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Follow My Vote / The embarressing death of Follow My Vote
« on: November 14, 2016, 07:49:24 pm »
I do not have many words for this, so I just post the last 4 "news" items as screenshots.

tried to raise 3 million usd. failed.

let's just try any amount. woot 21k usd!

Unfortunately, all your money were not enough to do anything

Did you get our last mail? OMG

facepalm. sad such a great idea goes down the drain.

To add myself in the rows of sceptics, I'd also like to leave a comment here. I'm pretty impressed of the development and concepts presented by nathan and I was following this project very closely because I'm working on a similar project and have to solve the same technological issues. However, all in-depth information from this 4 years old project I could find was 3 youtube videos where nathan explains concepts to solve problems, e.g., with identity managment.

The rest of the youtube channel is text overlays, music and stock images or stock videos, clustered with FMV logos. Also, the website is like a huge copy pasted bloated thingy hard to navigate. I was showing it to friends working also on blockchain democracy sector and the reactions were "fake" and "oh, they copied my texts without any credits.

As if this was not enough, suddenly, after so many years of nothing, you start a crowdfunding campaing of 3 million USD, stuffed with what? Stock Images! Sorry but you really can not be taken seriously anymore. It looks for me you are just existing for the sake of getting yourself fed and on any occasion taking pictures with local politicians.

So here are some suggestions, how you could regain credibility:

  • Write technical whitepapers finally. Maybe one on the project you are working on, the stake weighted voting application, and also one on the future plans of the 1P1V application, which is by far more interesting than the stake weighted because you are always talking about presidential elections on all channels but didn't even start working on 1 person 1 vote solutions.
  • Put them up for review and request for comments. There a many people out there working on similar solutions. Get feedback, together you will be faster achieving your goals and not miss the target.
  • Also, start developing on real prototypes. Try to minimize functionality and publish first proof of concept implementaitons in a fast iterative process. People will overwhel you with feedback and start to actually use this software.
  • And finally, start involving the community. This subforum is a one-direction tool for you. Often questions remain unanswered for several weeks. I once also tried to contact Adam via Mail but never recieved any reply. I was wondering whether you still exist.

I hope this is constructive and will help you from shutting down due to the lack of funds. No idea how much your initial funding was, but you can be sure there will be no further funding if you dont stop posting stock images and start pushing solutions.

I don't see a reason on why to invest in this Kickstarter campaign.
@ak Please give us a way to invest in FMV but do not try to sell us Honor, Pictures of Coffee Cups (ridiculous) and MERIT's.


how much  bts follow  my vote  get when combine???????????????

30 million :(

I don't understand the purpose of this Kickstarter campaign, it seems to be done with no marketing or outreach of any sort, and appears doomed to fail. It's been live for over a week and they so far have raised 0.078% of their target, and as far as I know no one from the FMV team has even come here to acknowledge that it's happening.

Considering the fact that it's an election year in the States this could've been a golden year for FMV, but it's being squandered on this useless Kickstarter campagin.

Wait, 30 Million BTS?

They're trying to raise over $3million via kickstarter? That'll never happen.

Indeed, it never happened!

I don't understand how they could come up with that amount to raise.  $100,000 sure, $250,000 maybe.  3+ million??!@?#?

This! Transparency would be very welcome. Now there is a crowdfunding for 21k USD up, but how did that amount happen to appear?

It does not matter which amount they claim. They will not get even $10K given the bullshit they write in their advertising.


Start working towards a clear goal and involve the community.

@modprobe I just talked to Max Kaye (VoteFlux) and they only use the blockchain to record the votes, most of the part happens off-chain. They have chosen the bitcoin blockchain because it's the most secure chain regarding network consensus and costs to attack the network.

I would always love to highlight coorperation over competition in this area. As I'm working on a blockchain voting whitepaper right now, I would rather get anyone working on that topic involved than pushing multiple single point solutions as competitors.

Follow My Vote / Re: FMV mentioned on Safe Network Forum (Maidsafe)
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:38:39 am »
Question. Will FMV use BitShares or just Graphene?
They will be deployed on BitShares .. that's why we funded them ..

Could you explain that for me, does that mean the FMV DAC will be operating on the bitshares blockchain? Thanks

Sign me up. Been following your repository for quite a while now. But never looked into the code yet.

To get started, where do you need the most help?

Marketplace / Re: Looking for Co-Founder in existing business
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:26:57 am »
Marketing is one of our strengths :)

Unfortunately there is a huge gap of open developer positions to be filled.

Follow My Vote / Re: Delegates as gatekeepers?
« on: February 04, 2016, 10:02:25 am »
Thanks xeroc. Got it.

Follow My Vote / Re: Follow My Vote Press Release!
« on: February 04, 2016, 09:59:39 am »
Full report:

Just read the report. Two questions:

  • You say you will utilize mobile devices as they have the best security models. My first thought was "W00T?", really? I mean I am not very good at evaluating smart phones regarding their security, but I have the subject feeling that my phone is the device where I have least control over it, regarding security.
  • You say it is possible for voters to revoke votes in case they notice something went wrong. Is that a technical solution, like revokation certificates in PGP? Or is that simple the possibility to go to voting officials and state that something went wrong. Couldn't that be abused?

Follow My Vote / Re: How do you stop someone voting twice?
« on: February 01, 2016, 12:07:15 pm »
to which identity (for details on how this registration works, see my video: In practice, multiple registrar servers could be set up and a majority of them would be

very cool explaination of the registration process. are you currently only working on the stake-weighted implementation? what's the status of the 1p1v approach?

Follow My Vote / Re: Follow My Vote Press Release!
« on: February 01, 2016, 11:46:06 am »
very nice .. but I still would love to see more documentation about how thos is actually achieved and hoe far development has gone already


plus: please tell us which communication channels you guys use. it seems its neither email nor this forum (in bi-directional terms). i'd love to discuss details.

Follow My Vote / Delegates as gatekeepers?
« on: February 01, 2016, 11:41:53 am »
Excuse my ignorance, can someone expain me the concept of delegates in DACs? I just read the whitepaper for Follow My Vote and it appears they use delegates as gatekeepers. Delegates have to approve transactions.

Is this term "delegates" referring to delegates in relation with "delegated proof of stake" which is the general process of verifying transactions on the blockchain or are delegates in the language of FMV something different?

Further down the paper, it states the delegate's powers are limited. I hope so, what powers at all does a delegate have in this context?

Thanks for clarification.

Technical Support / Re: !!! Stupid Questions Thread !!!
« on: January 07, 2016, 05:23:13 pm »
12 ) We invented a new kind of tradable asset to go with Market Pegged Assets (MPA) and User Issued Assets (UIA).  These are called Fee Backed Assets (FBA).  FBAs are UIAs that have been hardwired to pay their holders a share of the fees generated by some new function or service on the BitShares blockchain.   This provides a new incentive for new developers to add features and get paid for their efforts.  In effect, an FBA is a mini-DAC that shares the BitShares blockchain.  It also gives BitShares interesting new assets to trade that you can't get anywhere else.
Uh, oh, I like that one very much. Will look into it.

Marketplace / Re: Looking for Co-Founder in existing business
« on: January 07, 2016, 12:06:07 pm »
domsch is doing interesting projects and research, and I understand why he is preferring ethereum. you might want to read up. this is especially interesting for the FollowMyVotes team.

so don't blame him from copy-pasting ethereum. :-)

Technical Support / Re: !!! Stupid Questions Thread !!!
« on: January 07, 2016, 11:58:37 am »
Okay, can someone wrap up the last two years for me?

  • PTS went PTS-DPOS? I can import my old PTS wallet in PTS-DPOS now? Is PTS-DPOS still running?
  • AGS went straight into BTS. Or is there anything else?
  • BTS is still BTS? What is BTS 2.0 in a nutshell?
  • Does I3 still exist?
  • How are you doing?

I know I could read up all the forums, but a quick overview would be appreciated.

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