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General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: May 28, 2020, 11:31:39 am »
Desktop-version of XBTS Dex is available on

One build for all Linux and IoT!

Get access to professional functionality, convenience and better security.

Snaps are universal Linux packages.


Rather than rejecting this and that, can we start a discussion about what is acceptable? E.G. what fee percent is acceptable for you? 1%? 5%? 10%? 20%? 30%?

10% is real. If this money is used to develop Bitshares and strengthen the brand in the market, we will support this proposal.

Important! Payments will be made in traded tokens? or the exchange will need to make an exchange for BTS? Tokens are highly volatile and providing each project with a cost is not profitable for the gateway.

Very important!!! It is necessary to reduce the commission for creating an asset. Due to the high commissions, there are difficulties to add new coins. These huge commissions interfere with the work of the exchange. We wanted to add most of the popular coins to the exchange, but because of such a quick (without warning, announcement, etc.) raising commissions, our work on adding coins is limited! Raising asset creation fees makes Bitshares too expensive! White lists have now appeared, and this protects users from fraudulent assets.

ABOUT MM: We said that we would not take part in the next MM contest. We want to look at the example of Gdex how new competition will work. And maybe we'll take part.

We use other mechanisms to encourage traders. Our model is Staking . Staking Program on the XBTS exchange has been working for 2 years. Also, our traders earn cryptocurrency by participating in promotions, games and other activities. This attracts new users to the exchange and the entire ecosystem.

seems the volume is small yet?
kindly reminding: after the launch of BTS4.0, all the gateway assets need to share market fee to system, either participate the MM contest or not.

Can you tell us more about double tax? And who will pay? - All gateways that work on Bitshares, including your gateway. All payment systems such as PalmPay? As well as coins that are issued to Bitshares as an asset that management their business, for example, Evraz or CloudCoin (the original cloudcoin is not a blockchain, but they have an asset in Bitshares).

What opportunities will appear in the Bitshares after the introduction of a double tax?

What are the benefits of gateways that work on Bitshares?
XBTS make ads for Bitshares, do services and games in which we add BTS, etc.

For all the time that we have been working for Bitshares, and this is 2 years, the system has not had any advertising campaigns. Several conferences were held, but did they give a result? At the same time, the cost of these conferences was very high.

As you remember, last year there was a wave of mass closure of exchanges for various reasons, this greatly affected the reputation of Bitshares and those exchanges that continued to work well.

The increase in the cost of creating an asset, especially in times of crisis, complicates the listing process and makes it more expensive, which significantly reduces the opportunities for new projects. Many choose Waves dex as an alternative or go to other exchanges.

Based on the concept of the work of the workers, there is a question:
Why do Bitshares still lack a beautiful adaptive interface? The interface  has been paid, and done, why is it unavailable? Maybe it’s worth considering the option of returning funds from workers who did not fulfill what they promised?
And why were the worker proposal completed if the work was not completed?

Now you want to introduce an additional tax on the gateways that work and bring profit to the system. Each gateway has its own vision of development, gateways are not slaves of the blockchain. Gateways are partners of the blockchain.

Alternative solution:
Why waste time updating the core and introducing taxation if there is a solution for everyone. Raise the fee in the network to 5 BTS per action and the network profit will be 5 times higher.

If you decide to only tax the gateways, then the gateways should be in the witnesses, the gateways will return the BTS back to the blockchain and continue to develop.

General Discussion / Re: Market making contest (main thread)
« on: May 22, 2020, 05:09:21 pm »
For 5 months we participated in the MM contest. XBTS DEX will not continue to participate in the competition.

This is a proposal which mainly focus on the update of the MM contest rules, however it is not only relevant to this, it try to build an economic model for BTS-DEX, to encourage users to contribute valuable transactions to the ecosystem, activate trading and promote the ecosystem value.

At the time that the MM contest paused, we observed that the BTS-DEX become more cold/desolate than the contest is active, it easy to understand, in any exchange in the world Market Making is a service that cannot be ignored, That’s why we try to optimize the MM contest rules and hope it can get enough support from the community.

The proposal will be discussed sufficiently and then be put into BSIP/BAIP poll voting, it will be executed if it is authorized by the voting.

On one hand, this proposal continuously enhance the platform token feature of BTS, enhance the contribution to system income from various assets, and the subsequent BTS buyback and burning.  On the other hand, this proposal will update the MM contest rules and rename it as “ordering mining” as one important part of the BTS-DEX economic model, BTS/bitAssets pairs group will be added in, reward on one pair will depend on the market fee income that was contributed from this pair to the system, the infrastructure will include several parameters which can be adjusted  to fit the business status, the gateway assets which are included in the ordering mining will be forced to pay part of the market fee to system before BTS 4.0 launching as a must for being listed in. All these update is to build a market-oriented selection and cultivation  mechanism, to make the competent pairs to stand out in a fair environment, and feed back to the system after growing up. The 3 trading pair groups just form a trading triangle, much trading chance will come out there if the market making really help.

Daily system income include all the BTS fees and the market fee share of the ordering mining listed gateway assets that were collected to committee-account, counted in BTS. All the funds that were used as rewards of for burning comes from committee-account, as current balance or future income.

#Ordering Mining
Ordering Mining involve 3 categories of assets which are BTS, bitAssets and Gateway assets.
bitAssets include bitCNY, bitUSD,bitEUR,bitRUBLE.
Gateway assets involve the according gateway assets of main crypto currencies include BTC, USDT, ETH and EOS, the organizer demand the gateway to guarantee the in time deposit and withdraw service with quick support while necessary, and provide the proof of real asset. Now the listed gateway asset include:





Ordering Mining is to encourage market making via reasonable reward, to form sufficient market depth to attract traders, so the principles for the rules are:
1.give incentive to ordering, to narrowing the gap between top buy/sell orders, to big fund participation, and try to form a long-term mechanism.
2.attendees need to operate with self owned funds and bear profits or loss,no matter how much funds are included.
2.1 the bigger the order volume, the higher the reward.
2.2the closer the order price to the top counter party order price, the higher the reward.
2.3 the longer the order stay there, the higher the reward.
3.each day the reward to each pair depend on the fees that were paid to committee-account from this pair, the fee include the marginal fee and force settlement fee of bitAssets.

*Each pair group have 3 parameters include Base Reward, Top Reward, and Buy-Sell Reward Ratio, each pair have parameters include Pair Top Reward, Fee Return Ratio, Gear Goal Depth, Minimum Effective Order Volume.

*Calculation of pair reward and adjustment
First, calculate out the reward for each pair based on the contributed fee and the Fee Return Ratio of that pair, compare it with Pair Top Reward and select the lower one as the reward of that day for that pair. in formula Reward to one pair in one day = min(Fee paid from this pair to committee-account*Pair Fee Return Ratio, Pair Top Reward)

*Calculation of pair group reward and adjustment
Sum up the pair reward in the pair group to get the pair group reward, if Top Reward>pair group reward>Base Reward, adopt the pair group reward directly, if pair group reward<Base Reward, adopt Base Reward as pair group reward, if pair group reward>Top Reward, adopt Top Reward as pair group reward.

*Distribution of pair reward
*only the order with volume >  Minimum Effective Order Volume will be put into the market depth and reward calculation

*calculate the depth based on the distance from current order to the closer effective order in counter order listing.
Distance = ABS(this order price-closer counter order price)/MAX(this order price, closer counter order price)
Ordering Gears and according Reward Ratio
*orders inside 1% distance will share maximum 53% reward
*orders inside 2% distance will share maximum 25% reward
*orders inside 3% distance will share maximum 12% reward
*orders inside 5% distance will share maximum 6% reward
*orders inside 7% distance will share maximum 3% reward
*orders inside 10% distance will share maximum 1% reward
*In each gear:
If the summed up depth does not reach the goal depth, reward = maximum reward share* real depth/goal depth.
If the summed up depth overcome the goal depth, reward =  maximum reward share

*Distribution inside gears:
calculate the weight based on the distance of the order price to the gear border price:
Weight Coefficient = 1 + (gear top border price -  order price)/(gear top border price - gear bottom border price)
The pair reward share to each gear will be distributed to orders based on Order Volume*Weight Coefficient inside each gear.

*Calculation and rewarding will be done each day with period from UTC0:00 to 24:00, proposals will be created to distribute the rewards.
*If BTS 4.0 is not launched yet when this Ordering Mining begin, gateway need to pay 20% of the market fee of the listed gateway assets to committee assigned account, the reward to pairs with the gateway asset will stop if more than 1K BTS fee are not paid.

Parameters and Initial Values

Minimum Pair Daily Volume: 5KBTS, pairs with volumes less than this value at the day will not be included in reward distribution.

1.BTS/gateway assets group, Base Reward 3KBTS, Top Reward 20KBTS, and Buy-Sell Reward Ratio 7:3, each pair inside have Pair Top Reward 2K BTS, Fee Return Ratio 40, Gear Goal Depth 200K BTS, Minimum Effective Order Volume 100BTS.

2.BTS/bitAssets group, Base Reward 3KBTS, Top Reward 20KBTS, and Buy-Sell Reward Ratio 10:0, each pair inside have Pair Top Reward 10K BTS, Fee Return Ratio 20, Gear Goal Depth 1M BTS, Minimum Effective Order Volume 100BTS.

Suggest committee to set market fee to 0.1%, market fee sharing ratio to 20% for bitCNY, bitUSD, bitEUR and bitRUBLE.

3.  Gateway assets/bitAssets group, Base Reward 3KBTS, Top Reward 20KBTS, and Buy-Sell Reward Ratio 5:5, each pair inside have Pair Top Reward 2K BTS, Fee Return Ratio 20, Gear Goal Depth 200K BTS, at calculation the depth will be converted to according gateway asset depth based on the MA24 price, and
bitAssets/BTC: Minimum Effective Order Volume 0.0002 BTC
bitAssets/USDT: Minimum Effective Order Volume 2 USDT
bitAssets/ETH: Minimum Effective Order Volume 0.01 ETH
bitAssets/EOS: Minimum Effective Order Volume 1 EOS

#BTS Buy back and Burning
Committee will be responsible for the BTS buy back with the non-BTS assets in system income.
A parameter Burn-Income Ratio is set, each day BTS with amount=(system income*Burn-Income Ratio)will be transferred to the specific burning account, and will be burned when the accumulated amount reach a certain value.

#Payment for Development and Daily Operation
Generally BTS with amount = reward*1% will be paid to daily operators, each day proposal will be created to transfer such amount of BTS to operator account. On the other hand, as the update need development, salary will be paid to the developers if the proposal be approved by voting, currently the estimated salary is about 150K BTS.

Chinese version can be found here:;topicseen#msg342265

We use other mechanisms to encourage traders. Our model is Staking . Staking Program on the XBTS exchange has been working for 2 years. Also, our traders earn cryptocurrency by participating in promotions, games and other activities. This attracts new users to the exchange and the entire ecosystem.

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: May 22, 2020, 03:43:24 pm »
Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day!
Today is the 10th anniversary of buying two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins.
2 Pizzas worth $91 millions now!

Back in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz made history when he bought two Papa John’s pizza (worth USD 25) for 10,000 BTC. At the time, the world’s first cryptocurrency was only a year old and the hungry ‘Bitcoin Pizza Guy’ thought it was a bargain.  It was only 9 months later that Bitcoin hit parity with the US dollar and well… the rest still history in the making.

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:25:18 pm »
Attention of coin Developers!
XBTS offers you to list your coin via Blockchain Voting
Rules updated! When your coin collects at least 1500000 votes in $STH and takes one of the three top voting positions, it will be listed on XBTS DEX

General Discussion / Re: 😎 [XBTS_Bounty] 😎 ANTIBOUNTY 😎
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:00:14 pm »
Antibounty based on Smartholdem DPOS blockchain with instant payments,
built-in crypto wallet and XBTS DEX exchange platform for popular cryptocurrencies: BTS, STH, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC.
Only Real People!
Antibounty is a great way to promote your game, startup, song or cryptocoin to succeed!
Discover new promo tools!

General Discussion / Re: 😎 [XBTS_Bounty] 😎 ANTIBOUNTY 😎
« on: May 17, 2020, 11:20:07 am »
Welcome to the ANTIBOUNTY Affiliate Program!
Best Affiliate Program For 2020!

Starting out as a Antibounty affiliate you will get a referral bonus from each completed task. This means you get STH coins of completed blockchain tasks lifetime commission fees from the friends you invite and your friends get more STH coins from each completed task.

Joining Antibounty affiliates will give you the ability to generate a lifetime passive income for each person you directly send to Antibounty.

The Antibounty is a win-win for everyone. Once your referrals go to the Antibounty to earn crypto , you will earn crypto.

Antibounty lifetime commission offers you incentives on every tasks your referrals make in the future.

How does the Antibounty Blockchain Affiliate Program work?

Antibounty is the only service in the world that provides you with activity from real crypto users with confirmation of orders & tasks on the blockchain! Explore Blockchain Twitter Tools!

Antibounty is a powerful tool for earning cryptocurrency for all participants:

Earn cryptocurrency for completing tasks.
Post tasks and get feedback from real crypto users.
Invite users to Antibounty and earn more STH on their every completed tasks on Twitter!
Grow your affiliate network!


Open the Online STH wallet on the platform website

Register a wallet! Only YOU have access to your account!

Open Affiliate in the section ANTIBOUNTY

1. Get your refferal link
Share your personal referral link across the web

2. Invite users
Invite friends & give them programs for making extra money
Crypto user receives more STH rewards after activating referral link
The more users you bring to Antibounty, the more you earn

3. Be rewarded
Get more STH for each completed task affiliate makes on Twitter: Retweet, Like, Follow!
Get +1STH from each antibounty tasks transactions of your referred users!

4. Lifetime Affiliate Program
The Antibounty is a Win-Win for everyone!

ANTIBOUNTY offers you 20% commission on all of your referrals earning crypto from antibounty website using your personal referral link, including lifetime future operations.

There is no limit to your commissions with the affiliate! ANTIBOUNTY pay out this commission for every completed task your affiliate makes in their lifetime. You can use STH Wallet to keep track of your referrals and transfer funds to the exchange at any time.

Antibounty is a Blockchain Twitter Tools platform, most users earn cryptocurrency for Retweet, Like, Follow on Twitter!

Users are interested in getting your referral link:
ANTIBOUNTY gives affiliate users +1 STH commission on every tasks complited transactions. Commission from ANTIBOUNTY is for the lifetime of each referral.

!!! If the user does not have a referral link, he/she earns 4 STH for each action. After activating a referral link, reward increases and the user receives 5 STH for each completed task.

ANTIBOUNTY has many promotional tools available such as promo pics, referral links, and banners -

Invite users to Antibounty and earn more STH! Antibounty pay out for every completed tasks your affiliate makes in their lifetime.
Antibounty is paid out every Sunday, starting from 1 Sunday from the date that your referral add to your account.
Antibounty pay you in STH straight to the wallet address.

STH coin is a core asset of the XBTS DEX Exchange
You can exchange your STH coins for any popular cryptocurrency.
42+ Trading pairs. You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere, without withdrawal limits. No KYC.
STH has many options for use: for paying commissions for transactions on the XBTS exchange,
STH takes part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program and in fair Blockchain Voting for XBTS Dex listing.
STH is a native coin for decentralized gaming platform SmartHoldem. STH use in DAPPs, DexGames and much more.
Becoming a Antibounty affiliate is a sure way to generate lifetime extra income. The more traffic you can generate, the more income you will make.

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: April 22, 2020, 12:17:24 am »
1 Barrel of oil = 1086 BTS
Buy/Trade BTS
Instant buy and sell of cryptocurrency at fair price with blockchain guarantees.

General Discussion / Re: 😎 [XBTS_Bounty] 😎 ANTIBOUNTY 😎
« on: April 15, 2020, 11:06:24 am »
This topic announced the development of ANTIBOUNTY.The topic was created 8 months ago.

Now ANTIBOUNTY is completely ready! And the branch is updated! Antibounty has started!

On the forum BitsharesTalk has announced a promotional Bounty campaign in support of the launch of the service Antibounty .


General Discussion / Re: 😎 [XBTS_Bounty] 😎 ANTIBOUNTY 😎
« on: April 13, 2020, 10:51:46 pm »
Antibounty has started!
Welcome to the Antibounty branch!
Have fun & profit!

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: March 31, 2020, 10:26:11 pm »
Take care of yourselves and trade safe!
TradeAtHome & StayAtHome
Check out the XBTS update

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: March 21, 2020, 08:15:04 am »
Cross-platform desktop wallet for the SmartHoldem blockchain available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

We’re happy to introduce the New SmartHoldem Desktop Wallet. The focus is exclusively on security, usability and functionality of the wallet.

Features SmartHoldem Desktop Wallet:

- Send/Receive Transactions
- Register Delegate
- Encrypt local storage data
- Set label for address
- Total Balance by all addresses
- Convert STH amount to popular currency
- Current coin rate
- Import Address/Private key from QR-code
- Generate New Addresses
- Contacts Section
- QR Scheme as object
- Qr-Code Scanner for payments (Requires enable permission on camera)
- QR invoice generator with address, amount, memo
- Display PIN Keyboard
- Dark Mode
- Copy Clipboard Raw Tx
- Receive STH with QR
- XBTS DEX Exchange integrate
- Reset all data

To download SmartHoldem Desktop wallet, click the WALLET and select the platform

General Discussion / Re: XBTS 🌏 Dex Exchange
« on: March 17, 2020, 08:43:34 pm »
Epic victories from the community!
Player vs player!
Who will win?

“Heads or Tails” is a multiplayer game, based on DPOS blockchain with instant payments, built-in wallet and exchange

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