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I've had this happen several times now, where I place an order to buy an asset, and the order gets broadcast & transmitted, and i see it on the market, but it never executes.  I just tried it via the web client (using a different account), and it worked just fine.  I am running the latest (for OSX) available, Version 2.0.160406

I can't figure out what it happening - any clue?  :-\

eg: check out open.lisk asset - there are matching orders there, currently a bid for 325 BTS for 19.07 units for a total of: 6,197 BTS, and an ask for 325 BTS 11.76 units, total of 3,821, and the orders don't execute, never get fulfilled - can someone explain this behavior, and/or how to work around it?

Well, after testing some more, it seems this issue can be resolved if the market is inverted (selling/buying BTS, instead of the asset in question, i.e. orders made on the BTS:OPEN.LISK market work as expected, but orders placed on the OPEN.LISK:BTS market stall) - at least that's what seems to be happening.

Technical Support / BitShares 2.0.160223 for OSX?
« on: February 28, 2016, 02:02:32 am »
Any idea when the latest release will be built for OSX, and posted to GitHub?

Technical Support / Missing BitAssets in v0.8 (OSX) - solved
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:50:34 am »
So i finally got my copy of 0.8.0 to sync up (after removing the chain and peers.leveldb folders and re-downloading the blockchain) - but now i'm missing some BitAssets  :o   I know i had some BitCNY, as i was pumped last week when I noticed (in v0.7) that my account had acquired its first whole BitCNY in yield, sweet!
 But now, when i am running v0.8 - i don't show any BitCNY balance at all, and when i go to the BitCNY market, i have nothing in order history - why could that be?  I am 100% certain I bought 2999.9 of them within the past 2 weeks or so (after loading v0.7, it showed the BitCNY was purchased on 3/10).   I also had a few BitEUR, but my account does not show that balance either.  Any suggestions as to what I should try?  I did a "wallet_rescan_blockchain" from the console, but nothing missing showed up...??

Could it be possible that my transactions made on the exchange with the v0.7 client were "ignored" in v0.8 somehow?

In fact, i just loaded up the v0.7 client, and i'm showing the balance i was expecting once more (using a BitShares folder I had saved, not the one i've used with the upgraded v0.8 client) - with the 2,999.998 BitCNY balance.  In v0.7 (with the correct, expected BitAssets balances) my account had 17 pages of transactions - in the v0.8 newly downloaded chain, i only had 12 pages of transactions...?

I am now removing the chain, log, and peers.leveldb folders once more and trying v0.8 fresh chain download.

General Discussion / What to do when BitShares client crashes?
« on: February 23, 2015, 05:31:54 am »
Curious - what should I be doing when the application crashes - is there any way to help by offering my info?
Having worked on mobile apps for Android, the crash reports there are most helpful for development - I'm wondering if the [Send to Apple] option on the UI after BitShares crashes is useful or not, or should I be posting that info somewhere else, if it's worthwhile to do so?  (Obv. I'm running on OSX)

Running the 0.6.1 client on OSX here.  Due to crashes, I've had to rebuild the database a few times this week, which takes many hours to do, sometimes it takes > 12 hrs.   :(

So I'm wondering if it's possible to save a known working copy of the blockchain db to use in case my local copy gets corrupted and the client once again attempts to download it all, from block 0 (or whatever.)  Something like a checkpoint, so that I can resume downloading the blockchain from block ~1,835,000 (or where ever it was saved at).

i.e. Could I make a copy of the ~/Library/Application Support/BitShares/chain folder, and then re-use that the next time I'm asked to rebuild the DB, so I don't have to start from the beginning again?

Technical Support / Where did the console UI go in 0.6.1?
« on: February 11, 2015, 04:45:25 pm »
I really loved having easy access to the console, via the "Console >" UI in v 0.5.x - How does one access the console from the GUI client in 0.6.1?  I cannot find anyway to do so.  (running 0.6.1 in OSX)

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