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Thank you so much, it is very nice of you.
That is exactly what I did.

But I ran into different errors when using my testnet... where and do I need to specify my network name?
the example script won't recognize my network name, thus the response will return an error
TypeError: Cannot read property 'network' of undefined

It's been a nightmare for someone like me doesn't have the background in javascript to do the integration test...

Hi everyone,

I am new in bitshares and the first thing I do is try the private testnet myself.
It works out ok and I now want to use javascript to write code to play with my local private testnet, would it be possible?

I noticed the tutorial and examples from bitsharesjs GitHub repository but the apis.instance("wss://", true) which indicates that the api will connect to the public testnet..

Am I taking this the wrong way?

Thank you guys!

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