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General Discussion / Cryptocurrency Creation Script
« on: January 07, 2018, 12:13:05 am »
If you want your Computer to make a Coin for you and you know anything about the programming Language Python, use this. People need to start Writing Scripts like this, and creating Websites where you just make Coins with the click of a Button.

I am breeding a Strain specifically for the THCv, the same way people breed for higher and higher THC, and higher and higher CBD, and I have a breeding program in place with strains that are most likely going to create a strain with Higher THCv content than ever before. THCv is 4x as potent as THC, meaning 10% THCv would be similar to 40% THC content, just as an example. It is also said to be more Psychedelic, and possibly Hallucinogenic. In small amounts it can actually cancel out a THC high, like a cure for being too high for new smokers. And instead of giving you the munchies, it suppresses your appetite and even has an effect on Insulin and can be used as a Treatment for Diabetes. And it is simply not being bred for the same way THC and CBD are being bred for.

It's a lot of information, so here it is on Steemit[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/breeding-the-marijuana-strain-that-is-going-to-win-the-2019-colorado-cannabis-cup

Openledger / Why Can't US Citizens US Open Ledger?
« on: October 10, 2017, 01:48:57 pm »

Is everyone else in the US getting a message that says US Citizens can't use OL? Because I can't find anyone talking about it, and I just noticed it.

Random Discussion / Why Can't I Buy Gold and Silver with STEEM yet?
« on: July 10, 2017, 01:30:02 pm »
So, why can't I buy Gold and Silver with STEEM yet? The STEEM Community has Hundreds of Millions of Dollars floating around, and no one has started this business yet? Once you can buy Gold and Silver with STEEM, STEEM will go up in value. So people will be paying you a ton of STEEM for Gold and Silver, and that STEEM will then go up in value once word spreads that they can get Gold and Silver for STEEM. This is really all that is holding STEEM back.

This is the next step, no matter what else is done STEEM will be held back by this.

I am wondering what the best UIAs are for people who are new to Cryptocurrency. For example, which UIAs can you earn by doing tasks and things like that? I want to help people get on Bitshares 2.0, but it would have to be user friendly, like the GUI of UIAs.

General Discussion / How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency
« on: June 03, 2017, 05:20:21 am »[member=42771]MarsResident[/member]/mint-your-own-currency

There are 2 conventional ways to make a Coin, and a few other ways to make Coins, so I am going to cover a few of them in this post, and it is actually 1000x easier than you would expect. Bitcoin is now over $2,000 each on the way to $3,000 each with a $38,882,000,000 Market Cap, that means all together, all the Bitcoins in the world are worth $38 Billion almost $39 Billion. Look at the Website to see how valuable a Coin can be, even if it is not Bitcoin.

First, here are the "Unconventional" ways of making coins.

CryptoNote, create your own CryptoNote (Your own Real CryptoCurrency) here

Token, create your own Token (Not a real coin, but can gain value) with an Ethereum Contract here

Asset, create your own Asset (Not a real coin, but can gain value and can be traded on OpenLedger) with a Bitshares Contract here YOURUSERNAME /assets/
(You have to add your OpenLedger Username to the Link for it to work)

Possibly an in Wallet Coin Creator

Now, Forking. All you do to Fork a Coin is go to the URL of that Coin on Github (most coins are on Github).

Here are some examples of Coin URLs on Github:


Ethereum Classic




Just choose your coin, then press the 687474703a2f2f68756270726573732e696f2f696d672f666f726b2d69636f6e2e706e67.png icon. Once you click that you have forked the Coin.

If you want to Clone the coin you click the button on that page that says "Releases" then choose the version of the Coin that you want to Clone. You may need to create a Virtual Machine and change the Operating System (OS) to Ubuntu or CentOS or one of the various Linux OSs that use Unix.

Whether you are Forking or Cloning you are going to have to change a few things in the Coin's code, but this is not hard. Here is the video guide for how to create coins (This is outdated as it was made in 2015, but the process is the same you just need a few different dependencies now, which just means you have to type in a few different things in the code which downloads a few new updated things that didn't exist when the video was made)
Video Guide:

Here is a Written Guide, it's really not that hard, you have to go in the code but there is pretty much 0 programming knowledge needed. It's basically just search and delete and replace and pretty much all in one folder of the Coin except for the graphics part and the compiling and Wallet part:

Find-and-Replace all instances of the Old Coin name in the Code with the name you want your Coin to have

Find-and-Replace all of the Coin identifiers in the Code, for example BTC for Bitcoin, or DOGE for Dogecoin, or LTC for Litecoin, and replace the BTC or DOGE or LTC which your Coin's identifier.

Change the Subsidy value, this value is the number of Coins that will be rewarded to people who mine your coin, for every block they mine.

Change the Block Time, this is the amount of time it takes for a new block to be found. So for example, you could have a Coin that has a block reward of 1000 which seems like a lot, but you could make it where this Coin only produce blocks every 5 hours, so that there are only 1000 coins made every 5 hours, which is more than Bitcoin but much slower than many other coins. Or you could make a Coin with 50 coins in a block and a block every 5 seconds or every 30 seconds.

Change the Difficulty, this will be called Target in the code. This sets the standard for how hard it will be to mine your coin as it get further and further into its life, like how Bitcoin can't be mined on computers anymore and must be mined with ASIC machines, and there are people with entire warehouses full of ASICs mining Bitcoin because A. The Difficulty has gone up so high, and; B. Not only is the difficulty extremely high for Bitcoin, there is also tons of competition when searching for blocks because so many people have machines searching for blocks. You can find more info on Difficulty here:

Change the Block Height (the Total number of Blocks that will ever exist, and therefor the Total number of Coins that will exist. To find the number of Coins simply multiple Total Blocks X Coins per Block).

Change the Halving Time (This is how often the rewards for mining will halve, meaning if it starts at 100 it will halve to 50 in 7 years if you set it to 7 years, or 10 years if you set it to 10 years, etc, then it will halve to 25 after another 7 years, and 12.5 another 7 years after that, and 6.25 another 7 years after that, meaning that after 28 years anyone mining your Coin will be rewarded 6.25 Coins per block instead of 100 Coins per block like the people who mined it for the first 7 years. This allows Coins to start off fast and become more rare which allows value to go up, just like Bitcoin has. It used to be really easy to get Bitcoins, but now you are better off making your own Coin than mining Bitcoin.

The Genesis Block will have a "x0" and a bunch of numbers after that, like "x01345328u45892394859324598324598" or something. You just erase everything except the x0, so that all the other numbers are gone and the only thing that remains is the x0.

Remove the Merkle Root.

Find the Headline and change the one that the Coin has to a News Headline from the day you are making your coin.

Google the "Current Epoch Time" then change the Epoch time to the one you found.

Remove the Nnonce.

Remove all the Checkpoints except 1.

Change Ports if you want.

Use GIMP or Photoshop or a Mac or Paint to create some Graphics, and then go into the folder in the coin that has the images. One of the Graphics will go in the Wallet so when people open the wallet they see it, one will be the "Loading" graphic and will appear on their screen before the Wallet opens, and one will be the side bar that goes on a few of the windows.

Copy your Code and create a "Clean Uncompiled Code" Folder, then Compile the Code in the one that you had before you made the copy, and keep the copy untouched.

Run the Code and get a Fatal Error.

Take the Merkle Root and Nnonce from the Fatal Error Code and put it in the Clean Code.

Create another Copy to dirty up, then Compile, and Run the Code , then Mine the Genesis Block and add the Genesis Block to your Clean Code.

Use Gitian Builder from Github to build your Wallet (just follow the instructions).

Then put your Coin up on Github and start telling people they can download it and use it.

So that is the Conventional way to make a Coin through Cloning or Forking, another Unconventional way would be to just go and create a completely new Coin, with new features. For example, Bitcoin is Proof-of-Work (PoW) meaning that you have to mine it with real world hardware in order to get them, while Peercoin is Proof-of-Stake (PoS) meaning that you have to have Coins in your Wallet and your Wallet will mine them with no extra hardware attached to your computer. Then there is Bitshares and STEEM, which Are Delegated-Proof-of-Work-and-Stake (DPoWS) meaning that there is a way to earn it with PoW such as mining, and ways to earn it with PoS such as holding them in a Wallet, but these abilities are "Delegated" by Vote. So people Vote for people to be allowed to mine the Coins, and those people keep the network up and earn Coins. So an unconventional way to make a coin would be to just create an entirely new feature for a Coin. This would require you to come up with something, figure out how to write it into code and to launch your own Coin.

Here is some extra information about Forking and Cloning:

Adding premined Coins to your coin (many people in the existing Bitcoin community don't like premine, so don't use it unless you have a good reason or are just releasing your Coin in a local area and not to the existing Bitcoin communuity)

Compile guide for Windows on Linux

Here is a VERY detailed guide that explains how to make a Coin, but it may be hard for many people to understand completely

There are also websites that you can pay to create a coin for you, and some will create a Coin for Free. Walletbuilders, ColoredCoins and are examples.

I will write more soon to drill down into specifics, but this should be able to get anyone who wants to make a Coin to the point where they actually have a Coin made.

Random Discussion / Compuceeds Buy Support is Coming
« on: September 18, 2016, 01:57:33 am »
The Compumatrix Bitcoin Cashout BETA test is going through, some of which will be used for Compuceeds buy support. So the price is about to go up.

General Discussion / Compumatrix is Launching
« on: September 01, 2016, 04:37:45 pm »
Within the next few days it will be possible for anyone to purchase Virtual Prepaid Cards (VPCs) from Compumatrix users, such as myself, allowing you turn turn Fiat in to Cryptocurrency. This launch will also raise the price of Compuceeds as Compumatrix users add buy support with their Bitcoin earned over their years with Compumatrix, which can be withdrawn for the first time tomorrow. But all new users will not have to wait for withdrawals.

Here are the announcements that have been made over the past few days.

This post was copied from here:;boardseen#new

The BETA PARTY has begun in the staff room!  Did you hear us SCREAM?  I was online when the first transaction was COMPLETED!  That brought tears of joy to my eyes and heart.  All the work has well been worth it.
We have a future with Compumatrix that will continue for a lifetime.  We have businesses that can be shared with our family and friends especially those who are hurting financially. 
Oh, happy days are upon us.
It is now time for each of us to hold our heads up high.  After your first transaction clears invite the naysayers, family members, and friends over to witness your proclamation that you were NOT crazy after all!  Invite them to start their own business!  You will have living proof it is working!
PLEASE read Jane's post at the Chairperson's Corner as there is good information posted there. I would suggest you also read Ryan Gallagher’s post!  Uncle Alan said, “That Ryan Guy is Amazing, he has Cryptocurrencies embedded into his brain!”  To also quote Gail and Jane, “HE NAILED IT!”  I am so happy to see members finally grasping this huge puzzle and seeing ALL the pieces fitting into their neat slots.
The staff  have been going over every detail to ensure that once ALL MEMBERS start their portal, it will function smoothly.
Most of the staff started off with a small Cashout.   As first cash out is completed, they are slowly increasing to larger amounts.  REMEMBER if a mistake is made it can NOT be reversed.
Training is being put together so all members can understand in a step by step instructional format EXACTLY what you will need to do.  Watch your Regional area for time and date of the member's training which will be done as soon as staff have completed the beta testing.
Henry, along with the developer is working on the API to speed up the process! 

Remember, take your time, follow instructions... check and re-check, be patient... as hurry can cause mistakes.

REJOICE!  Folks, we made it.  Now, the real work begins.

This post was copied from here:;boardseen#new

Have you noticed that when circumstances in one’s life are really out of control that everything else around comes to light much brighter than ever before?

Well, that is what happened to me.  Sometimes we have to step back and re-evaluate situations before it makes sense. 

After speaking to some members over the last couple of days, it seems that unless there is a constant flow of “news” fear sets in.  I guess what makes most need that constant reminder that all is a GO comes from inter fear brought on by disbelief, financial issues, physical illnesses or even family problems.  Many families face challenges over time.  It is how we handle it that counts in life.

Remember when I said no matter what we go through, no matter how hard life may be, that tomorrow will be a better day?  This is something I live and believe with my whole heart.



First, the staff will be meeting with Henry for FINAL instructions!  A member’s meeting will be schedule with time and place being sent out right after the staff meeting. 

Then what happens?

The members will be invited to a training session to get instructions on HOW TO CASHOUT their bitcoin.  ALL members will become part of the BETA testing!  PLEASE check to make sure you QUALIFY.  Here are the qualifications again as posted in my corner:   Go over them carefully and ask your Regional Representative should you need help.

Told you tomorrow would be a better day!  Never stop believing, never give up and keep smiling.  Those are the examples the Henry has set before us for years now we all need to do the same!

WATCH for the time and place for the member’s meeting tomorrow afternoon as it will be posted right after the staff meeting.

I don’t know about you, but I will sleep like a baby tonight as all my dreams are being fulfilled.


General Discussion / Compuceeds and Compumatrix
« on: August 06, 2016, 08:01:19 am »
There is not a lot out there on the internet about Compuceeds or Compumatrix yet, so I thought I would put everything in one place and try to get the people in the Compuceeds community and the people in the Bitshares community to a common understanding. This thread will also help any Compuceeds users who don't understand Cryptocurrency.

Here are the 2 main Compuceeds threads on Bitsharestalk:,22234.0.html,21730.0.html

I have also noticed that there is a misunderstanding in the Bitshares community about what Compuceeds are. I have been using Bitcoin and Altcoins since 2011, and Compumatrix since 2013 or 2014, so I can help fill in the gap for both communities.

Compuceeds are not like a regular Cryptocurrency, and not even really like a regular Asset. Compuceeds is a Compumatrix Asset that is distributed for doing different activities on the Compumatrix Portal, including the sale of Pre-paid cards that allow people to get in to the Compumatrix Ecosystem. So Compumatrix users who sell cards are kind of like a Bridge between Fiat and Cryptocurrency. You generate codes for these cards on your user Portal, and then the codes for these cards can be redeemed by another user. So they pay you Fiat, you buy them a Card, and they have Euros on their Compumatrix account.

But until 2016 there was no way to withdraw your Compumatrix balance.

If you want to learn the basics of Compumatrix, go here and read all the red tented content:

Then go to these sections are read all the red tented content:

At that point you should have a better understanding of what is going on. Then if you want to you can read this, which explains their Steemit like website where you get paid for Blogging or posting on their Forum:

You can also earn by joining and helping with the World Community Grid by pointing some of your computer's hashing power at the Grid:

Here is the Open Ledger Trading discussion section:

To set up your OpenLedger Wallet for Compumatrix, you have to go to Permission, and put "compumatrix1" under active, and set a weight of 4. Then you have to send 100 BTS and 500 Compuceeds to trade-ceeds
Based on everything I have looked at on the Compumatrix forum, once you do that you should be able to access your Compumatrix Wallet.

Unlike most Cryptocurrencies, Compuceeds is Centralized. As an asset of Compumatrix, Compuceeds are distributed by the company Compumatrix, and it may seem like it is just one person, or one group of people, who are trading back and forth, but there is about to be a storm of Compuceed traders coming to the market. I am 1 person who has been waiting about 2 years, maybe longer, for them to finally get everything working. The small number of trades happening now are because there are very few people using Compumatrix who understand anything about Cryptocurrencies. Hardly any of them have ever heard of Altcoins, and only the ones who are deep in to their forum know anything about OpenLedger or how to use it.

So right now there trading is slow, but there are literally thousands of people, with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in Compuceeds, waiting for the Centralized company Compumatrix to unlock their wallets, and what they don't realize is that to unlock their wallets they have to get involved on OpenLedger and set their Permissions,  Pay a fee, etc.

So Compuceeds are about to explode. You can start buying them directly on OpenLedger now

Then once you have your Bitshares, you use them to buy BTCPlus, here:

BTCPlus is the primary means of trade for Compuceeds. Compuceeds have been traded directly for Bitshares, not often, and the prices have been actually higher (more Bitshares per Compuceed) when traded directly. Right now the best way to buy them is with BTCPlus. But as stated in pt.2 you can use the Compuceeds you buy with BTCPlus to start setting the market prices for all the other currencies.

And once you have BTCPlus, you buy Compuceeds, here:

Then if you went between both Compuceeds and Cryptoceeds, and traded say Compuceeds for Bitshares, for Cryptoceeds, for Compuceeds you could make money as the markets changed, and right now you can set the prices.

This market is set to explode, it just needs some smart investors.

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