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General Discussion / Why Bitshares?
« on: January 20, 2017, 11:56:42 am »
Why Bitshares?

Why does it matter?

Why does it matter to me?

Good Day,

Several hours ago [member=4465]alt[/member] talked about how witnesses in Bitshares have nothing to lose if something goes wrong with the network.

I proposed that witnesses should then have at least 1 million BTS in order to be a witness.

For the duration of the time you are a witness you to never sell this 1 million BTS.

As of today witness DataSecurityNode will not sell it's over 1 million in BTS in it's wallet unless and until it is voted out as a witness.

Aside from this, DataSecurityNode witness has been a long standing witness who has always performed and provides a nuclear bunker data center level protection to the network. This lead to free press for Bitshares last year in interviews with the Daily Decrypt that brought more press and exposure to DPOS and Bitshares.

[member=4465]alt[/member] [member=23]bitcrab[/member] [member=37127]JonnyBitcoin[/member] [member=224]cass[/member] [member=38926]Chris4210[/member] [member=120]xeroc[/member] [member=31]fav[/member]

I call on all other witnesses to make the same promise if you wish to secure the support of variour proxies and voters to show your dedication to the network.

Once you have done this post in this thread your witness account and make your promise declared public.

General Discussion / Peerplays Announcement - BTS Snapshot Date
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:06:42 pm »

General Discussion / Bitshares Leadership - With Style!
« on: June 20, 2016, 06:23:14 am »
What style would you like to see? More importantly, what style do you believe would best suit the Bitshares DAC?

Review this chart, cast your vote, and then explain why.


Keep Up with Everything:

Crowdfund Ends May 14th 2017 - Click Here for Details

The Peerplays Team is proud to present one of the first Decentralized Applications (DAPPs) which runs on Peerplays. The first ever global betting exchange:

Original Post from May 5th 2016 below

What is Peerplays?

The World’s First Decentralized Tournament Management and Wagering Platform
Built Entirely on the Blockchain

Guaranteed Provably Fair Gaming
Peerplays’ provably fair gaming system is 100% open source and built directly onto the blockchain. You never have to worry about cheaters or unfair house odds, because all games take place between real players are matched with each other through a series of on-chain smart contracts. On Peerplays, you can place wagers and win huge jackpots by using these very same smart contracts.

Lightning Fast Speed and Network Capacity
Peerplays is built on Graphene, the fastest decentralized blockchain technology in the world. Graphene has been successfully tested to handle over 100,000 transactions per second with average block times of under 3 seconds.

On-Chain Games
Casino card games are adjudicated by smart contracts as part of the native blockchain code, and Peerplays’ player matching algorithm creates a trustless on-chain gaming environment. Since Graphene is incredibly fast, it allows for the broadcast and revealing of blinded proofs at the frequency necessary to facilitate real-time gameplay.

Fee-Backed Assets
The core tokens of Peerplays are integrated into a fee-sharing program called Fee Backed Assets or “FBA”. This means the blockchain automatically distributes a percentage of the fees from every jackpot for every game on the entire network to the holders of Peerplays core tokens.

Digital Asset Exchange
You can create your own tokens, buy and sell gateway tokens for popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH, wager with price-stable SmartCoins from the BitShares platform from a growing number of reputable gateway services. You also have the opportunity to provide your own profitable gateway services for in-game assets from all your favorite RPGs.

Stakeholder Voting
Peerplays leverages the power of stakeholder voting to resolve consensus issues in a fair and democratic way. All network parameters, from fee schedules to block intervals and transaction sizes, can be fine tuned by elected delegates chosen by you and fellow stakeholders.

Blockchain Guaranteed Referral Program
The Peerplays blockchain automatically pays you a percentage of the revenue earned by each new account you refer for the lifetime of that account. This means you earn “kickbacks” from everyone you refer. Gaming partners can earn even more by getting all their users to sign up for a Peerplays account.

The Peerplays blockchain can sponsor large tournament jackpots by allocating a small percentage of every network fee into a smart contract-secured virtual account called the Mega-Jackpot Fund. Mega-Jackpot tournament events are automatically scheduled, and then funds are unlocked by the smart contract and instantly transferred to the tournament winners.

PowerUp Points
You can earn PowerUp tokens every time you play in a Peerplays tournament. They are the player rewards points of the Peerplays network, and are distributed according to win-loss records and amounts wagered, among other factors. PowerUp is the only token accepted as the buy-in fee for Mega-Jackpot tournaments, so they will be in high demand during Mega-Jackpot sign up periods. They are tradeable on the digital asset exchange.

Gaming Partner Support
As a gaming partner, you can connect your server through the Peerplays API and take advantage of the decentralized network for processing wagers and jackpots. You can also customize tournament structures, fee schedules, and fund collection & distribution methods in order to maximize your profit potential. Whether you are a game publisher, advertiser, tournament host or vendor, if you plug into Peerplays you will gain shared access to the entire network of users while still enjoying the freedom of operating your own independent website.

Crowdfund Details

Escrow & Funds Manager Bunkerchain Labs Inc.

Contributions are accepted in Bitcoin (BTC) and bitUSD (BitShares) at as of May 6, 2016 at 15:00 UTC (10 am EST). (the crowdfund is now LIVE!)

A total of 1,000,000 tokens have been issued as User-Issued Assets (UIA) on the BitShares blockchain (symbol: “PEERPLAYS”), and will be distributed according to the following schedule:

200,000 - Initial 2 tier crowdfund
500,000 - Auction style crowdfund, 1 month before the launch of Peerplays blockchain (TBD)
300,000 - Bounties, rewards, ongoing development & contributors

BunkerChain Labs inc. will be accepting contributions for the remaining development of the Peerplays blockchain, and distributing 200,000 TOKENS in 2 tiers.

The first distribution began on May 6, and will end after all tokens for Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been distributed.

Phase 1: 100,000 tokens - @ $2.00 contribution/each
Phase 2: 100,000 tokens @ $3.00 contribution/each

The funds collected from the crowdfund will be used for continuing development, advertising, promotional, administrative and legal consulting fees. Development includes completion and delivery of the on-chain Tournament Management Platform, the on-chain wagering system, the automatic profit sharing distribution system, and the world’s first games built directly onto the blockchain itself.

After the Peerplays platform has been launched on a public test net for a period of open beta, Bunkerchain Labs will be conducting a 2nd fundraiser consisting of an “auction style” fundraising drive, during which the remaining 500,000 tokens will be distributed. This second crowdfund and distribution will begin approximately 1 month prior to the launch of the Peerplays blockchain.

For more information regarding allocations and milestones visit: Peerplays Milestones & Allocations

The Peerplays Team

At Peerplays, we believe that running a successful project requires more than just a talented group of coders - which is why our team is comprised of experienced business operators, gaming industry insiders, marketing professionals, content specialists, and of course our very own rockstar coders.

Jonathan Baha’i
Blockchain Solutions Consultant

Jonathan Baha’i is an entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience in the high performance server hosting and telecommunications industry, and is the founder and President of BunkerChain Labs inc.

From as early as 1997, he has worked independently to bring innovation and vision to all his ventures. This has included the establishment a regional ISP, and founding Hiccup Data Solutions, a SMB remote backup data protection service provider. In 2003 he worked to bring wireless mesh network infrastructure to western Africa. In 2006, he founded Serverbalance Data Solutions, an early pioneer and active contributing developer of Xen virtualization.

In 2012, he acquired a Nuclear Bunker data center in Nova Scotia, Canada, and founded Data Security Node Inc. For the past four years, he has been dedicated to developing the nuclear hardened data center and building blockchain-based solutions for businesses and private enterprises.

Daniel Notestein
Blockchain Development Consultant

Daniel L. Notestein is president of SynaptiCAD Sales Inc., where he is the chief architect for SynaptiCAD's WaveFormer Pro, VeriLogger Pro, and TestBencher Pro products. Notestein entered the electrical engineering program of Virginia Tech at the age of 16 and graduated in four years with a BS degree in electrical engineering and minors in computer science and math. Notestein also received an MS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington while working full time as a digital design engineer at Texas Instruments.

Notestein's industry experience includes 27 years of hardware and software development. At Texas Instruments he worked as both a software design engineer and a hardware design engineer. His software experience there includes the development of CommNet, a distributed database and telecommunications system used by the USAF. CommNet contains over 18,000 lines of source code and was designed and coded in an eight month period. His hardware experience there includes board and system level simulation of embedded processor radar systems and board and IC level testing. Notestein also worked at Burr Brown Corporation, where he was project leader for the design of a custom VXI-based test system for high-performance analog ICs. In addition to his system level work, Notestein was also responsible for designing several high-speed data acquisition and control boards that operated in the system.

In November 1991, Notestein began development of TDP together with his business partner, Donna Mitchell. He left Burr Brown in 1992 to work full time on software development at SynaptiCAD.

Dr. Fabian Schuh
Advisor and Developer

Fabian is an entrepreneur and fervent blockchain advocate who came in contact with crypto currencies in early 2011 and was fascinated by their autonomous nature and implications for value transfer. As an alumni of FAU Erlangen (Germany), where he earned his Doctorate in engineering, he worked on communications and information theory. As an enthusiast of blockchain-based technologies and autonomous systems, he became excited about the concept of Distributed Autonomous Companies (DACs) and joined the team around Daniel Larimer and the BitShares DAC where he shares his passion about the technological possibilities of the blockchain, smart contracts in financial services, trustless voting, and public trading.

Michael P. Maloney
Communications Specialist

Michael is a written and audio communications specialist with a penchant for DAC design. He studied applied psychology at the University of Denver in 1999, and worked for 12 years as a structural architect and freelance editor. In 2013, he discovered BitShares and became passionate about blockchain technology and its many exciting potentials. He now applies his skills towards fostering a greater awareness of the movement by working as a writer and content editor for various blockchain-based initiatives.

Peerplays is being lead by BunkerChain Labs Inc. from inside our 64,000 sq. ft. cold war era nuclear bunker in Debert, Nova Scotia. Acquired in 2012, the bunker is now dedicated to the advancement of blockchain-based technologies.

Jonathan and Michael will be available for a live Q & A session on Friday morning at 10am Eastern during the weekly BitShares community hangout which takes place on a Mumble server hosted by Justin Fondriest. Information on how to participate in the hangout can be found at

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We will be updating the Peerplays website with much more information as we launch the crowdfund. We have a very limited amount of tokens available for this fundraiser, so please visit the site and enter your email address so we can send you a reminder on Friday morning when the sale goes live.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported this project, and those who will be supporting us going forward. We are happy to be able to extend this crowdfund opportunity to the bitcointalk community and we are looking forward to moving into this next phase of development together.

- The Peerplays Team

*** Major Update ***

Added May 13, 2016

*** FAQ Update ***

Added May 18, 2016

Now you can also get updates at

*** Major Update ***

Added June 13, 2016

Important Updates

Added December 02, 2016


Added December 09, 2016





Added January 13, 2017





Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

Added February 16, 2017

US$4 Million Bet on Peerplays Blockchain, Before Crowdsale



Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

Added February 21, 2017

The Peerplays Bulletin

The following document contains many important details about Peerplays, including an outline of the Primary Crowdfund, the finalized token allocations, sneak previews of our development plans, an analysis of the industry, and an overview of the PBSA.



Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

Added February 27, 2017

Official Peerplays Telegram Group Opened

If you are a user of Telegram it is now easier to chat about Peerplays at our official Telegram group.

Simply go to and join and share with friends!

We also offer our Rocketchat at

Added March 08, 2017

Peerplays In The News

Added March 27, 2017

Introducing Our First PeerPlays Crowdfund Contest!

Want to win $500 in Bitcoin?

To Enter, create an original piece promoting any aspect of PeerPlays and upload your content to Steemit. Share your graphic, opinion piece, or other original creation (original Steemit link) to your Facebook & Twitter accounts!

The winner will be determined by the total resteems on Steemit, the $ amount on Steemit (get the whales singing!), total likes and shares on Facebook, and total likes and retweets on Twitter. The winner will receive $500 in Bitcoin!

You must use the following hashtags on all platforms to ensure your likes and tweets are properly counted: #PeerPlays #Crowdfund and #Winning .

Your content will be pushed through our social media channels - so have some fun!

Contest starts Tuesday, March 28 2017 @ 10:00 UTC and runs for 72 hours - at the end of the 72 hours, the winner will be determined and announced on Friday during the Beyond Bitcoin Show!

Got what it takes to win the coin? Then get creating!


Please stay tuned to Beyond Bitcoin every Friday morning at 15:00 UTC for the latest Peerplays updates, including live Q&A with Peerplays founders Jonathan Baha’i and Michael Maloney.

General Discussion / MineBitshares/Bunkermining - Shutting Down
« on: April 24, 2016, 01:06:53 am »
TL;DR: In 72hrs the mining pool will be shutdown. Please direct your hashing power elsewhere.

Hello Bitshares Miners,

Many of you who are mining today were mining last year when this project was handed over to us by [member=8446]nethyb[/member] who originally started it.

It was over a year ago we took it over and since then we attempted to get updates done and carry through the plan that was set out back then.

We hired developers back in August who were supposed to deliver the updated pool in September only to this day still not have executed fully on what they were paid to do. No need to go into what happened again as seen in the Emergency Measures thread. We also saw how things turned out with Sharebit with the same devs. They have since moved on to other things and no longer associate with this communicate any longer.

Regardless of this over the course that time period we did manage to produce several thousand dollars in liquidity ongoing for BTS as well as the bitUSD market month to month. Unfortunately I don't think the transactions that were generated amounted to as much as was put in through the delegate pay from last year. Most of what was brought in though last year delegate pay went towards repaying everyone that supported the registration of the delegates, which were all paid in full.

Other factors that impacted the mining pool was the closing of cryptsy took out some of our more profitable coins. Following that we never were able to find the right coins out of bittrex or polonix to compete on profitability over other pools. Overall also it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find POW coins as more and more are moving to POS.

When I first took over the pool I really had to be creative to come up with a profit path for the pool and was willing to take losses to see it through. With the way things turned out between how development went to the changing factors in the market over the last year, it is increasingly difficult to see how operating this pool will become profitable or even break even for me or anybody else.

At this point I would recommend current miners to point your hashing power to Nicehash if you would like to see increased profits from your mining. You will get BTC, and can just as easily use blocktrades or metatrades to send that BTC to your BTS account.

Thanks to all those miners who helped us test over the past few months with what we had that never managed to make it to production.

General Discussion / [Poll] REAL GOLD BLOCKCHAIN?
« on: April 08, 2016, 02:40:56 am »

Just a simple question. We all saw the DigiX crowdsale not to long ago. Their whole thing is about gold on the blockchain. Regardless of weather or not you agree with how they are executing that, assume for the sake of this poll that the way the gold was stored was transparent, secure, and provable.

This would mean instead of backing assets against a crypto-currency like BTS, there is a real potential to create assets backed by REAL Gold!

So I am just curious if the realism of all this strikes a cord with everyone, or if you all feel that speculative prices of crypto-currencies is part of your love of crypto.

Do you think something like this could potentially create a gold currency that more people would want to adopt beyond crypto? (for discussion)

To be clear, this is not about bitGOLD, this is about real gold being stored somewhere in a secure manner with a crypto-currency counterparty representing that exact gold on the blockchain is available to buy/sell/trade/collateralize tuck away in your pillow via paper wallet etc.

Also this poll has nothing to do with if this would be launched on Bitshares or not. Just interested in the core concept.

Ready? .. Go!!!!ld!

General Discussion / BLOCKCHAIN BUNKER Debuts on The Daily Decrypt
« on: March 17, 2016, 08:30:35 pm »
Proud to Present

We believe every blockchain deserves a secure, reliable, decentralized exchange that  everyone can use to access their virtual currencies and trade with others without any counterparty risk. Our mission is to bring together all those who understand the value of sidechains and the potential benefits they can bring to their blockchains. We recognize that sidechains can improve virtual currency security, give them a platform for trading that can never ‘get goxed’, and will ensure that naming space cannot be taken away by 3rd parties. We are developing the protocol standards to ensure that all blockchains can easily implement sidechains and gain access to the Bitshares trading platform.

We will soon be introducing a forum as well as a project reporting area to enable community members both here at Bitshares and other blockchains to collaborate in bringing better security to blockchains around the world.

You can watch our debut interview on The Daily Decrypt:

Or watch it at BlockchainBunker!

Please subscribe to our various social media channels to keep up to date and contribute to helping all virtual currencies enjoy the security of the Bitshares DEX with no counterparty risk.

Finally.. don't forget to VOTE for Witness "DataSecurityNode" .. the very node that this story featured!

March 24 2016 Update
We now introduce...

This forum is dedicated to the discussion of sidechain technology that will connect with the Bitshares DEX and provide seamless trading to all blockchains and centralized exchanges.

This forum is meant for all communities to contribute and join in on raising up all crypto currencies with more speed and security without needing to make any modifications to their own blockchains.

For everyone who wants to see Sidechains with Bitshares, join us in the discussion.

Those involved will be first to know about when new chains are being added, when new breakthroughs are ready for market, and how they can better position themselves in this new blockchain paradigm.

At present we are putting together a brief on Sidechains and how Bitshares can help provide value with them.

Once we have completed it we will be sharing it via social media and reaching out to other communities.

Join us in welcoming them all to the evolution of virtual currency.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator just let us know.

Go to  and create an account or login with facebook, github, or twitter.

Don't miss out on the decentralized revolution!

An op-ed written a few days ago about a cosmic threat to Bitcoin prompted me to have to respond to the fact that we as a WItness in the Bitshares blockchain are protected against the threat that Bitcoin and every other alt coin is not.

Remember to vote for witness "DataSecurityNode" to keep the blockchain protected!

Like, Share, Retweet.. yada yada.. :)




Original Blog Post

Yes, this is a prelude of more to come. ;)

Dear Shareholders & Community,

As some of you already know, we (Committee Members) have started work on a new (USD-Denominated) fee schedule to incorporate some business concerns that have been brought to the current fee schedule in Bitshares.

As announced at the Hangout last week, we have started this thread as part of our best practices to get input from shareholders on this schedule so that we may ensure that we have taken all consideration of matters into account prior to putting forth a proposal.

To be absolutely clear: NO decision has been made!

We merely want to engage the community now for further discussion.

We encourage everyone to read the whole thing and only after that give constructive feedback.

Please Review the Following:

(1500+ lines of text/code)

  • The fee schedule will be discussed for at least 7 14 days. During this period, we will incorporate and discuss shareholders input.
  • After those 7 days (unless decided otherwise, but not earlier) we will present the final fee schedule and run a vote on the blockchain.
  • This vote period for the blockchain proposal will run another 7 days allowing shareholders to adapt their votes if they see it necessary.
  • Following this the roadmap in the proposal will take effect.

Minimum review period to effect: 21 days 28 days.

If you know other shareholders who are not actively involved in the forum, please notify them of this feedback request regarding fees so that we can have as many shareholders bring their collective intelligence to this discussion.

On behalf of the Bitshares Committee, we thank you for your input, and look forward to a progressive and constructive consultation to help make Bitshares grow.

Edit note: 7 day period was extended to 14 in order to allow for the Asian community who are celebrating the Chinese New Year to participate.

Stakeholder Proposals / [NOTICE] BTS-RFC 1.10.66 - Approved
« on: January 22, 2016, 01:39:34 pm »
BTS-RFC 1.10.66 Has Been Approved by Committee

Review Period: Thu Jan 21, 2016 21:50 - 22:50

Due to a potential security issue discovered in the current fee structure, the Committee moved quickly to adjust fees to ensure that the attack vector that was found could not be exploited so easily.

For more details on this new approved rate please review the Committee github at:

If you have further input on this new fee increase please feel free to share them here so that the committee may take them into advisement during our consultation.

Thank You On Behalf of The Bitshares Committee

Post your prediction for 2016 about something related to Bitshares and/or Blockchain tech in general.


Random Discussion / Satoshi Nakamoto = Craig Steven Wright
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:26:43 am »
Satoshi Nakamoto = Craig Steven Wright

I am waiting for proof from the blockchain... what do you think?

All over the news today in Canada was talk of the Bank of Canada's possibility of going to a negative interest rate of -0.5%.

Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and the European Central Bank all have dipped into this negative interest stuff not to long ago.

They are only saying it's a possibility, not saying they are doing it.

Still.. Canary in the coal mine?

Would you endorse seeing this in Bitshares?

Emergency Measures

Today we have shut down the mining pool until such time as [member=38688]kuro112[/member] with [member=32130]Freebieservers[/member] delivers the new pool they were suppose to have completed back in September of this year. We do not have access to the migration data that was collected at this time, so I am calling on everyone to please PM me to match up the BTS1 address below with your current BTS2 address. These will be cross referenced with our historical payout data for verification.

With help from [member=8446]nethyb[/member] we have gone through all the current balances and have the following records for payout that have been maintained Since Oct 12. They are as follows:

Scrypt Paytouts:

BTS1Address                                                                                                  Shares                  Percent            BTC
BTSX6LntkCfDLvwPrr13az5kYmivVYnJrSA7pmNF9kxNFFjeMqDgE7   18137595904   40.457%   1.2302752828
BTS6hUKzaE5LsebYWo9nxXU3f9oz4q82uahhDmkzGox1a5xMMbTQD   15887193199   35.437%   1.0776302002
BTS6KFYwMFodzumAd58zBkqUfzBVqE9Wbq9daofRSTtCV1he5BpWg   3457748291   7.713%   0.2345394769
BTS718HWwtV7MSdSid9iJDeGfNYDw9DoVXG4UJFmn8b7ixYPJu8vs   2085200083   4.651%   0.1414393691
BTS6hMGqB7L8VPrfV9QrUCEjthtE4PT58HNMLXSJvjdwGVpxBDPE3   1089955274   2.431%   0.0739317956
BTS8NAAuWpVTBtR41UNSPqXtnmUAUqP7HaLFsyDCqpz9T5QCFb5ci   731896712.4   1.633%   0.0496446409
BTSX77DEm1ek1RUzgwXrzfVa7SoKVmJNMKPGXry2ZbB9mGsVLEfkdj   730249085.5   1.629%   0.0495328821
BTS5JT3ErQizmLdrsPgux7hjmnBD5jMS17PQkVgre8LdiQ4LRvisR   630658672.1   1.407%   0.0427776526
BTS7gQqipVy69Civ55u2T3es8y7LjaiikegV36UjNMWYYbVfnB1Wi   589912063.2   1.316%   0.0400138053
BTS5bSRsHDLVUVKhLAD625SdUT8TGhdKFHUQP2q7KJZMFusZVTQ9s   313096553   0.698%   0.0212373763
BTS59yyNvg16PomdeZmvghXvm1vBLrFJyz8kVXazUrgUVScbcHEA8   308959821.9   0.689%   0.0209567814
BTS7jdG65fzKANubcPbPGLF7u66ZUdfbVs1gZiqFZsAWGHKBx2jjW   178657326.5   0.399%   0.0121183477
BTS7pKUDo5Ea7PHogv7RD6vLKKKqGhrok19GE2w3MKFreZ4DavEpz   135370752   0.302%   0.0091822142
BTS6vkX1rTvzMEZscUpgJioiWDkWyzWpVuL6WnmmPPd8ia6K8vi9s   117833728   0.263%   0.0079926758
BTS7m2BgRBEreEr6AiDqh1nX7pK2Qnu45wafDbuoWXD48u84MkEhT   90720718.45   0.202%   0.0061535971
BTS7wgVpQ1JFC5quNGnjPgQTfvNopLDEfniQesK3jaxAqHtUQkxPb   90656011.53   0.202%   0.0061492080
BTS6zGSmKugeW23iDefXTmr2NS3bYXQetpqowYnbU2WY4bejsWD8H   70072584.26   0.156%   0.0047530317
BTS7m6M3piLNVH97NwvMzUV8upsBBr5kheFBR2oF1zCXghvvwjFMG   58810103   0.131%   0.0039890963
BTS7MmaFRCTUbGJEXTbAZuuxeR9wtXuKVak4mvjSLpmXtr8adMv5H   17101948.14   0.038%   0.0011600272
BTS6h3zey2jFop7UXoU8Psgd23mKR5wt3BqxR73d9Kxfjnm78kotb   16225706.49   0.036%   0.0011005916

X11 Payouts:

BTS1Address                                                                                                  Shares                  Percent            BTC
BTSX7xK4aawrQ2mgteoHmDNTRLT5MN7E7zn84cjzMZKbGeviCZEyV7   25110.22733   29.125%   0.1515059475
BTSX8McjC24ViaAJP558pVdUAfifZpV3bBYmouNrcPk34o3pfx8YAQ   17770.74462   20.612%   0.1072221874
BTS6ivx4gAuW7mfjr799vX1AuMTuxssSbsEL2Je9iV19MCNV7Nn74   8060.92636   9.350%   0.0486366877
BTSX8cMZ3Was5orWHpkkjDnEjvVmcj16Ekpj4Decb164hY3hrw44Qm   7212.264975   8.365%   0.0435161747
BTS6fCKf3nL7MqMV94ipCTpzH6wRVnm4HYPhZFNbQocJ9jVpEDqKG   5906.939868   6.851%   0.0356403194
BTSX5j6qS7fVAjyyD7snxtvZEpt5nrxRTcY1ayzvZv9ugPJoLfuxE1   5488.07499   6.365%   0.0331130416
BTS63zvVbpiFwsTbewCa1ueysb5wS7S6TFxbuQfedW95gqn7FtnpS   5314.555367   6.164%   0.0320660875
BTSX8SweUepGQvDPAYoAKM4Pthys8pN71aZyGasWWgdMXVxzJw9XFv   3212.047886   3.726%   0.0193803247
BTS6LDzy3asT7YsVUrP6FBYpsfXZsRUpq5uKiSumTLsSTnnFo1yEu   2660.046727   3.085%   0.0160497511
BTS7ZgRGFeNMEszj7UBK3jj3ESwv9S7ctDAtGq8oYFKahBKYppiYY   1249.442154   1.449%   0.0075386780
BTS7GW6MKyLCrtd6thqTyexsxbvK6xXtPgcTaJUvVB8oQgcS1XqUJ   1032.490454   1.198%   0.0062296706
BTS6P1GcvamCFm5nEBCyQrqDvZ2hdFGLhUYPhCRejLe3Zdgnx1A7h   865.5043155   1.004%   0.0052221372
BTS6njHmvdqK5hV8kjnMKhTHfxUhpE3rvRB1MRfr8dijkYBmfG4sD   430.4476552   0.499%   0.0025971641
BTS6RhfW4b4Jvc4LAnjjDCiqxfYTmwfwqPzbxTgHR9ubAcY91qLU7   367.8784181   0.427%   0.0022196441
BTS8CgpR5Pg1RDtyKrPzbeUYLfYDnyvhi1YVnUkyYGwQdNS3AFaFq   280.9869697   0.326%   0.0016953728
BTS8fTwBh5Sd5UesH1wTGivHE5se656BKSP9jzahDWFTWZcTo7PEd   182.1595873   0.211%   0.0010990845
BTS6KhF2VeGPPGD6knH1nszS4XZkMcC5YoE5uUQDwExDJwF9AdpVu   170.0125012   0.197%   0.0010257934

As of this posting.. mining has halted until the new pool can be brought online. We will resume mining at that time.

I am saddened that it has come to this point, but there is no indication that the trend of delayed delivery is going to break anytime soon despite the numerous promises I have received to the contrary.

For this payout, you may specify how you wish to be paid. I will be happy to make the payouts in BTC, BTS, or any other BitAssets you wish to have sent for your payout. Please send me a PM with this information here.

I hope that we can sooner than later get the mining pool back up and running. At that time all payouts will be starting from zero once the pool comes back online, since this payout is the final balance outstanding as of today.

I again appreciate everyone's support and patience through this. I will continue to press for delivery and launch of the new pool which the community has paid to be completed.

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