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General Discussion / Audit page
« on: September 29, 2020, 11:04:17 pm »
Any reason why audit page from gdex and xbts stopped where rudex audit page is still working?

General Discussion / @criminal abit
« on: September 29, 2020, 07:53:18 pm »
So you destroy bitUSD with a revive price of above 5 cents to force people to use onest.usd or honest.usd or other new assets instead ?

Seriously ?

General Discussion / Abit is a scammer
« on: July 31, 2020, 01:30:25 am »
I mentioned in the past multiple times that abit has fucked up ethics.He basicly has none and cheating or scamming someone is no problem for him as long as it fits his personal point of view.

Many foreigners left before.Some people are working on fork and are very advanced and today with abits trojan horse adding his own voting system with no consent or discussion with current holders will make that more foreigners will leave.
Bitshares is already CMC 100.
2 foreign businesses who have their own communities have already commented to look for another chain because all that BS on bitshares makes it risky to keep focusing and working on bitshares.

A serious question to people is why do you think crypto will have a major run soon ?
The answer is the devalution of USD losing sole role as world reserve currency.

So who is going to mainly flood current crypto coins (not sto)?
Its basicly countries who have USD or any kind of currency which is corelated with USD like EUR,AUD,NZD etc.
You can say basicly foreigners!!!!!Foreigners will jump into crypto to flee from big inflaton of their local currency.

What do you think how bitshares will run in the bull market when majority foreigners left bitshares and it is being considered a scam on foreigners informational websites ?
The bull will be small because majority of funds will come not from china but western countries which currencies will devalue.


Another one leaving bitshares blockchain to create its own now because of the inability of longterm planing

General Discussion / Which Dev's are responsible for that ?
« on: July 30, 2020, 10:17:40 pm »
Which Dev's are responsible for that ?;topicseen#msg343183

You think you can just change voting system with no consensus ?

General Discussion / Congrats to 105 on CMC
« on: July 19, 2020, 03:39:01 pm »

Congrats to bitcrab,abit and co .

You guys clearly know how to bring bitshares forward.
Deleting comments from other people on chats won't stop from spreading how thankfull they are for your great work and results.

What is even more funny one of your major supported member promoting to support a fork.......ouch

Any part of bitshares you haven't destroyed ?

Committee ?
Infratsructur from witnesses ?
bitassets ?
Voting system ?
Communication Channels ?
Main website ?
volunteer devs ?
Community seize from CMC 55 to 105 ?
Liquidity on DEX ?
etc ?

Placeholder to list all corrupt committee members who support stealing committee funds based on a irrelevant BAIP which has no power over any funds.

Based on offical BAIP's defenition on github
BAIP Types

There are two kinds of BAIPs:

-An Informational BAIP describes a BitAssets design issue, or provides general guidelines or information to the BitShares community, but does not propose a new feature, consensus change or any other modification. Informational BAIPs do not necessarily represent a BitShares community consensus or recommendation, so users and implementors are free to ignore Informational BAIPs or follow their advice. Examples would be best-practises or recommendations.
-A Consensus Upgrade BAIP describes any change that affects some or all BitAssets implementations, such as a parameters or price feed formula, logic and source or addition that affects the applications using BitAssets.

A BAIP has nothing to do with a MM contest for GDEX assets or any financing.
It's sole purpose is about parameters and information of bitassets.

Claiming a MM contest is approved based on a BAIP is like claiming any worker is being approved when calling it a BAIP like core,legal etc.

Part of committee is not executing community voting will but instead is trying now to misuse the committee funds mainly for bitcrabs self benefit.

All committee members breaking consensus,protocol and getting ilegal will be listed here for future awareness.

BAIP gives no permission over any funds nore can it approve any MM contest since BAIP was not constructed for it.

Where does BAIP based on its defenition gives any possibility normal worker to get approved and funded like MM contest where funding clearly has nothing to do anything with a BAIP based on the defenition the community agreed on.The chinese and foreigners!

Committee's duty is to uphold the protocol based on consensus

General Discussion / CN-Vote voting dead witness active
« on: June 21, 2020, 08:18:57 pm »
I know we can't expect anymore anything good from cn-vote but maybe they can explain to us why they vote dead witnesses active aka mr.agsexplorer who was last time 2 years ago active.
Do they want to destroy further witnesses and bitshares infra with their reckless voting ?

BAIP8( is a new drafted proposal that consist reduce of bitcny price threshold from 0.22 cny to 0.154 cny

Now 2 poll workers have been created:

1.14.264 Poll-BAIP8-Implement new threshold for bitcny at 0.154CNY
1.14.265 Poll-BAIP8-Do Not Implement new threshold for bitcny
According to BAIP procedure definition, the BAIP8 will be considered approved while below 3 criteria are met:

1.worker 1.14.264 get more voting power than 1.14.265 worker.
2.worker 1.14.264 get more voting power than BAIP-Threshold Worker 1.14.236.
3.Both No.1 & 2 above last for three consecutive days.

BAIP: 0008 Title: Reduce of price threshold by 30% for bitcny Authors: b-dex Status: Accepted Type: Consensus Created: 2020-06-20


The purpose of this proposal is to get bitcny full pegg back and make bitshares dex back attractive to traders


Bitcny and Bitusd has been put a price feed threshold to stop the negative effects of price manipulations on CEX.
Since then volume and interrest on trading on these both bitassets have sunk dramaticly.
To get back interest for the bitcny there is an opportunity to get the pegg back by reducing the threshold by 30%.
Currently all debtors who are shorting bitcny have a CR of 2.6 or higher.
This means reducing the threshold by 30% their CR will fall to 1.8.
There will be no margin calls and noone is going to lose a single BTS.
This way bitcny gets back its full value and the market gets attractive again to be used for trading.
BitUSD has currently not the opportunity because their CR is way lower than at bitcny debtors.

3 days after getting the BAIP proposal approved all witnesses change at 10 pm UCT time the price feed threshold for bitcny from
0.22 bitcny/bts to 0.154 bitcny/bts.

Please vote according to your opinion.


Please note the 2 debtors under CR of 2.6 also have enough BTS to increase their CR to above 2.6 but are currently so low fighting between each other to catch the force settlements.

General Discussion / 22000 BTC
« on: June 11, 2020, 11:32:14 pm »
22000 BTC moved out of coinbase in a single day.
Bitshares could have been one of the main benefitians would some people stop blocking progress and focus on paramenters or exchanges with wash trading only.

Your desired mass liquidity which went somewhere else

General Discussion / Crisis which bitshares is going through
« on: June 06, 2020, 11:38:42 pm »
Am trying to adress here some major problems where everyone else is free to add his points of view why bitshares is in such a deep crisis.

1.Broken governance

2.Corrupt committee controlled by a small group which makes bitassets untrusted and committee funds unsafe.

3.Fake price feeds depegging bitassets for a very long time.High risk something like that will happen in future,bitassets paramaters controlled by a small untrustworthy group making people leaving bitassets.

4.Risky Gateways including closed ones Sparkdex,CB,OL,Easydex,Winex making majority of bitshares members not willing to hold non bitshares token at gateways anymore.

5.Centralization of power and abuse.Example Abit taking away core members permissions on github to put a BSIP into voting (which was fucked up which i told him,since it had not been approved anyways but the dictacting from him that core devs are not allowed to put a BSIP up to voting and there was no possibility to give core devs permission back without his personal agreement as only he had full control over github and putting his opinion over all other core devs at that time).
Same on telegram group ,installing a bot without permission of any other of the 15 Admins there to mute and ban longterm members who doesn't fit in his point of view.
ALL admins disagree with his actions but no response from him other than trying to dictate what is not allowed to talk about.He installed a bot no other Admin has access to.
People are basicly not participating anymore and leaving to other smaller chats having enough of him.
It's an active process of destroying a community.Old core dev's had also big ethical issues with Abits move on github.
Some people have clearly to much power with no bigger consequences when abusing which needs to be limited to stop abuse
as both communities the foreigner and chinese one are tired which led to inactivity of community and no participation in voting.

6.Community will not being executed with no consequences.
You can see everywhere people and even big proxies stopped voting because why should someone vote if his will is not being executed or when he knows a small group will only execute what they prefer.
Ethics in leading group is non existent.
Reading Abits neverending explanations of his acceptance of abuse on bitshares on telegram chat was a shame as a committee member of bitshares.
Committee should be hold by members with high trust AND ethics and not just by the most active ones who activly destroyed bitshares the last 2 years.

7.Community not reacting activly anymore on abuse.Everyone writes about it but noone stands up anymore as committee members who did have been kicked out and been replaced with inactive ones.
Community members are after 2 years of a never ending fight tired and see no effect on taking actions against clear abuse even when talking to someone mention it everytime.

8.Bitshares witnesses who are not activly working for bitshares or adding any other value like infra just to collect rewards using a simple VPS.
Bitshares infra have been massivly destroyed by replacing good active witnesses who provided infra with new witnesses who doesn't provide anything or even participate at bitshares.

9.Custodial voting like ZB.ZB doesn't update their votings at all.They have been used by bitcrab to enforce his point of view and they have completly no interaction with bitshares or even knowledge.Still their old voting settings are making witness and worker voting messed up.

10.Longterm stagnation.No real feature have been worked on for a very long time.Small chinese group tries to play with parameters and nothing else.
Bitshares getting irrelevant as other exchanges have outdated bitshares in many aspects.Bitshares small worker already will take 5 months with no significant improvements.(features)

11.Legal issues caused by a small group unwilling to even check the effects of their actions.
Legal worker supported by a small group which will make big part of community leave should it get voted in.

12.Community getting smaller and smaller.Big amount of longterm members getting silent and not participating anymore on both sides.

13.Basicly lack of trust caused by all the drama and manipulations by a small group killing any hope for bitshares by a big group.

14.Decission and planning made by a small group in a closed chat with a clear track record of fails who are blocking any other proposals.

15.GDEX asking for KYC.On their website demanding selfie with ID card including facial features.

Maybe some people can understand now why Rudex and some other gateways are a pain in the ass for them and why they tried to enforce a centralized bitshares using legal trying to kick them out (see volume)

General Discussion / @Abit
« on: May 26, 2020, 07:55:15 pm »
When are you going to unmute all admins and bitshares members which you indirectly banned from bitshares telegram groups with your shitty bot ?
You destroyed bitshares already enough and made chats empty.

An excuse to those members would be appropriate.

General Discussion / BTS repurchase destruction proposal voted active
« on: April 08, 2020, 12:15:39 pm »
[poll] BTS repurchase destruction proposal has been voted active for over a week.

Proposal should get immedently implemented.

General Discussion / @CN-Vote
« on: April 05, 2020, 08:05:34 pm »
Can you guys please explain why you are supporting terradac and liondani as bitshares witnesses ?

Both provide no infrastructur no api and also don't participate activly in the progress of bitshares.

Big supporters of bitshares like blckchained who runs Rudex or clockwork who was running the last es-node are being voted out of bitshares because they are being replaced with poor witnesses like liondani or terradac.

Can you please explain how this is going to profit bitshares and not some personal agendas when we lose our infra and biggest supporters to leechers who don't even participate in bitshares?

You guys are aware that CEO Paul (Onceupontime) from Terradac died 2 months ago ?

To be updated later

Am going to write together with 2 other bitshares members a BSIP about excluding custodian accounts from bitshares voting governance.

Would like to add that thread to gather some ideas if they exist before starting writing a BSIP.

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