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Am requesting to all commitee members to remove bitcrab from the committee controlled open market operation fund.
Its a clear conflict of interrest and also the unnatural buy wall which is exectly near bitcrabs margin which is causing unnatural prices on DEX can't be tollarated anymore on a free market which DEX should be.
Today we saw a feed price of 1.06 but BTS price on DEX kept up on 1,084 and never moving down because of the big buy walls for 1 million BTS at 1.08 ,1.07 ,1.06 ,1.05 ,1.03  .
The fund should be used to buy BTS and not to create heavy buy walls which are not going to break.
Also why are the funds at bottom prices on the buy walls if he really wants to buy BTS ?

Thats a massiv abuse and also cheat on all traders who shorten BTS on a bear market to protect a persons own interrest.
No new bitasset was created so you can't tell us it was created to increase liquidity.

Also i'm very disappointed once again from all commitee members who let it happen

Technical Support / Account with stolen coins
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:56:23 am »
Hi on DEX is an account with about 500k CNY and 100k BTS which was basicly stolen from me.I know the accounts name and monitor it since september last year as thats the time when it happened.
I guess the guy run away with somebodies else coins (44 BTC) and never came back to DEX for my coins.He had a big sell order since september of the coins he stole from me which were executed back in december.

Is there any possibility to gain somehow access to this account to get the funds back since i'm really "pissed" to lose them to a scammer who let them die on DEX.

Hi i'm a member of CVCOIN which is running on Bitshares Network.
Our core group is trying now to create more awareness for that coin since Beta is coming out and we will join 2 big exchanges soon.
We noticed that CVCOIN is not being listed on the mainpage of Bitshares Asset Exchange but only can be found via search tab.
I guess thats the reason why the volume from that website is nearly zero.
Since there are many coins listed with zero volume i would like to ask if its possible to add CVCOIN to the mainpage for BTS,BitUSD and OPEN.BTC to increase the awareness of that coin.
If there is a progress how to accomplish it please let us know as we are highly interrested to grow together with Bitshares on TOP.

Regards Thul3

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