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For anything that requires voting (witness, worker proposal), reptuation is key. Hence, I strongly recommend becoming active in the community, get your self familiar with it and establish a standing in the community.
The better you do, the faster you can become an essential part of the community.
@clockwork is a good example, he started to be active about 12 months ago and made it to top1 committee and top1 witness.

Thanks a lot for answering. I will do that.

Hello to all readers.

I will introduce myself a bit.
I have been off from the bitshares forum but I am up for it and I come reloaded with more clear ideas after a long journey using crypto, mining and publishing tons of posts.
My name is Saturno Mangieri. Right now I live in Venezuela but soon enough I will moving to Brasil. I am a regular and active Steemit & Whaleshares user known as theghost1980 in both platforms. I have been working educating people since I start making more "serious blogging". So far I have been able to analyse that basically all these three platforms are connected this is why I talk about Steemit & whaleshares. Right now I am supporting a curation community called steemitvenezuela. We mainly curate articles written in Spanish and we help people to become better bloggers as well.

Right now I am running a witness for whaleshares platform and I would love to start running one for bitshares as well. This is why I ask you about how can I get really involved with BitShares in order to make it worth and start a true long term relationship. I have some ideas but I will love to hear your opinions about this. I have an education project in mind because I love educating people and teaching them about the truth potential of Blockchain. It will be a pleasure for me to do this as a professional job, starting in Brasil.

I will leave 2 questions so you can let me know about it.

Is it possible to ask for a budget to educate people about BitShares and about the whole Blogging ecosystem? What is the regular procedure?

Would it be better to run a witness first so the team can see my honest intentions here first?

I will really appreciate the guidance and help. I know the potential of all of this and I am here to work hard and to prove with real results. You can investigate a bit about me using the links bellow.

My Steemit account:

My Whaleshares account:

My Bitshares account is: theghost24.

The curation community account:

My witness proposal for Whaleshares(Up & Running):

Please feel free to ask me anything you may consider important. I am open to teach people about the whole BitShares ecosystem. One of my passions in life is teaching. I have a professional degree in Computer Science as well.

As I said I will really appreciate the help and guide.

PS: I have posted it in "General Discussion" but if you consider that  must be moved to another topic is fine.

General Discussion / Re: [ANN] BitGate Pre-Crowdfund ICO
« on: February 11, 2017, 12:57:22 pm »
ETA on token issue?

Hello there. I would like to have some info too, I cannot see any so far.
Could you please update Us about the ETA on bitgate tokens?

Thanks for your time  :D

Technical Support / i would like to know about bitshares
« on: February 08, 2017, 02:47:50 am »
hello there, this is my first post around here. I'm a crypto enthusiast, also I like programming. First of all, I would like to know what is Bitshares, I want to know about the practical uses, I want to read answers from the users (Pro's & Con's). How could I get benefits from it? What could I do to help or invest in the platform? Also what the platform can do for me if I decide to invest in it. What is the vision of Bitshares? What plans do you have in mind for the next 5 years? What about stability and long term economy while using bitshares?

My name is Saturno Mangieri.
(Excuse my English, my main language is Spanish)

Thanks for your time.

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