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« on: March 28, 2020, 01:53:19 pm »
For about 2 years now, Openledger has disabled the OPEN.GRC (Gridcoin) EBA/UIA.

All support tickets have responded with "check the blog for news", there is no relevant OPEN.GRC news.

It's sad to see OpenLedger go down this path, hopefully they will change course an regain their reputation.

Careful depositing, you might not get it back.

General Discussion / Bittrex re-listed Bitshares!
« on: January 29, 2019, 09:07:09 pm »

Re-Listing Update: The Bitshares market is open, and trading will begin shortly on . For more information about BitShares (BTS) visit:  #Bittrex $BTS

After over a year, Bittrex has re-listed Bitshares on their exchange, thanks to the Bitshares legal representative ( for working with Bittrex to resolve this situation.

Huzzah! On another note, the price on Bittrex has shot up because of the thin order book, here's hoping it spreads to the other exchanges 👌

The Norns are a set of three Algorithm Based Assets issued on the Bitshares platform. They use Bitshares as collateral, reference an oscillating quantity of Bitshares, are 120 degrees offset from one another and have an approximate amplitude of 5.303% over a 28 day period.

More in depth article:

Price feed scripts:

Explorer links:

NOTE: Visiting the asset page directly within the Bitshares wallet results in a white screen, don't worry though its being worked on:

I've pre-configured the following individuals as authorized price feed publishers:
#1   fox   
#2   xeldal   
#3   delegate.ihashfury   
#4   bhuz   
#5   delegate-1.lafona   
#6   in.abit   
#7   verbaltech2   
#8   witness.yao   
#9   roelandp   
#10   taconator-witness   
#11   blckchnd   
#12   sahkan-bitshares   
#13   sc-ol   
#14   delegate-zhaomu   
#15   hertz-feed   
#16   witness.hiblockchain   
#17   clockwork   
#18   magicwallet.witness   
#19   bangzi   
#20   gdex-witness   
#21   zapata42-witness   
#22   btspp-witness   
#23   oxarbitrage-feeder

If anyone else is interested in publishing price feeds for these 3 new Algorithm Based Assets, please reply below and I'll update the settings to allow this.



FAO Bitshares users: Claim your WLS!

Account creations have been opened to everyone, even if you did not have a Bitshares account that qualified for the sharedrop snapshot on August 1st.

Claim deadline: 15th September 2018

If you miss the sharedrop claim deadline then you'll no longer be able to claim your stake! Make sure to claim your sharedrop before then!

If you need to claim your sharedrop:

  • Make sure you have 1 WHALESHARE token in your Bitshares Account Wallet.
  • Make sure you have at least 0.2 BTS in your Bitshares Account Wallet. (Fee)
  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions provided in the Official Sharedrop Announcement.

If you are not claiming and just want to create an account:

  • Make sure you have 1 WHALESHARE token in your Bitshares Account Wallet.
  • Make sure you have at least 0.2 BTS in your Bitshares Account Wallet. (Fee)
  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions provided in the Official Sharedrop Announcement.
  • The process is the same as 'claiming with a new account'.

💡 If you don't have 1 WHALESHARE token, you can buy one on the DEX with BTS:



I previously wrote about adding Blocktivity functionality to the Bitshares HUG REST API ( Armed with this new functionality, I created a Google Assistant agent to provide this information through a conversational interface to potentially billions of users worldwide.

The agent has now been published by Google & available on all devices which have google assistant support (not the lite version yet, nor watches, sorry). Check out Blockchain Activity on the Google Assistant agent directory.

Try it out by simply saying "Ok Google, talk to blockchain activity" to a google assistant supported device.

Have any questions? Reply below!


Should we require asset owner permission to use said asset as backing collateral for an MPA?

Recently, issue #1537 in the bitshares-ui Github repo highlighted the fact that despite the UI and documentation indicating that UIA cannot be used to back an MPA on the BTS DEX, the reality actually is that UIA are an allowed backing collateral asset type in the core code.

This BSIP is not arguing for/against UIA being used as an MPA's backing collateral, because this is already enforced by core (Abit has a testnet asset configured as such).

The purpose of this BSIP discussion is to decide whether or not you should require owner permissions/approval of the asset being assigned as backing collateral for a new MPA.


Why I think we should require permission

  • Any assets locked away as MPA backing collateral cannot be reclaimed/recalled by the UIA owner (even by force). This has the consequence of being unable to reduce the supply to 0, potentially preventing asset settings from being changed or the asset from being fully shutdown.
  • By 'wrapping' an UIA in an MPA 'container' the MPA owner can effectively impose new asset settings over the existing UIA flags/permissions/settings to the potential detriment of the UIA owner.

Why perhaps we shouldn't require such permissions

  • An asset owner may refuse (or be unable to) provide permission to use the asset as backing collateral, requiring an alternative asset for backing collateral.
  • The committee may be overwhelmed with requests to use committee owned assets as backing collateral, though that's subjective.
  • The committee would have a greater centralized control of backing collateral selection on the BTS DEX, however that could result in more private MPAs being created. The committee size could be increased too to offset risk.
  • Existing MPA with non-BTS backing collateral may make implementing such a permission requirement too complex? Perhaps existing MPA could be exempt?
  • What if the asset owner removed their approval at a later date? It'd have to be permanent approval unless supply was 0.
  • What happens if you have owner permissions of the backing asset & MPA, then transferred the backing asset ownership to another account?
  • Being able to avoid market fees and replace restrictive permission flags with an MPA is pretty cool.

Exclusions: The Bitshares core token (BTS) should be excluded, as nobody has ownership permissions over it.

Github link:


What are your thoughts?

Can you think of any reasons for/against requiring permission to use an asset as backing collateral for an MPA?


There's a new bitsharestalk forum which is currently running on the beta (pre-production) whaleshares (fork of steemit) network, you should check it out & join the bitsharestalk telegram channel (.io related, not an intended replacement of the main bitshares telegram channels).

Why the whaleshares network? Bitshares is receiving a 70% sharedrop of whaleshares, much better than the 0% sharedrop that Steemit performed (aka they didn't do that). The sharedrop date isn't confirmed yet.

What do you think of this idea? I think it will draw serious activity back to bitsharestalk, this forum has decreased in activity in the last year or so, plus being able to reward each other for posting about the Bitshares network is pretty cool, eh?

I think that in order to join the testnet you need to join the telegram channel and/or attend one of the Bitshares hangouts on saturdays.


Stan/Cryptonomex apparently just transferred ownership of to - a for-profit entity that isn't an active witness/committee member nor a part of the Bitshares foundation.

Is anyone else concerned by this? Wouldn't it have been more appropriate for the ownership transfer to have been made to the committee, witnesses or to the bitshares foundation instead of a private for-profit company?

Take precautions - I'd consider using the light wallet over the reference org wallet until we know what's going on.



I hope google translate suffices, I'd greatly appreciate any input on the contents of the Hertz whitepaper!


Thanks  :)


Stakeholder Proposals / Requesting price feeds for the Hertz ABA
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:34:49 am »
Hertz - Oscillating Algorithm Based Asset

Hertz is an MPA which is modified with a sine wave to predictably oscillate with a 14% amplitude, and 28day period, resulting in a price feed range of $0.86 to $1.14.

Price feed scripts have been created for wackou's bts_tools, xeroc's bitshares-pricefeed and the reference Hertz python-bitshares based price feed implementation.

A $750 (bitUSD) bounty is still available for the implementation of Hertz in the btsprice price feed repo.

I'm seeking additional price feed publishers, I've pre-approved 25 price feed publishers (detailed below) who can begin publishing price feeds for Hertz at their discretion. Any elected witnesses not currently publishing price feeds - I'd greatly appreciate feedback regarding what would help you begin publishing price feeds.

Approved price feed publishers:
fox, wackou, xeldal, xman, abc123, xn-delegate, datasecuritynode, delegate.ihashfury, bhuz, delegate-1.lafona, delegate.freedom, elmato, in.abit, verbaltech2, witness.yao, witness.still, roelandp, taconator-witness, blckchnd, sahkan-bitshares, openledger-dc, sc-ol, billbutler-witness, delegate-zhaomu, hertz-feed.

Actively publishing price feeds:
wackou, delegate.ihashfury, verbaltech2, roelandp, taconator-witness, blckchnd, sahkan-bitshares, sc-ol, delegate-1.lafona, hertz-feed.

Not publishing price feeds yet:
fox, xeldal, xman, abc123, xn-delegate, datasecuritynode, bhuz, delegate.freedom, elmato, in.abit, witness.yao, witness.still, openledger-dc, billbutler-witness, delegate-zhaomu

We may need to increase the max price feed publisher quantity again unless I start swapping above approved (and inactive) price feed publishers for willing parties.


Price feed monitor:
Hertz asset page:
Hertz technical documentation:
Wackou's price feed repo:
Xeroc's price feed repo:
btsprice bounty:
Reference repo:

I've been working on getting the HERTZ Algorithm Based Asset live on the Bitshares network recently, and ran into problems providing more than 10 private price feed publisher entities (Rather than witness|committee fed).

Would it be possible for the committee to increase the 'maximum_asset_feed_publishers' value from 10 to say 25?

As far as I'm aware, there's no risk associated with increasing this value, right?

Relevant links:

Thanks for your time,

General Discussion / Bitshares HUG REST API
« on: December 27, 2017, 03:24:07 am »

I've created a REST API using HUG for Bitshares over the last few days. You can't control the wallet, but you can access all data on the blockchain through get requests now.

It's fully open sourced & documented in a manner to improve ease of implementation.

Would you use this tech?

Stakeholder Proposals / BSIPs 23 & 24
« on: August 29, 2017, 11:15:55 pm »
I've created two draft BSIPs:

BSIP-0023 - Sharedropping an UIA against an external cryptocurrency distribution snapshot

Draft BSIP-0024 - "Locking Bitshares away as 'Bitshares Influence' for voting privileges on the BTS DEX"

I'd appreciate input on both, they're drafts and haven't been submitted as a pull request into the BSIP repo yet.

Thanks +5%

Technical Support / Updated Bitshares client on official website?
« on: August 03, 2017, 12:52:12 pm »

Several users have been asking for an updated bitshares client update on the website, the last client release was 22nd may. Who is in charge of and or release management?


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