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General Discussion / How can one get started in BitShares X?
« on: July 19, 2014, 11:37:46 pm »
I downloaded the executable, and I have a friend who is willing to send me some BTSX to try it out. However I can not register my name until he sends me some BTSX, and he can not send me BTSX until I register my name. Interesting deadlock.

Forgive the ignorance, but since this seems very different from Bitcoin, and I don't want to mess anything up.

Also I noticed there is account owner key, but then there is also account address. Which is very confusing. I had him try send to both of these, but no transaction is generated.

What gives?

Thank you!

Hello, BitShares Fellas!

I have some ambitious goals and am focused on the design of a DAC that will serve as the foundation. I have reached the point where I would like to build a team to work on it together. There are all these coins that solve only one or two problems, but don't look at the big picture as a whole. I feel that it would be great to work together on a long term big picture and address as many of the issues as possible. In fact all these coins launched in a haste are not entirely put to waste, they provide us with great knowledge and case studies for what works and what doesn't. We shall learn from it all and evolve.

I have been passively lurking on BitShares Talk and am also a passive investor in the platform. I am also seriously considering using AGS/PTS as a donation. However I will likely wait to see what Ethereum has to offer first, before I decide which platform to embrace. That said the two are not really mutually exclusive, nothing is preventing me from rewarding AGS/PTS holders within an Ethereum based DAC.

I'll share more details when I feel I have something worthy of starting a discussion and a peer review. Not sure what the rules here are, so I figured, best to introduce myself in the newbies section first. If this was not the right place, by all means, slap me on the wrist and move the thread. :)

Thank you!

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