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Why is there no public announcement from witnesses beside bitcrab that they changed their MSSR to 105% on bitcny.

Only ones who didn't changed MSSR are verbaltech2,clockwork and elmato.

You gave no date or time for people to adjust the MSSR.
Their bots are still feeding MSSR 1.1 which means that no margins are being eaten again in the downtrend.

Why are there no public announcements from witnesses about these major changes ?
You treat the community and expecially traders like your toys which is not acceptable.Most of the witnesses are doing a bad job when it comes to keep the community informed about their actions.

Why are you changing paramenters without even giving the possibility for traders to adjust on these changes by informing them about the major changes and its implemantation dates ?

Jumping from one setting to another setting without proper announcement is not something which brings confidence to traders on DEX.
I wish some witnesses would have some more backbones instead of doing minimalism just to stay a witness.

General Discussion / Global Settlement for BitUSD
« on: November 25, 2018, 12:10:20 am »
BitUSD has arround 12 pm triggered global settlement.Borrowing no more possible.
I'm sorry to the people who lost money because of this event.

congrats @xeroc

Who were the main supporters of BSIP42 even seeing that open margin calls are not being eaten.
They just watched from the side doing NOTHING to rescue that situation but instead celebrate that BSIP42 ,Witnesses and themself as proxies have not being downvoted much because of the global settlement event and even making fun that DEX had today the highest volume.

You guys are disgusting
They made way more disgusting comments but i will make an article about it to settle up their actions and of witnesses who screwed up totaly.

General Discussion / Where is the leadership ?
« on: November 20, 2018, 11:42:55 am »
Having a real black swan/global settlement risk i thought this would mobilize a lot of people to turn the ship back to the other direction.
But instead i just see a few people concerned about the reputation of bitshares and peoples money and the rest just watching.
I don't see any significant actions from the big proxies who voted for BSIP42.
Actually they are now very quiet.
I don't see any actions from witnesses who agreed to implement the big feed manipulation even on bitusd.
No Comitee members who are trying to activly find a quick solution .

How does it come you are so quiet now and don't even try to overcome the risk ?

Sorry but you are clearly no leadership at all or justified to have your position (with some exceptions)when you are unable to take actions in times like this one

General Discussion / Somebody might enlighten me why BSIP42 on BitUSD ?
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:02:29 pm »
Can somebody enlighten me why BSIP42 is now being so quickly being implemented on bitUSD ?
You can't tell me you want to pegg bitusd to something ?
BSIP42 is experimental for bitcny so why is it already being implemented on bitUSD ?
What is the Agenda behind implementing BSIP42 on bitUSD ?
Why is a war started between witnesses who implement BSIP42 quickly on bitUSD and witnesses who refuse to make such massiv changes so quickly ?

I really would love to see some answers from xeroc and openledger who are making BSIP42 possible and if they really feel thats the right way to treat solid witnesses ?

I would love to hear what result you whish to achieve and what makes you call BSIP42 a success (defenition) that you already moved on to bitUSD without community consensus or is the experimental timeframe over?
If yes where are the results ?Info's and discussion about it ?

bitcrab :
updated witnesses voting, supported witnesses that take positive actions on implementing BSIP42 on bitUSD.

中文(Chinese) / 投票反对 BSIP42
« on: September 17, 2018, 10:36:41 pm »
投票反对 BSIP42


General Discussion / Margin Call stopped working
« on: September 13, 2018, 08:05:43 am »
Thanks to bitcrabs feedprice change the Margin Call function stopped working.

Current BTS price on DEX is nearly 10% under margin call price.
No Margin call has been filled at all even BTC price went from 6100 to 6400 and BTS price on DEX from 0.61-0.67 (+10%)
not a single margin call has been filled and they are still activ arround 5% above current BTS price on DEX.

Arbitrage completly stopped working since BTS price on external exchanges is 10% under margin call price on DEX.

I highly doubt he is going to win the battle against global skimming bots on external exchanges and this will lead only to a black swan in the end since the bull market is fully activ and no Margin calls are getting filled anymore.

The next proposal will be the cancelation of black swan events for sure
as only not predictive people would disable the margin call function in a bear market or add buy support at a high level of 1.08 cny which later gets itself margin called.

He is now just playing with everyones collaterals to witness a possible black swan in the middle of a bear market

Am requesting to all commitee members to remove bitcrab from the committee controlled open market operation fund.
Its a clear conflict of interrest and also the unnatural buy wall which is exectly near bitcrabs margin which is causing unnatural prices on DEX can't be tollarated anymore on a free market which DEX should be.
Today we saw a feed price of 1.06 but BTS price on DEX kept up on 1,084 and never moving down because of the big buy walls for 1 million BTS at 1.08 ,1.07 ,1.06 ,1.05 ,1.03  .
The fund should be used to buy BTS and not to create heavy buy walls which are not going to break.
Also why are the funds at bottom prices on the buy walls if he really wants to buy BTS ?

Thats a massiv abuse and also cheat on all traders who shorten BTS on a bear market to protect a persons own interrest.
No new bitasset was created so you can't tell us it was created to increase liquidity.

Also i'm very disappointed once again from all commitee members who let it happen

Technical Support / Account with stolen coins
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:56:23 am »
Hi on DEX is an account with about 500k CNY and 100k BTS which was basicly stolen from me.I know the accounts name and monitor it since september last year as thats the time when it happened.
I guess the guy run away with somebodies else coins (44 BTC) and never came back to DEX for my coins.He had a big sell order since september of the coins he stole from me which were executed back in december.

Is there any possibility to gain somehow access to this account to get the funds back since i'm really "pissed" to lose them to a scammer who let them die on DEX.

Hi i'm a member of CVCOIN which is running on Bitshares Network.
Our core group is trying now to create more awareness for that coin since Beta is coming out and we will join 2 big exchanges soon.
We noticed that CVCOIN is not being listed on the mainpage of Bitshares Asset Exchange but only can be found via search tab.
I guess thats the reason why the volume from that website is nearly zero.
Since there are many coins listed with zero volume i would like to ask if its possible to add CVCOIN to the mainpage for BTS,BitUSD and OPEN.BTC to increase the awareness of that coin.
If there is a progress how to accomplish it please let us know as we are highly interrested to grow together with Bitshares on TOP.

Regards Thul3

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