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I m looking for a bitshres core developer who can work with me , this is urgent job. only experts message me pls.

There are any bitshares programmer who want to work on my project , direct message me , basically i want to developer few smarts contracts.

i just looking for a guideline about : How Develop Custom smart contracts for bitshares blockchain ?

Just looking for ans of below questions :

How to Make a coin in bitshares ? and how to develop my own smart contracts in bitshares block-chain ?


General Discussion / I m looking for bitshares developer
« on: May 30, 2018, 08:13:49 am »
Hi ,
Im looking for bitshares developer..

I want to make a own decentralize exchange with no transaction,  want to create 1 coin, want to create and deploy few Smarts Contracts and witness. is it possible  ? if yes pls send me a related guideline..

Hello Everyone,

Who can help me about below thing  ?
i need a decentralized exchange with no transaction , and i will call it METABLOCK, Default coin will be  meta1 coin. after that i want to add 450 000 000 coins , witness and 5 Smart Contracts..  if anyone understand what i want, pls give me a guideline. i m Linux machine ready for do any process .  waiting for suggestion.


Technical Support / how to see my metablockchain url
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:38:57 pm »
i love the forum, many experts ans me lot but i come agin with some issue if anybody help me,

** My topic ***

According to my previous post guideline from experts, i have run the private testnet here : , can anyone  tell me how to find the METABLOCK link ? where i can see meta block with no transactions ? where is the  meta block proper link ? actually i wanted below thing : META 1 COIN created using the BITSHARES block chain. I want to call the new block chain METABLOCK


Hi everyone,

How to find a good programmer to do custom development in my exchange ?  pls give me ans.


Stakeholder Proposals / I am looking for a bitshares developer
« on: May 13, 2018, 05:11:34 pm »
I m need a developer for custom development in my exchange. if you expert in bitshares custom development let me know , i will share detail.


Technical Support / how to make a METABLOCK in bitshares Exchange ?
« on: May 12, 2018, 03:56:31 pm »
I have a quick questions if any one can ans below question :

1.  ) how to use bitshares code to make a METABLOCK in the bitshares exchange ? is it possible ?

2. )  Can we use the BITSHARE blockchain but call it METABLOCK  and publish a new block chain
starting with no transactions ??

Experts pls help


I just installed the bitshares core on my linux machine and running to light wallet , i can login my exchange now, but i see there is some data coming default but i want to delete that all user  data and want custom development  the bithsares exchange as i want. like i want to remove all user data , blockchain data and smart coins, i want to integrate there my own blockchain data also want create new coins, want to add  few smart contracts , and rest of bithsares exchange features will have as it have now.  is it possible ?  i mean the custom development possible  ? if yes how to do that ? pls help me if anyone know that..


Hello Everybody,

i just come here to get some help about bitshares installation.. how to install and running bitshares exchange on my own server ?  can anyone tell me how to do that step by step. i want o install bitshares core code on my linux ubuntu 16.


My Title is saying what i asked here . again i just installed bitshares core on my own server with full node and when i visited my ip the message is showing " 11 eof_exception: End Of File stringstream {} th_a sstream.cpp:66 readsome {"str":""} th_a json.cpp:463 from_string "  if everything is ok so what's next ? anyone help pls


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