a set of new products now. This is good news. [member=120]xeroc[/member] [member=6]Stan[/member] [member=4465]alt[/member] [member=37127]JonnyBitcoin[/member] [member=23]bitcrab[/member] [member=38926]Chris4210[/member] [member=18687]abit[/member] [member=350]Bhuz[/member] [member=19219]clayop[/member] sorry if i left anyone else out but i think most the committee or develops tools is here. Thought this was important since I remember way back then BitShares not having live free feeds to use.

BitShares had a troubled past but it seems after the dust has settled, things might start to work. Most of these are surely bots, however, this is still good because they are the ones bringing in liquidity, which is needed to attract new people in.

It would also be nice to have a notion of the volume, that's the most important metric imo. On this page - - we can see "24-hour volume:". Can't that data just be added to a chart every 24h? For example, even though the number of trades has been increasing, i dont know of total volume is. That's important to know so we can compare and see if these trades are really benefiting the DEX.


推区块链云平台 , 主流稳定开发环境   与多个区块链项目的核心开发团队及社区开发者建立了技术合作关系,以太坊、Factom、BitShares和Bitcoin是第一批上线的四个开发环境。其中,Factom项目得到了分布式资本(中国万向控股为LP)的融资,除了Factom外,分布式资本也与全球范围内多个与区块链技术相关的初创企业签订了投资协议。万云区块链云平台将会与更多的项目展开合作,陆续上线各种区块链开发环境和开发工具套件。 原文出自[安防知识网] 转载请保留原文链接

General Discussion / Will anyone be mining zcash?
« on: September 14, 2016, 12:18:57 am »
Just curious, I'm interested in buying from someone trustworthy in this forum, if the price is right for both

We could do some type of liquidity event again.

Whoever has market maker bots and can be considered a trustworthy member of the community would gather some funds from members to increase liquidity on the markets.

If everyone sent for example 0.1 or 0.05 BTC -  or any other amount, of course more is better - to a market maker bot account with multi sig,  we could increase liquidity on a certain number of markets and whoever temporarily donated those funds could get them back at any time since it's a multi sig account.

First thing would be to make a pool and see how much members would be willing to donate.
Then according to that number, adopt a plan. If it's a considerable amount, we could spread it through a few markets, if not, we should focus only on 1 or 2. Maybe even spread it through multiple bots since each one as a different trading strategy?
Then make a tutorial on how ppl have their funds on a bot account via multi sig and showing how they can withdraw their funds at any time
Then actually collect funds

This would be done just to provide liquidity which is our aim, not to try to collect profits from trades, which either way shouldn't be that big.


Or do something similar but to reward takers and makers. A community fund whose funds would be used to pay takers and makers. I dont know if a proposal for this wih BTS pool funds was already done and failed, but if it did, then we could try it this way. Build a smart contract, send funds there and it would automatically pay makers and takers using the funds members donated.

I just think we should try something, liquidity won't come if we don't move.


Market makers? Nubits failed, this is an incredible opportunity

General Discussion / Claims of BM saying BitShares has failed
« on: May 22, 2016, 02:43:52 pm »
The creator of a now defunct crowdfunding site fueled by Bitcoin, BitShares, wrote a biting online post on Tuesday arguing that the D.A.O. would most likely fail for the same reason that BitShares ultimately failed: “people problems, economic problems and political problems.”

From his original post, I get that he only talks about BitShares mistakes in the past, he didn't exactly claim bts is dead? It's certainly not in a good condition but did he actually claim that? Or did the nytimes just twist his words?

Hey guys, I've been reading a bit about this. Could you give me your input? This seems to be based mostly on the fact that taxes are coercive, that people didn't agree to it. However I have a question, which is probably the most asked.

Then how would we have, roads for example? From what I've read some people base it on free markets or voluntaryism. Or on the fact that people pay for what they use. However, what keeps from someone to create a monopoly? Imagine you need to go from A to B and that you need a bridge or road. Assume people pay no taxes. How would it work out?

I would assume some company would build it and collect a fee each time a car crossed it to pay their expenses, plus, have a profit? What keeps them from having a high fee that people can't afford? In free markets, another company, more competitive and with cheaper fees would be the option. However not every company has the needed budget to start a project like that. Someone could easily monopolize it.

Or assume something similar with an hospital and each time you go and see a doctor it is very expensive. Health is something everyone needs and if they can't afford it they could die. By necessity people would end up paying. Wouldn't that be considered coercion too? Once again assuming an hospital is something very expensive to build, hire doctors, etc and that one company could easily have the monopoly in a relatively isolated area.

I would like to have your input on this. I seem to think some taxes are needed/useful, they just aren't properly used and there is no accountability. However I would like to understand the point of view from someone who things taxes really aren't needed. Not just the why, but solutions too, like for the examples I gave. I find this an interesting topic of conversation and would like to learn more. If someone in a conversation asked me this I couldn't refute it so I would like your help and try to understand this side of the argument.


To whom it may interest. Imo it's interesting because it's a chance to learn a bit more about our chinese friends


I guess this would relate to MAS. It does sound interesting the way it works with teams, so you can join a trusted group of people.

General Discussion / CoinsBank ranked #3 on coinmarketcap by volume
« on: April 13, 2016, 11:14:25 pm »

Do you think this could have any influence on BitShares in the future? Assuming Ronny could do something with it and OpenLedger or CCEDK?

Any speculation? Whatever happens will probably require a lot of time. bitUSD acceptance? Nanocard? Imo the best would have those volumes on OpenLedger, acting as the backbone and being the first big exchange adopting the tech. However, I think that could really affect user experience, people are used to how it works. It would be a huge gamble doing that and could have huge consequences (pretty sure it would be a fail) so I really don't see it happening. Any ideas, just for the fun of it?

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