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I think that Bitshares and Steem should be the first chains(&apps) that integrate into EOS, and if it's the future, then your proposal is not relevant. Both communities will benefit from such integration, and so EOS.
They are already from the same family, and should work together.

Remember that implementing VM is not enough, since it will add "catastrophic" load on witnesses, and to solve it, THEDAN developing much more than just VM.
EOS will provide unlimited grow for(and of) Applications/Smart-contracts/Block-chains/... inside the same eco system. It will be The Standardization for block-chain world, just like "std" for c++. This is very hard to achieve, and Daniel Larimer is the one who can do it (because he is the only one who moving that target several years!).


I would like to share my experience and solution how to migrate from Windows Client BitShares 0.X.X to BitShares 2.0.

In my case, once I performed the steps provided by official BitShares site (, I found that one from my 3 accounts is missing balances(0 BTS!), and another account contains only 30% from the expected balance. I tried to explain my problem on this forum, and all I got from "experts" is the same solutions provided by the site, which was retried several times without any result.

It looks like the official guide is working only for perfect worked BitShares client, which is never crashed, never uninstalled, never restored.
So, if you did restore your wallet from backup and other dirty stuffs, especially after you did any transactions, you may experience the incorrect balances issue during migration, and below I will explain how to migrate in the right way, which worked for me.

Task 1: Upgrade old BitShares Client to 0.9.3c

1. Download the client version 0.9.3c from
2. Run installation and perform the Upgrade
3. Run the UI client and enter wallet key (if the application screaming about some RESET, press the RESET!)
4. Wait till your block chain is fully synced (the last block number in OLD block chain is 3832292)

Task 2: Re-scan block chain via console client of 0.9.3.c (Actually, this is the missing step in official guide!)
5. Shutdown the BitShares UI client (Although you closed the window, the process may still run, and you should wait till it will really exit - check it via Task Manager)
6. Run the console client (c:\Program Files\BitShares\bin\bitshares_client.exe)
7. Enter: wallet_open default

8. Enter: wallet_unlock 324324244
9. Now it will ask you for a password of your wallet. You should enter the same password you are using to enter UI wallet, enter the password and press ENTER.
....NOTE! When you type your password it will not be displayed, so do not be confused, just keep typing!....

10. Enter balance to check the balances for all your accounts. It will show the "bad" balances or nothing.
11. Enter wallet_rescan_blockchain 0 3832292 false and press ENTER. This will re-scan all transactions, and may take several hours(or DAYS!), but you must wait till it complete!!!
.......after a lot of time you should see this.....

12. Enter balance  again. At this step I got this:

Task 3: Export wallet
13. Enter: wallet_export_keys full_balances_0.9.3c.json
...this will save the wallet keys in full_balances_0.9.3c.json located in c:\Program Files\BitShares\bin\ folder.... should import it to BitShares 2.0....

Task 4: Install BitShares 2.0 and continue with official guide
14. Download and Install the latest client from
15. Open official "Migration guide - Import wallet" -
16. Import keys (as described there)
17. Claim balances (as described there)
18. And finally in Dashboard!
....LOL! For 2nd account I got more BTS, than it was in console before migration...161K(after) vs 143K(before) !....(Thanks God)

BitShares team should be more responsible for what they do, because many people did invest real money for them!

I am not sure that it restored ALL of my money, but I'm sure that it restored most of them.
Hope it will help somebody else!

Most open source projects, elementary, missing quality, even in common scenario, or in developers language I'm calling that as "positive scenario". When your program works if everything is done as expected.
Usually there are only few positive scenarios, and usually they are developed first and working first.

This project started good, but now I see that you can't even complete the  "positive scenario" of migration.
I'm afraid from only thinking about all the "negative scenarios", which exists infinitely much more than positives (they can heat hard even well organized company/project!), it does not looks like you are ready to this, it looks like you failed in very basic step of creating "working user-friendly product".

The main problem of such projects(why they do fail), because open source developers do not recognize the level of responsibility they do have, once they started to develop the end user application. They think server/c++/java/problem/solution..., while they should think like user thinks. Before releasing anything to public, imagine that somebody's grandmother will use it, not you.

This is my statement, as developer and technical leader in some company.

Currently, I'm leaving any attempts to restore my wallet, I'm waiting for single click solution.
Only if you success to provide it, the project will have a chance to live...(and its not because of me).

Hey, xeroc

I performed the "funds recovery" instructions after I saw that it does not show balances on new client after performing the "Migration to 2.0" instructions. I tried both Windows and Web client.

So, right now, as a user and not a developer of bitshares, I have no idea what should I do, to get my balances back, and continue work with new bitshares platform.

Can you please help me(and I will help you) to solve this issue?
But take in mind that the only operations I can do(as a USER!), is copy/paste some text/files, run exe applications, and enter some commands (without understanding what does that mean) in console.

Graphene hanged forever, while importing keys from 0.9.3c.
I tried both  - Windows Client and

Another strange behavior is that after I did regenerate keys command and export, the key file grew from 12KB to 8MB!!
Also, Windows Client consumed more than 1.5GB of RAM during import process and hanged, and all this happens only after I ran "regenerate" command on only 2 out of ~20 accounts I own.

I applied the following steps
In 0.9.3c client:
1. For both accounts: wallet_regenerate_keys ACCOUNT-NAME 10500
2. wallet_export_keys PATH
In 2.0 light client:
3. Create new wallet
4. Import keys

Now I see the "Loading balance claims" in Wallet Management Console, and looks like it is still in progress, while 2 hours passed...any idea how much time it should take?

I have exactly the same issue on Bitshares 2.0-light on Windows, but my both accounts (with > 50k BTS on deposit) have 6 letters...

BTW, why the block number which is displayed in new Client is so small? Right now its only #66357, and according to it should be about #3,829,501

witness_client.exe (have no idea what it is) shows the same block numbers as light client 2.0.

Keyhotee / Re: Alpha Keyhotee Bug Reporting in this thread.
« on: October 05, 2014, 09:38:03 pm »
Getting this when trying to cancel short order on USD/BTSX, and the order not canceled...


100.00    0.01   0.00   1.00    Canceling..


Assert Exception (10) BN_num_bits(n) <= 63: type mismatch multiplying asset {"amount":-100000,"asset_id":0} by price {"ratio":"10.","quote_asset_id":22,"base_asset_id":0}
 ○ request@app.js:73627:31
 ○ market_cancel_order@app.js:75089:30
 ○ cancel_order@app.js:72815:49
 ○ cancel_order@app.js:68762:39
 ○ app.js:20028:26
 ○ app.js:27664:19
 ○ $eval@app.js:21779:28
 ○ $apply@app.js:21879:28
 ○ app.js:27663:27
 ○ dispatch@app.js:4371:14
 ○ handle@app.js:4057:33
[hide details]

General Discussion / Re: Do the assets have their own blockchain?
« on: August 30, 2014, 09:33:06 am »
Hi, I have trivial question.

Bitshares founders say that 1 USD will be always equal to 1 BitUSD, but what if the count of BitUSDs runs out? Then, some body must create new, and become owner of it, right?.
So, that means that there is (the) one man, who can create BitUSD from air and exchange them for real money.

If so - the difference between USD and BitUSD, is only the "money printer owner"...

Who does control the capitalization amount of BitUSD/BTC/XXX and any other assets?


Can somebody send me few BTSX? I'm trying to register my account.



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