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There's a new bitsharestalk forum which is currently running on the beta (pre-production) whaleshares (fork of steemit) network, you should check it out & join the bitsharestalk telegram channel (.io related, not an intended replacement of the main bitshares telegram channels).

Why the whaleshares network? Bitshares is receiving a 70% sharedrop of whaleshares, much better than the 0% sharedrop that Steemit performed (aka they didn't do that). The sharedrop date isn't confirmed yet.

What do you think of this idea? I think it will draw serious activity back to bitsharestalk, this forum has decreased in activity in the last year or so, plus being able to reward each other for posting about the Bitshares network is pretty cool, eh?

I think that in order to join the testnet you need to join the telegram channel and/or attend one of the Bitshares hangouts on saturdays.


Stan/Cryptonomex apparently just transferred ownership of to - a for-profit entity that isn't an active witness/committee member nor a part of the Bitshares foundation.

Is anyone else concerned by this? Wouldn't it have been more appropriate for the ownership transfer to have been made to the committee, witnesses or to the bitshares foundation instead of a private for-profit company?

Take precautions - I'd consider using the light wallet over the reference org wallet until we know what's going on.



I hope google translate suffices, I'd greatly appreciate any input on the contents of the Hertz whitepaper!


Thanks  :)


Stakeholder Proposals / Requesting price feeds for the Hertz ABA
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:34:49 am »
Hertz - Oscillating Algorithm Based Asset

Hertz is an MPA which is modified with a sine wave to predictably oscillate with a 14% amplitude, and 28day period, resulting in a price feed range of $0.86 to $1.14.

Price feed scripts have been created for wackou's bts_tools, xeroc's bitshares-pricefeed and the reference Hertz python-bitshares based price feed implementation.

A $750 (bitUSD) bounty is still available for the implementation of Hertz in the btsprice price feed repo.

I'm seeking additional price feed publishers, I've pre-approved 25 price feed publishers (detailed below) who can begin publishing price feeds for Hertz at their discretion. Any elected witnesses not currently publishing price feeds - I'd greatly appreciate feedback regarding what would help you begin publishing price feeds.

Approved price feed publishers:
fox, wackou, xeldal, xman, abc123, xn-delegate, datasecuritynode, delegate.ihashfury, bhuz, delegate-1.lafona, delegate.freedom, elmato, in.abit, verbaltech2, witness.yao, witness.still, roelandp, taconator-witness, blckchnd, sahkan-bitshares, openledger-dc, sc-ol, billbutler-witness, delegate-zhaomu, hertz-feed.

Actively publishing price feeds:
wackou, delegate.ihashfury, verbaltech2, roelandp, taconator-witness, blckchnd, sahkan-bitshares, sc-ol, delegate-1.lafona, hertz-feed.

Not publishing price feeds yet:
fox, xeldal, xman, abc123, xn-delegate, datasecuritynode, bhuz, delegate.freedom, elmato, in.abit, witness.yao, witness.still, openledger-dc, billbutler-witness, delegate-zhaomu

We may need to increase the max price feed publisher quantity again unless I start swapping above approved (and inactive) price feed publishers for willing parties.


Price feed monitor:
Hertz asset page:
Hertz technical documentation:
Wackou's price feed repo:
Xeroc's price feed repo:
btsprice bounty:
Reference repo:

I've been working on getting the HERTZ Algorithm Based Asset live on the Bitshares network recently, and ran into problems providing more than 10 private price feed publisher entities (Rather than witness|committee fed).

Would it be possible for the committee to increase the 'maximum_asset_feed_publishers' value from 10 to say 25?

As far as I'm aware, there's no risk associated with increasing this value, right?

Relevant links:

Thanks for your time,

General Discussion / Bitshares HUG REST API
« on: December 27, 2017, 03:24:07 am »

I've created a REST API using HUG for Bitshares over the last few days. You can't control the wallet, but you can access all data on the blockchain through get requests now.

It's fully open sourced & documented in a manner to improve ease of implementation.

Would you use this tech?

Stakeholder Proposals / BSIPs 23 & 24
« on: August 29, 2017, 11:15:55 pm »
I've created two draft BSIPs:

BSIP-0023 - Sharedropping an UIA against an external cryptocurrency distribution snapshot

Draft BSIP-0024 - "Locking Bitshares away as 'Bitshares Influence' for voting privileges on the BTS DEX"

I'd appreciate input on both, they're drafts and haven't been submitted as a pull request into the BSIP repo yet.

Thanks +5%

Technical Support / Updated Bitshares client on official website?
« on: August 03, 2017, 12:52:12 pm »

Several users have been asking for an updated bitshares client update on the website, the last client release was 22nd may. Who is in charge of and or release management?



Is there any documentation on how to take a snapshot of a bitcoin based blockchain as the basis for an new graphene blockchain's initial supply sharedrop?

It could help altcoins migrate to graphene in the future..

Best regards,

Can anyone provide a working example of the get_market_history CLI command please?

I've been unable to provide the command valid input data, I keep getting error messages about ISO time formatting (despite attempting to use such formatting).

I'm wanting to dump the market history for the MPA/BTS trading pairs & summarize market making participation using Hadoop, potentially incentivizing market making activity (filled orders only, select trading pairs).

Side note: I think it'd be a great idea to provide a single working usage example for each documented API command, this would significantly improve the ease of learning the CLI commands.

Docs API content:
Code: [Select]
vector<bucket_object> graphene::app::history_api::get_market_history(asset_id_type a, asset_id_type b, uint32_t bucket_seconds, fc::time_point_sec start, fc::time_point_sec end) const



General Discussion / Bitshares UI Customization Guide!
« on: July 02, 2017, 04:48:19 pm »

Fuzzy contacted me on Telegram regarding the potential development of customized web wallets, so I created a draft guide regarding how to customize the Bitshares UI. The aim of this guide is to provide a fast on-ramp for new UI developers.

The guide covers the dev environment setup, editing the header/footer, changing the featured trading pairs throughout the UI and how to create new themes.

I'd greatly appreciate input on the guide, it's open source & MIT licensed on GitHub so it's open to the community to aid its development:


General Discussion / CFETS MPA?
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:00:12 am »
I like the look of ALTCAP.XDR because it's a basket currency by the IMF, but it's only applied against 5 currencies.

The CFETS basket currency by comparison is based on 24 currencies:

Do you think there would be interest in an MPA based on CFETS?

General Discussion / HERTZ - Oscillating Formula Based Asset
« on: May 17, 2017, 07:27:47 pm »

What is Hertz?

Hertz is a highly experimental Market Pegged Asset (MPA) created on the Bitshares network. Elected Bitshares witnesses will publish price feeds which are pegged against the United States Dollar (USD) and predictably oscillates using a sine wave algorithm. The sine wave has an amplitude of 14% and a period of 28 days, thus the price feed value changes 2% every day and a resulting max price feed value of $1.14 and min of $0.86 (Note: Depending on the combination of Bitshares price volatility and age of price feeds published by witnesses, these limits may not always hold).

Hertz tokens are shorted (borrowed) into existence by users on the Bitshares network with at least 175% backing collateral in Bitshares; there is no centralized issuance and asset creator permissions have been restricted for increased decentralization.

By implementing a sine wave phase offset (date/time), we are able to make each Wednesday (mid working week) the most important day for Hertz.

Price feeds:
Reference Python scripts & calculator (
  hertz_calculator.xlsx : A spreadsheet for evaluating the effect of different sine wave variables (amplitude, period, etc). : Used for verifying that the phase offset lines up appropriately. : What you'd use if you don't use wackou or xeroc's price feed scripts.
Wackou's 'BTS_Tools' (Only use if pull request #36 is merged, OR if you change 1/3 to 0.14 yourself manually).
Xeroc's 'Bitshares-PriceFeed' (Issue #25 addresses the inaccurate amplitude comments)

Surrendered FBA settings
- Disable confidential transactions:
- Require holders to be white-listed:
- Issuer may transfer asset back to himself:
- Issuer must approve all transfers

- Get witnesses to publish price feeds for the Hertz MPA


Best regards,Customminer.

General Discussion / HERO's arch nemesis! The opposite of 'HERO'
« on: May 16, 2017, 07:41:12 pm »

What is HERO?[member=6]Stan[/member]/the-hero-from-bitshares-island-5[member=6]Stan[/member]/starship-bitshares-and-its-hero-warp-drive,24092.0.html

    "BitShares has a new formula pegged asset (FPA) or dreamcoin called the "HERO" that is mathematically defined to appreciate annually by 5%."

HERO formula:

Feed_Price = ONE_USD * (1 + (0.05 * Years_since_launch))

'Arch Nemesis' formula:

Launch_Block_Number = Block number close to 'go-live' launch of token.
DAYS_SINCE_LAUNCH = (Block_At_Time_Of_Feed_Update - Launch_Block_Number)/Blocks_In_One_Day

Feed_Price = [ ONE_USD | ONE_XDR ]/(1+(Reduction_Modifier*DAYS_SINCE_LAUNCH))


This would create an incentive to lend the token into existence and sell it at the feed price, as when the token decreases in value the debt will be lower. Where the HERO asset creates an incentive for buying the token, this would be an incentive to sell it. Likewise, the switch to reducing the feed price every day provides a faster opportunity for lenders to buy back their debt at a decreased price (as BTS could be fluctuating heavily).


Please do post, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Have an idea for an alternative Formula Backed Asset? I'd love to hear them!
Got a better name than 'Arch Nemesis'?
Would you trade HERO against Arch Nemesis?
What would be an appropriate reduction_modifier?


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