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General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: May 19, 2017, 04:05:12 pm »
One other thing I deduced from all the chatter in telegram is that EOS will almost definitely use a different economic model than bitshares for its tokens and bandwidth in line with his blog post about fee-less blockchains and similar to steem (with your stake controlling bandwidth).

In that sense I don't know how easy it would be to just move bts over or clone the eos tech. Then again it does open up the possibility to try different economic models for bts and see which one works best. Hard to say anything meaningful or make plans with the limited knowledge we have about eos at the moment.

But I do agree that bitshares should be right on top of this and probably start out with at least a sidechained foot in the door of eos.

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General Discussion / Re: Dan's Next Project - EOS Rears its Head
« on: May 04, 2017, 07:24:52 pm »
A little late for a notice - "initial offering has ended" :(

No way this is the same thing. Bm said he's gonna leak info, but nothing concrete until end of may
yea, would b nice to see it posted on steem, or here before throwing it on btc-talk

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General Discussion / Re: Graphene GUI testing and feedback
« on: May 01, 2016, 07:16:41 pm »
You rock!!!

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General Discussion / Re: Graphene GUI testing and feedback
« on: May 01, 2016, 07:08:37 pm »
Trollbox finally coming next release! I got a great suggestion from hitchcock, the front-end dev of Digix, to use Peerjs to make a p2p chatroom and it turned out to be surprisingly easy :)

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This is awesome news!  Can't wait to see it in action.  This may be a premature question but will this be moderated in any way or is it just wide open?
Great work svk!

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It's unmoderated for now but with mindphlux we brainstormed some ideas for how to add moderation. The easiest one being to allow users to ignore other users, I can probably add that by Wednesday.
That seems like simple and effective solution.
Another cool idea, if this can be done, would be having an ability to quick tip a user name in the troll box.  This would help to incentivize participation and keep people more engaged.

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General Discussion / Re: Graphene GUI testing and feedback
« on: May 01, 2016, 07:00:12 pm »
Trollbox finally coming next release! I got a great suggestion from hitchcock, the front-end dev of Digix, to use Peerjs to make a p2p chatroom and it turned out to be surprisingly easy :)

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This is awesome news!  Can't wait to see it in action.  This may be a premature question but will this be moderated in any way or is it just wide open?
Great work svk!

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I have some questions regarding this [ANN].  I haven't listened to today's BB Hangout so if these questions were discussed already I apologize in advance.

So what's the Total and Final Supply of the Peerplay tokens suppose to be?  You've already listed in the ANN 200,000 tokens and then another 500,000 tokens over the 25 day "AGS Style" auction, for a total of 700,000 tokens.  Is this the max?

Question two- How did you come up with the $500,000 USD valuation for Phase One and Two?  Or am I misunderstanding and doing the math wrong? 

Question three- If the math for question two is correct,  is it safe you're expecting the AGS donation to average around $1.25 Million USD?

I know you said more details will be released around May 6th so thanks in advance for giving any insight, as much as you can anyway!!

Sure !

100k BTC donation for someone to find out how GETGEMZ got their crypto app on IOS so we can do exactly what they did.

Is there anyone else out there besides onceuponatime and myself who is willing to throw six figures at our current development funding issues?

Come on team, let's all pony up a significant chunk of our investment for the greater good of the community (like the Monero community did):

0. finish stealth support
1. finish the rate limited free transaction feature
2. implement margin trading / bond market
3. implement BM's "sell voting power for development funds" idea
4. implement sidechaining

If we all work together, we can fund these projects.

Eric V is realizing how hard it is to fund effective development in this industry, and so are we!

He is not giving up, and neither am I.

Are you?
100k BTC donation???

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General Discussion / Re: Engineering Trust
« on: April 19, 2016, 10:45:06 pm »
What does this all tell us about what we should engineer next?
How about actually paying decent interest earned from 100% income producing assets backing a currency instead of fractional reserve debt?

I hope you're digging for opinions relating to Real Estate, Deed Recording, Commercial/Investment Properties and the such???
Building software tech that finds "Security Swiss holes" in current/future blockchain tech,  including our own, aiming to be the industry standard??

How'bout both!


BTW- great little read! Let's the imagination run!

You've probably read it in this 245 replies long thread here ;p  :

That's a real problem, BTS has been made to have funds available to grow. This one of the best thing we have, we should think how o best allocate these fund and not stop spend. Come on anti dilution community, don't you want to have your money x 100 in 3 years ?

Start a war with exchanges is very dangerous, if someone could persuade  Poloniex and BTC38 to give their voting power to someone, it would be the end of BitShares democracy.

I have a suggestion. Someone with a confidence voice, speaking a good english make a quick video showing how to vote in the wallet. (That could be done in an hour). While showing how to vote,  he explain why voting for a proxy like "xerox" who support workers is the best way of keeping BitShares in the path of success and grow the investment in BTS of everyone . These daily funds we have are there to develop BitShares. The sell pressure is caused mainly by the merger. Without workers, we will loose our competitive advantage in 6 months, bla bla bla
The "bla bla bla" should be all the good reasons we've seen in the 245 replies in the thread.

Once the video is done, every one here start sending transactions of 0.01 BTS with a quick message in the memo and the link to the video to the big and small whales who are not voting.

Here are a few one :

mcxcwbts 11,107,976
goldsix 6,050,401
ubris 6,000,000
miso69 4,833,076
lambda1 4,063,036
deepweb 2,974,341
jaehyuk 3,876,514
andrewmiao 3,786,080
tomliu 3,719,558
go-danny-go 3,533,157
mike-primorac 3,479,329
bts-ats8088 3,778,135
freggieleggie 1 3,401,362
brentallsop 3,247,576
zy360 2,891,468
bts-fruitsalad 2,804,446
operations.hyperetas 2,626,603
rand1 2,586,347
thread 2,553,716
hardfork 2 2,545,413

Which is 76,201,801 BTS not voting.

You can have fun and find more here and using CryptoFresh to check their voting :

I'm sure if this video is well made and only 10 of us would send these transactions/reminder to vote, we could made a big difference ! Also we would have a weapon for these kind of situations. If you look for more ppl who don't vote, you'll find easily more than 76 million BTS. In about a couple of hours, I could find 100-150 millions.

I'm not able to do the video myself with my terrible Belgian accent and my poor english. Maybe it could be the association between a nice voice like fuzzy and a good script from one of our best mind in here.

We just need one or two volunteers to make this short video ( 1-2 min max ) and we can start as a community, to show how organised we can be and how we solve big problems with simple solutions.

@emailtooaj - you are an amazing video maker with an AWESOME voice. maybe a bounty from us to create this quick video on voting?
Chris Coney @JonnyBitcoin does great explanatory videos as well.
So, let's try it. Which of you would like to do this for us and how much does the bounty for you need to be?
@EstefanTT has a brilliant idea here and I think we should give it a shot!

I appreciate your vote of confidence  :)

I'd be more than happy doing this for the community. 
Here's the crux at the moment...
I'm in transition to building a new computer system, just waiting for the motherboard which should arrive tomorrow. 
So it'll be a few days to a week before I can get everything built, reinstalled and tuned up before I'd could produce this.
**this is the reason it's been taking me forever to get the OPENPOS Mobile wallet speed test video finalized**

If the community can be patient waiting on me,  then I'm a go!
Otherwise,  if some one else steps up to the plate... feelings won't be hurt  :P

General Discussion / Re: 224,201 BROWNIE.PTS up for donations
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:48:25 pm »
The vesting idea makes sense to me! I plan to hold anyways

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General Discussion / Re: 224,201 BROWNIE.PTS up for donations
« on: April 08, 2016, 06:00:55 pm »
Just my thought...
I don' t necessarily agree with the 1 Brownie per forum post.
It's just due to the fact that  A LOT of people abuse the %5, which counts as a individual post which doesn't necessarily mean they deserve to accumulate more Brownies than another community member that has been active and productive.
IMO, is there a way to split the Brownie by forum "tenure". 
Maybe 1 or 2 Brownies per registered day?  Is there a way to get this metric??

Is there any co-operation with Dan Robles and the Ingenisist project for this venture?

General Discussion / Re: Looking for Deposit Tutorial for OPEN.BTC
« on: April 05, 2016, 12:49:35 pm »
If I make this tutorial video, do I assume that the user already has a BitShares accounts?
Or does it need to include instructions on how to set that up first?
For me it would make sense separating the two, maybe titled
1) Wallet install and set up
2) Funding your BTS Wallet

@kenCode @Chris4210
I received a question on the YouTube "Walk Through" video from Simon Feay and wasn't sure how to correctly answer it, so I'm going to paste it here in hope you could provide an answer.
Thank you!!

Can you tell me (in the app) where is the address for my account. I don't want the qr code to receive bitshares. I just want the actual alphanumeric walled address. Thanks´╗┐

if you give me the url to his comment, i can reply to comments like this. thanx AJ :)

Here's the link to page with comment...

The difference between a proof-of-work sidechain and Graphene is that the multi-sig trustees on the Graphene chain cannot buy their way into power, but rather they are subject to shareholder voting. In order for any funds to be stolen or diverted, at least 15 out of the 20 independently chosen and voted for operators would have to collude with each other in a very public way

IMO your article has a vary rational approach but, take into account what we're experiencing with the Yunbi voting situation and how it's single handily shutting down worker funding.  This easily could apply towards the idea you've laid forth. Where an "exchange", or equivalent,  can brute force the "trustees" out and dismantle the whole system.
I'm going to shamelessly plug the "Modular Wallet" idea I've been preaching about,  which I believe will help lessen the chances of a brute force vote attack (Yunbi style) and potentially make these "Reserve Holding" idea become a reality! 

@CryptoPrometheus   +5% +5% +5% +5% +5% for a great article!

Actually if we can get exchanges adopting the use of our sidechain solution, that would solve things like Yumbi and Polo. It would stop exchanges from holding the voting power along with the coin.

How so exactly?
Unless I misunderstood the article,  my understanding is the "trustees" would operate as a separate "witness/group" outside of the normal BTS chain Witnesses, but staying within this community... a private chain of sorts that operates in conjunction with the main BTS chain? 
If that's the case, then my statement regarding "brute force voting practices" stands correct and applies for the same "Exchange" abuse we're facing currently.  Yes/No?  The voting power would remain within the BTS chain.

Now, if you're talking about "forking" the BTS code and breeding a new side chain, then I suppose some fixes could get made and alleviate "brute force voting" issues.
But then the question becomes, who has stake in this new side chain that's operating it outside the current BTS community? 
Is any share dropped to current BTS holders?
Do you share drop onto Brownie.PTS holders?
Why would anyone trust a new, separate BTS side chain clone with their BTC, ETH, etc, etc. outside of the current BTS network?

This is how I kinda view the side chain idea...
Take the modern day car for example. 
We know that ONE central computer (called the PCM) runs and monitors all operations in making a car run.
From the Air/Fuel mixture, to the Spark Plug timing, to the Cam Shaft timing, to the Gas Pedal Sensors, etc. etc.
That being said, lets take two of these components in this system,  the Air/Fuel mixture and the Spark Plug timing.
Now let's now break it down from having only ONE computer running both functions into TWO separate computers... one computer per functions and/or tasks. 
Ok, now that we have TWO separate computers running, what happens if one dies out, breaks or goes hay-wire?
Let's assume it's the Air/Fuel computer that fails and craps out!!   At this point you just have ONE of two units operating, the Spark Plug computer.
The engine has failed to run correctly due to the defunct computer maintaining the Air/Fuel guess what? 
Our engine stops!  Because (as we all know) engines  won't run just by igniting air! 
Also in this scenario,  if the engine were to keep running "dry" (due to lack of fuel in the mixture which also "lubricates" the combustion chamber from the burn off) then there will be a high probability of internal "unseen" damage that would occur.
Stuff like burnt out spark plugs, piston rings damage, valve damage and/or head warping. 
If everything was running off ONE computer (as a car does today) then YES it could still fail!   But because everything would shut off instantly from that failure, there would negligible damage done to the entire engine... if any. Other than needing to replace a dead computer lol. 
Once the main computer got replaced (and if it contained the exact code inside as the previous) then chances are very high that the engine will fire back up and run like new again!

Let's take this analogy and put it into the context of side chains, realizing that money and human interaction are now being thrown into the mix.

If you have Two separate chains running (two computers in this case), one operating BTS and the other a Side Chain (which is running BTC and/or other coins),  if either one breaks down, gets shut down or gets compromised, the whole system is at risk.  It gets out of wack and eventually the enitre system will break down and create one big nasty mess!   
Getting this system up and running again after such failure will take double the work load (and to some extent trust) in getting everything fixed as it was before the said failure, what ever it may of been.
In addition to that,  would anyone (who are rational and smart ) take the risk to trust a side chain by uploading their BTC value (or other crypto) onto one computer with hopes that it properly relays this info onto computer number two?
In other words, if I'm looking for a way to deposit my BTC directly into my BTS account... what are the benefits of going through a Side Chain compared to any centralized exchange that's currently running today?   That's still a TWO computer approach, isn't it?
Yes, for arguments sake the Side Chain will have it's advantages due to it running on a block chain (Graphene technology in this case) but who are it's stake holders?
How do we know that the elected Witnesses running the Side Chain won't collude (because of possibly poor initial stake distribution) and run off with the BTC? 
How do we know the Side Chain won't fail, go defunct or completely go off line at some point? 
How do we know there won't be voting attacks on the side chain like we're seeing on the main BTS chain with Yunbi?

IMO adding side chains introduces way to many points of failure,  just for an attempt at getting BTC (or any other digital asset) easily convert onto the BitShares eco-system... while still considering it 1:1 backing.   

Let me bounce back to the car analogy...
So what if there was only ONE robust computer running the entire show.  Those points of failure diminish dramatically.
If we viewed the current BTS Witnesses as the "ECU" then wouldn't it make sense to have them run and maintain both BTS chain and the BTC wallet... and possibly other wallets in the future? 
With this approach,  if something were to fail then we could correct and reset the whole system with minimal internal damage.
In addition, we won't have to rely on two sets of teams to properly communicate and correct the situation.  Everyone would be working bugs within one ledger/chain.
The other benefit of having  BTS Witnesses running the BTC wallets is that BTS votes, stake and community stay in house under one roof and not getting diluted.
Another obvious benefit with this approach is we'll be recognized as a TRUE exchange, not just a derivative exchange.
The BTS network will hold BTC directly and we then would truly have 1:1 backing... which will open up a BOAT LOAD of other possibilities and new users!!
So if we can have BTS Witnesses run/maintain the BTC wallet address, would it then make sense to have the "trustee's" Multi-Sig for BTC withdraw and deposit transactions? Is this possible?
I've mentioned a similar scenario that's  located in another thread with my "whiteboard" pics...

Any how...back to your statement Data. 
Yes, having exchanges use the Side Chain could possibly "ease",  not eliminate current Brute Force Voting which is going on within the BTS chain. 
But in actuality,  I think we're only amplifying or doubling up the potential voting abuse powers.  The same Brute Force ability is just being ported over onto the Side Chain,  allowing them the option of dual attacking both the main BTS chain and any new Side Chains using Graphene tech unless voting weight has been modified.

BTW- Sorry everyone if I've high jack this thread  ;D

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