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Fuzzy,  I seem to be missing also.  I put my name on you online list linked in today's session, but I inadvertently put name as "beyond bitcoin"  Looks like it been a while since I've recived any Brownie credits for Mumble attenance though I am there single week. 

Mumble Name: James212        BTS: theangelwaveproject.


 +5% +5%

well said.         Use Googles business development model.  One very solid and excellent core product (search Engine) first!  Then spin of in to other lines of development.   With the extreme potential of crypto, it's important that we avoid the temptation of chasing too many opportunities at once.  <-- we've been very poor at this in the past. 

How does one claim their PTS /DNS allocation on Bitshares 2.0?


General Discussion / Open Ledger/Bitshares mentioned on The Daily Decrypt
« on: November 05, 2015, 12:24:56 am »

Open Ledger/Bitshares mentioned on The Daily Decrypt @   4:38sec.    May need to find a way to deal with complexity

General Discussion / Re: Wow. That was a shitty day for bitshares
« on: November 04, 2015, 10:03:49 pm »
BTS needs to be promoted as a tool of freedom that it is.    It needs to develop its own mini economy of people that are passionate about a common goal.

Unfortunately, growing a community in such a manner is much slower than most would like.

I'll have to disagree here. While think freedom is really important, I'll have to accept the fact that most people don't care about it.

Of course Bitshares has to be "freedom compatible", otherwise it won't be useful and wont' revolutionize anything. But using freedom as a main marketing point is just waste of time.

Freedom lovers are a tiny group, and most of them are already using bitcoin, and especially right now when the BTC is rocketing, they are not interested in questioning the foundations of Bitcoin and analyze how bad it actually is (in the long run).

 +5% +5%.

"Freedom" , a great goal, but a very very bad marketing ploy.   Bitshares needs a heavy weight marketing team at the level of our great heavy weight dev team.

General Discussion / Re: If you are a Brownie holder
« on: November 02, 2015, 02:58:42 am »

Now that this News is out will Ether turn south again  ???? What do you think?  Mid Thirties were tempting but I was hesitating to long...

It not a competition in technology, but for mainstream mind share.


Bitcoin is backed by the odds of the legacy financial system imploding.  None of that other stuff matters.  Since there's been no 1776 against the Federal Reserve so far, it's pretty damn obvious nobody is interested in switching unless the legacy system goes down.

Because the majority do not understand the financial problem.  The crypto world is at risk of living in a bubble of its own thinking. 
Barring a financial system failure mass adoption will be long and difficult now that it has failed to capitalize of the initial popular wave in 2012/2013.   Commercial adoption (while maintaining the ethical objectives) seems to be the more practical way forward. 

Bitmaster, my take-ways from this most interesting discussion:

1) The initial market wave of Bitcoin is over and along with it, gone is the hope of the Blitzkrieg   (overwhelming speed in achieving market share that will disrupt and set off balance the the very formidable competitors in the financial space)   tactic  for success.    Success will take longer than expected and will require wise stealth maneuvers and partnerships with the very industries seeking to be disrupted. 

2) consumer adoption is not where the crypto success will happen(first), the learning curve is currently too steep for the mass market.   I will be with the commercial organizations (Fortune 2000?) that can really see and appreciate value creation to business bottom line.

Stop trying to storm the Bastille:  Disruption of Finance technology will not happen without the acceptance/involvement of the entrenched financial oligopolies.  Stealth tactics and strategic partnerships are essential to make the change desired.  Talk of destroying the banks is not helpful when they are holding all the cards.  Need to make it very easy and very very tempting (lucrative) for them to disrupt themselves with the new tech. 

3) Public block changes are not inherently better or more sacred than private block changes

4) Ideology  needs to be kept far, far way from the promotion of blockchain technology products.     If the product will bring libertarian “freedom” then let the product speak for itself and let freedom be a bi- product of its success.  Idiology, no mater how good,  is divisive and does not help product promotion. 

5)  Techno-speak needs to be kept far, far way from the promotion of blockchain technology products.   

Much like the switch of the telecoms from wire to Voice over IP, it is easier for market acceptance if crypto and all the associated complexities remain under the hood, unseen.

more like a car salesman talking about details of the latest engine tech: piston compression, cylinder arrangements, cam lobes ect, it  only confuses the customer that wants to hear about the smooth ride and great handling.  They can careless how it is accomplished.  Therefore market approach needs to be about how the product can improve the things in the “real world” that the customer is already doing.  They must be able to relate to your proposal and fit it into their current needs or current actions.   A firm link must be make between blockchain technology that solves real world issues (not ideological ones).  The blockchain industry needs to reach out and connect with the wider world not continue to recirculate business and ideas within it self.

6) The “killer app” (that most likely will incorporate the charictaritics above) is becoming over-due.   and is desperately needed.  Without it the adoption horizon will be exponentially longer and may miss the window for mass adoption. 

7) Need to learn from the multiple Bitcoin marketing blunders.  One being the use of the same name for the token and the infrastructure. 

8) Blockchain technology is badly in need of marketing professionals that can effectively relay value proposition, brought be blockchain, to the broader market

A direct and important discussion on the status of crypto that we all should be aware of. 

This panel discussion in on Bitcoin, but most of the discussion applies equally to Bitshares and the rest of the crypto space.......

 Very interesting and informative reality check.

Can someone point me to instructions on how to import /claim the allocated shares from last years merger?

Thanks in advance.

IDentabit / Re: Identabit Hangout w/ John Underwood
« on: September 03, 2015, 06:03:38 am »
 +5%.  ....excellent interview. Greatly enjoyed hearing Mr Underwood's. Insightful perspective on block chain tech and executing a workable plan to succeed.   After listening to the interview I feel identabit is in fact addressing a number of bitshares critical blind spots that I've been concerned about.   Based on this conversation would seriously consider a further investment in the project if the opertunity becomes available.  It looks to me like identabit has the perfect combination bitshares' great technology and John's proven   ability to market and execute. 

Thank you Fuzzy for getting him on. 

IDentabit / Re: Important Criticism
« on: August 31, 2015, 03:25:36 pm »
What functionality does Ethereum have (or promise to have in the future) over BitShares? How much does the name "Ethereum" contribute to its current 10x market cap advantage over BitShares?

Etherium has a good market cap because they were able to get momentum behind their tech. That counts more than many here would like to believe.


IDentabit / Re: Important Criticism
« on: August 31, 2015, 03:20:48 pm »
I like this project and think it has potential. The one thing that seems unprofessional to me is the name itself. I would suggest using a naming service like (there are many others). I would also recommend staying away from any and all cliches like "bit" for example. I would opt for a name that has nothing to do with cryptocurrency. Example: Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Graphene. These are all great names.


IDentabit / Re: Important Criticism
« on: August 31, 2015, 03:19:29 pm »
PLease let CAss help with your marketing.  WOuld love a name brand change before you get too many T-SHirts printed, but it is what it is.  I might suggest something that conjures the feeling of openness, honesty, integrity, transparency, honesty other than identity which is only the means to the end (trust based on truth)


  .....and I would add "something that conjures the feeling of "security".   "Identity" can easily be taken as a negative and it is something the user must give up.....a forfeiture of privacy if you will.     However security is generally seen as something positive that is being provided.     I would NOT suggest "securabit" though.  I think all aspects of the product name can be much improved with some marketing brain storming. 

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