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General Discussion / BitShares Mobile App opinion collection
« on: November 07, 2019, 09:15:32 am »
1. This post is about collecting community opinions about the work of workers.
2. Members of the community are welcome to leave a message here to ask for their needs.
3. The team arranges follow-up work plans based on the needs of the community.

Some of the comments that have been collected so far

1. Improve the optimization and improve the boot instructions of the login registration interface.
2. Increase the force settlement function.
3. Optimize specific operations including the operation of the mortgage interface.
4. Increase the trade to reverse the price display.
5. Adjust the problem that the display number is too long and the display overlaps.
6. Increase the type of K-line indicator and display it horizontally.
7. Increase the transaction fee display.
8. Hidden and partially garbage assets.
9. Save the contact information of your personal collection on the chain through the plug-in, avoiding the tedious loss of re-adding.
10. Add an optional light color interface style for Android.

The community is welcome to make requests and suggestions, and we will prioritize them according to needs.

中文(Chinese) / 移动端钱包工作内容意见征集贴
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:45:55 am »




BitShares Mobile 2019 Worker Proposal

Download Android BitShares App v5.0 / 点击下载安卓版比特股APP v5.0

Please vote for us.
Proposal: 201906-bitshares-mobile-app
ID: 1.14.198



This is the 12-month worker budget proposal for the BitShares Mobile team from 2019 to 2020.
After five months, our first phase of work has ended, and the merger of the open source code repository has been completed. Currently, the project is hosted under the official bitshares account.
BitShares Mobile Code Library
All fucntions developed by the worker will be open source and can be found in the above code base.
As a community open source project, we will enrich the BitShares system mechanism and hope to collect more suggestions so that we can understand the more real needs of users.

● Perform daily maintenance of BitShares Mobile, add and upgrade features.
● Improve the BitShares system mechanism to expand and balance the ecology.
● Improve the transaction activity of users by perfecting more transaction types and establish a long-term stable balance-of-payment system for BitShares.
● Strengthen communication and collaboration with core community teams.

Development task

Basic functions
● Optimize the design of the existing version
● Optimization of the operation and adjustment of the mortgage interface
● Increase account lock button and registration password security level
● Add account permission modification function, which can modify and add management to the private key and multi-sign of the account.
● Add mnemonics, scan code login method
● Optimize the presentation of the description and prompt interface content, making it more reasonable and simple to understand. Add color with the position of the corrected display
● Communicate with the community to meet the needs of the BitShares website, download and install BitShares Mobile
● Adjust the details of the account record information, use color to distinguish, you can click the account jump and other functions to improve the convenience of operation
● Product features and help files are placed on Github and a rewards task is released for more language translations
● Added homepage interface for displaying news and major asset fluctuations
● Optimize the list of market assets, sort by transaction depth based on transaction volume
● Synchronous Core Team Feature Update
● Access community news and synchronize community forum addresses to enhance communication possibilities between users and the community
● More gateway integration, such as openledger.

Innovation functions
If the community has no other priority needs, we will work according to the following content, and we do not rule out the possibility of unknown needs. ((Note: The btspp team cannot promise that the following features will be fully implemented and may be adjusted for community requirements and core team progress.)
● Communicate with the core team to complete P2P lending module
  ● Increased p2p lending and lending capabilities
● Super community gateway
● Cold wallet
  ● Offline transfer
● Security
  ● Black and white list limit and reminder
  ● Fingerprint unlock
● Synchronous update of HTLC and atomic technology
● Creation and management of assets
● OTC trading
  ● fiat currency direct purchase and sale of assets

● This proposal will provide BitShares Mobile with 12 months of development and operation and maintenance costs.
● The work proposal will start from 2019.6.10 and will end at 2020.6.9 for a period of 12 months and 366 days.
● Worker wage calculation will be referred to coinmarketcap BTS/USD price, BTS will be settled
● The worker proposal will be managed by the multi-signature account mobileapp-worker-escrow, which consists of board members abit, jademont and core team coordinator Fox.
● All unexpired BTS will be returned to the reserve or incorporated into subsequent work funds
● Depending on the price fluctuations of the BTS, we may consider prematurely terminating the budget or lowering the daily budget amount to ensure that more workers are eligible for funding.

1. Main development part of the budget

Full Stack DeveloperXIAO XIA$ 12020 hours
Android DeveloperQING FENG$ 10015 hours
CoordinatorDigcat$ 706 hours
DesignerYANG MING$ 7015 hours
Product ManagerXIAO XIA$ 805 hours
QA /TestingYANG MING$ 606 hours
TranslationBounty Mission$ 602 hours
Weekly budget$ 6250
Total budget$ 326,785

2. OTC cooperation development part of the budget

OTC ModuleMembersFees(USD/h)Hours/Weeks
OTC Server EngineerJie$ 10018 hours (10 weeks)
OTC PMMason$ 8010 hours (10 weeks)
Total 10 weeks total$ 26000

3. Budget for others

Operating cost$ 9100/year
Total$ 9100

4. The final budget. Calculated according to the price of 2019.5.23 according to the depreciation coefficient

Total Budget(USD)Daily Budget(USD)Depreciation coefficientBitShares priceDaily Budget(BTS)
$ 361,885$ 989 1.50.06 USD989 / 0.06 * 1.5 = 24725 BTS

Team member introduction

XiaoXia: Founder of BTS++. over 10 years of experience in Internet product development. Basic knowledge, proficient, good at C, C++, Ruby, etc. In-depth research on blockchains, servers, clients, game engines, interpreters, virtual machines, AI, etc.
Responsible for the development of the BTS ++ communication protocol layer and the development of iOS.

QingFeng: Core developer. over 10 years of technical research and development experience. Experienced client and web development, specializing in network architecture, front-end and back-end development, Android development and smart contract development.
Responsible for the development of Android client and website.

YingMing: Co-founder. Years of marketing experience, focusing on user experience. Responsible for product design, testing, feedback, and daily operations.

Digcat: Coordinator. Extensive experience in data mining and requirements analysis.

Jie: Backend development engineer. Former Baidu senior engineer, many years of back-end architecture design and R&D experience. Responsible for the design and development of technical solutions for the OTC platform.

Mason: Product Manager. 10 years of project management and product design experience. Engaged in product design of the drone software platform, blockchain software and hardware wallet product design, enterprise-level blockchain solution design. Responsible for the overall product design of the OTC OTC trading platform.

OpenSource Efficient HighQuality Security Stable Mobile App

Please vote for us.
Proposal: 201812 Bitshares Mobile App
ID: 1.14.138



Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people's lives, and people are used to handling various things through mobile phones.
BitShares is a 7*24-hour decentralized exchange where people can log in to their accounts at any time to view markets, or trade, or transfer money. Therefore, a mobile wallet with good experience and complete functions is urgently needed in the market.

At present, BitShares official products only provide PC-side, as well as some mobile wallets with poor experience or lack of function, which makes it more difficult for more users to access and use Bitshares.
In the fast-growing blockchain industry, opportunities will soon be lost. As a decentralized exchange that has been running for 5 years, there is no official mobile wallet with perfect functions and good experience. This is where we need to reflect.
Efficient development and good experience have always been the goal of our team. Therefore, we hope to continue to improve the development based on the existing BTS++ wallet and provide it to users. Give old users a new choice, and give new users access to Bitshares to provide the same experience as CEX.

We believe that at least the following points should be met as a mobile product of BitShares.
1. As the BitShares mobile wallet, its source code must be open source and subject to review.
2. It should at least contain the same functionality as the PC and support wallet mode.
3. It has related functions such as asset storage, trading, and management.
4. It should meet the basic trading needs of the user. Market view, K-line view, various indicators, etc.
5. It should provide voting capabilities.
6. It should have a good user experience.
7. It should have multi-language support.
8. Users can download directly from the AppStore and GooglePlay Store.

● Build BitShares' open source mobile products and become the core team for mobile development.
● Synchronize most of the features that PC wallet has.
● Provide products that experience good, stable, and safe.
● On the AppStore and GooglePlay stores.
● The follow-up Core team functions are fully synchronized.

Route map
The work proposal will start from 2018.12.10 until the end of 2019.5.10, with a period of 5 months.

1. Current BTS++ Wallet: Features already available. There is a BTS++ video on youtube. Link address:
Also welcome to download the Android version at for the experience.
● Supports registration, login, and backup. Supports account mode and wallet mode.
● Support all asset viewing and trading of BitShares
● Markets, timeline, K-line chart, trading history
● Collateral
● account search, feed price details, margin postion rank
● Transfer function
● Voting function
● Asset and order view

2. The first phase of the work roadmap: estimated 6 weeks
● Add English version
● Add multiple account management
● Add multiple signatures
● deposits/withdrawals
● Open source on GitHub.

3. The second phase of the work roadmap: estimated 14 weeks.
● Add more language options
● Add PC-side features: upgrade lifetime membership, asset search, etc.
● Add QR code scan code: import private key, transfer, etc.
● Synchronize Core team related features, such as HTLC.
● On the AppStore and GooglePlay Store.

We expect the total development cycle to be only 5 months (152 days). The weekly budget is $6000, which is equivalent to a daily budget of $857, and the daily BTS budget is about 28,000. The total budget is $130000. The fund account is multi-signed management. Participated by multiple committee members. The excess funds are returned to the system.

Current multi-signature committee members: abit, jademont

Full-stack DeveloperXiaoxia$12020hours
Android DeveloperQingfeng$10015hours
Weekly Budget$6000
Total Budget$130000

Team Member
Xiaoxia: Founder of BTS++. 10 years of internet product development experience. Basic knowledge is solid and proficient, and good at the development of C, C++, Ruby, etc. Has a deep research on block chain, server, client, game engine, interpreter, virtual machine, AI and so on.
Responsible for development of BTS++ communication protocol layer and for development of IOS.

Qingfeng: Core developer. more than 10 years of technology research and development experience. Experienced in the development of client and website, good at web structure, front end and back end development, Android development, and intelligent contract development.
Responsible for the development of Android client and website.

Yangming: Co-founder. years of marketing and business experience. Responsible for product design, promotion operation, marketing and business reception.

Digcat: Coordinator . Rich experience in data mining and requirements analysis。


Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness proposal] btspp-witness(双语)
« on: August 07, 2018, 09:34:11 am »
iOS download:
android download:

Hello, members of Bitshares community. We are the team of BTS++ from Chinese Community, a team focusing on BTS community ecology and taking the user experience as the most important thing.
With the popularity of intelligent devices, user habits and behaviors are changing, and more and more attention has been paid to the personal mobile device products. Therefore, starting from user experience and mining BTS value, we decide to create a stable, fast and special wallet product for Bitshares.
Team Introduction
Since 2017, we began to come into contact with graphene technology. After studying BTS, we are attracted by its powerful and perfect functions. Although we have experienced ups and downs in the course, we have never given up and have been holding our faith to present.
We also find that as a decentration exchange, BTS needs a more friendly and better user experience as a support.
Xiaoxia: 10 years of internet product development experience. Basic knowledge is solid and proficient, and good at the development of C, C++, Ruby, etc. Has a deep research on block chain, server, client, game engine, interpreter, virtual machine, AI and so on.
Responsible for development of BTS++ communication protocol layer and for development of IOS.
Qingfeng: more than 10 years of technology research and development experience. Experienced in the development of client and website, good at web structure, front end and back end development, Android development, and intelligent contract development.
Responsible for the development of Android client and website.
Cheer up: years of marketing and business experience. Responsible for product design, promotion operation, marketing and business reception.

Team Work
—By the end of June, establish and launch the project. Discuss and confirm the product shape. Based on IOS and Android native application, efficiency, conciseness, professionalism and intelligence will be the product characteristics. Create a BTS exclusive trading wallet.
—In July, complete the development and test of the main functions.
—In the mid-Aug, release the beta version, and it is estimated by the end of Aug, the 1.0 version will be released.
—Multi-language version will be available at the end of October
—Some new functions were completed by the end of this year, the warning system and voting system will be added. Meanwhile, we display the BTS updates, news and activities through our home page.
—Two goals will be achieved before 2019. We’re committed to seeking multiparty cooperation and increase the depth of multi-currency transactions in the market.The other one is developing intelligent register trading system.
—Products will be optimized and improved in a long time followed. We
will make a long-term contribution to BTS's ecological construction and stability.

Our witness server node has been deployed
-witness account:btspp-witness
-witness ID:1.6.131

we have also completed the witness node deployment on the test network.
Testing witness account:btspp-testnet
Testing witness ID:1.6.86

Witness master server
-CPU:8 cores
-RAM:32 GB
-Device Storage:160 GB SSD

Witness backup server
-CPU:8 cores
-RAM:32 GB
-Device storage:120 GB SSD

Contact us:[email protected]


你好BitShares社区的成员。我们是BTS++团队,来自中国社区。 一个专注BTS社区生态以用户体验为首要的团队。


小夏:拥有10年互联网行业产品开发从业经验。基础扎实精通,擅长 C、C++、Ruby等语言开发。对区块链、服务器、客户端、游戏引擎、解释器、虚拟机、AI等有深入研究。
负责BTS++ 通信协议层开发和ios部分开发。
清风: 10年以上技术研发经验,拥有丰富的客户端和网站开发经验,擅长web架构、前后端开发、安卓开发、智能合约开发。
Cheer up:多年市场商务经验,负责产品设计与推广运营。市场、商务接洽等工作。



—RAM:32 GB
—磁盘空间:160 GB SSD

—RAM: 32 GB
—磁盘空间:120 GB SSD


iOS download:

Thank you for your continued attention. For two months, the BTS++ team has been working day and night. We have been focusing on the development and testing of our products. At the same time, we also provided stable and reasonable price for the witnesses, and actively explored the reform of the feed price to help the community.
We believe that products are a better proof of our team.
A lot of discussions and sharing have been done on future planning and some problems in the long-term development of bts ecology. Some of them contain some content that needs simulation data as arguments. I want to share them together and discuss them at a more mature time. We don’t want to rush Some programs and programs that do not have data support.
Through the unremitting efforts of the team, today we officially released the first version of the BTS++ wallet (ios), you can download and install the enterprise version through our website App Store and Android, we will launch as soon as possible.
We will also maintain more communication with users in the next period to improve the products. At the same time, in the near-term planning, we will implement the fund-seeking parties seeking BTS value recognition to promote the next step of business planning and layout. I hope to get everyone's approval and vote for us, thank you for your attention and support.
Thanks also to the members of the team, hard work!
Witness account number: btspp-witness
Thank you for your valuable vote!
contact us:
WeChat: bts-pp
通过团队的不懈努力,今天我们正式发布了BTS++钱包的初版(ios),大家可以通过我们的网站进行企业版下载安装。App Store版和Android版,我们也会尽快推出。
Product screenshot/产品截图              



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